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21 proven ways to score the perfect 10 on text readability on your slides


Publish on : 11 December 2019

Pages : 50

Words can pack quite a punch when they are chosen thoughtfully and presented impactfully. Learn how to arrange and design text for maximum attention and retention by the audience.

If the audience is squinting their eyes to read your presentation content or ignoring it altogether, then it's time to pay more attention to the way text is being arranged and presented on the screens. Bad choice of a font, cramming of content in little space, and poor contrast between the background and text color are some reasons for poor readability of content. 

When the presentation content is difficult to read or strains the eye, the message is lost and so is your audience’s interest. Text deserves to be looked at as a visual element like images, shapes, and icons are. 

This eBook is a wake-up call for presenters to pay more attention to the text on their slides if they wish to be an effective presenter. Through this eBook, you will get practical and simple-to-follow tips with examples of how to:

  • Avoid the most stupid mistakes that kill the text readability on your slides
  • Techniques to add content over visuals which is the biggest challenge faced in creating visually-rich slides
  • Tricks to add more power to content on slides so that it is noticed and remembered by the audience

This eBook is not about what content should be added (as industry experts you are the best judge of that) but how it should be added and arranged for maximum engagement. Words are powerful and a lot depends on how it is being presented on the screen. Make your slides reader-friendly starting today!

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PowerPoint is a powerful visual aid and can be a game changer for your business once you learn to use its full potential. But most are conditioned to use PowerPoint in the conventional way. It’s time to unlearn the wrong and learn to be a visual storyteller. Your slides are a canvas to create beautiful visual stories that engage audience and deliver your message convincingly. Learn the art and craft of visual communication that holds the attention of audience. Forget the dreaded experience of audience sliding out of their seats and out of the room or simply tuning you out. Keep them riveted to their seats with slides they have never seen before. Time to embrace the new ‘you’ and new style of presentations!

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