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Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs, Hierarchy
10 Best PowerPoint Templates To Help You Leverage Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs In Your Company

10 Best PowerPoint Templates To Help You Leverage Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs In Your Company

Gunjan Gupta

April 6, 2021

It all started with a “buzz” and a “ping” and ended with an addiction. If you had a BlackBerry prior to 2007, a notification was a simple buzz sound that triggered a rare emotional connect. But not until Apple came up with its masterpiece inducing dopamine hits and serotonin rush. Apple, engineered as revolutionary, fast, and cool, have always prioritized their customers, thus leading to constant sparring battles with other leading mobile brands. In cafes around the world, fervent Mac users often shoot and blast judgemental tweets about Windows machine users, thus making it a “brand powerhouse”. If you are looking for the next build of Apple, it doesn’t hurt to know how it started and where it has been. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a good clue to navigate to that next step. 


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: We belong in buckets


It was during the 1940s, prior to the end of World War 2 when Abraham Maslow came up with the “Theory of Human Motivation”, the be-all and end-all of psychology. He argued that human beings have countless needs that can be bracketed and clubbed into 5 major buckets — physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization. The theory also says that humans tend to fulfill their physiological needs prior to any other needs in the hierarchy. It is only after meeting their innate needs that humans shift to more pleasurable needs, which is the basic principle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 


And this principle has infiltrated the business world as well. But how?


Every business aspires to think big, be inspired, and become an inspirational leader for its counterparts. Given that it is owned, made, and run by humans, the innate drive to excel and grow is similar to the hierarchy of needs model proposed by Maslow. This is why we can use this theory as a blueprint to conduct our businesses, and articulate it to survive and bash the competition in the marketplace! 


Stage 1 - Survival needs 


Food, water, and shelter are basic human needs. Likewise, the need to survive dominates any business vertical. A business requires equity and funds to continue operating and producing goods and services. It also requires valued customers. These are the fundamental needs of every company that remain important for them before moving to any other need in the hierarchy. It needs to be clear what to offer, how to offer, to whom, and at what price to survive the perils of an exceedingly competitive business environment. The following templates will help in line with that goal.

Template 1

This priority pyramid is all you need to apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to your business. Use it for your managerial training programs and improve the implementation process. 


Priority Pyramid

Download Priority Pyramid Highlighting Maslow Need Hierarchy

Template 2

This template can be used for contemporary business management presentations and their explanation. It comes in a completely editable layout. So grab, edit, and present it now! 

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs With People Hands

Download Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs


Stage 2 - Developmental needs 


Once the survival needs are met, there comes the need for safety and security. Once it is up and running, an organization, too, must strive for sustainability. As demonstrated by a study, 55% of UK businesses fail at the development stage, ceasing their trading within 5 years of development.


At the initial development stage, an organization seeks to market and sell its products, which is its primary goal to stay afloat. Thus, it can be regarded as more product-focused rather than being customer-focused at this stage. It also aspires to become knowledgeable by taking a strategic approach, constantly sharing and communicating its ideas. So you can download and use the following templates to accomplish that. 

Template 1

This template can be added to business management presentations to demystify the concept of human needs and how they can be implicated in your businesses. Everything this template offers comes in an editable format with an option of downloads in PPT  and PDF formats. 


Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs With Five Levels

Download Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs With Five Levels

Template 2

Human resource managers can deploy this template to ensure that the employees work to their full capacity. It can also be used in other corporate meetings to throw some light on the subject and display it in a lucid format. 


8 Level Pyramid

Download 8 Level Pyramid In Maslow Motivation Level


Stage 3 - Relationship needs


Then comes the stage of rewarding interpersonal relationships that are intrinsically powerful emotions for humans. And in some cases, these can often override the fundamental needs of security. A child having a strong bond with neglectful parents is a prime example of that. 


Similarly, in an organization, the need to build a strong community of employees is as important as growing and accumulating profits. Therefore, organizations focus on cultivating and harvesting good relationships with their customers using tactical marketing efforts, constantly streamlining them for a positive output. They indulge in building loyalty and advocacy in their customers by providing various value-added attributes like a free sample, birthday coupons, etc. 


Relationship marketing and employee engagement practices are other facets that businesses dwell on in this stage. This correlates closely to financial gains and a rise in productivity and attrition. This is why they greatly focus their efforts on training schedules, added perks for their employees, improving their remuneration efforts, and also their communication strategy. The following templates can boost your endeavors in that direction. 

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Template 1

This template comes in handy for managers and team leaders to encourage the workforce to deliver their best work and become a productive asset for the organization. Owing to its adjustable format, this Maslow's hierarchy of needs template suits every business presentation ever designed. 

8 Level Pyramid Consisting Maslow Model

Download 8 Level Pyramid Consisting Maslow Model

Template 2

You can use this Maslow’s hierarchy of needs diagram for creating and displaying career and success PowerPoint presentations. This template is not only PowerPoint-friendly but also Google Slides-friendly. Therefore, grab it now! 


Maslow Hierarchy Needs Explained In Seven Stage Pyramid

Download Maslow Hierarchy Needs Explained In Seven Stage Pyramid


Stage 4 - Appreciation and recognition needs 


The fourth stage of the pyramid is dominated by esteem needs that are fueled by the desire to be accepted and valued. This desire is contributed by various factors including achievement, reputation, responsibility, and status. 


Post establishment and security, businesses turn to become recognizable leaders in their fields. For this, they may completely change their strategic approach and develop a new ambitious goal. They may build a new network for themselves in a different geographical location, giving them the benefit of a diversified target audience. 


In a nutshell, the transition from the third to the fourth level of the hierarchy requires a great deal of self-reflection and something of an epiphany. This makes your brand a strategic deliverer and promise keeper for the customers and a guiding leader for the employees! To give your best, you can download the following PowerPoint templates.  

Template 1

Management can use this template design to gain better insights into the needs of the customers and how to fulfill them. Not only is this Maslow's hierarchy of needs template attention-grabbing but also a resourceful tool for all your business operations. Therefore, grab it now! 


Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs In Segmented Arrow Text Boxes

Download Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs In Segmented Arrow Text Boxes

Template 2

This is a great motivational tool that you can share with the employees to encourage them to work harder. It also helps in making them more productive. Since it comes in a handy format, any business vertical can utilize it as per their liking. 


Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs Belonging Esteem Physical Needs In Human Shape

Download Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Belonging Esteem Physical Needs In Human Shape


Stage 6 - Self-actualization needs


Maslow was of the viewpoint that 2% of human beings are ‘self-actualizers’, who are motivated to fulfill their potential with personal growth prospects and experiences. Although these numbers don’t fully resonate with a business environment, it is predicted that a small percentage focuses on the bottom line and making the world a better place, thus making them self-actualizers to some extent. Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is one of the major examples of self-actualization activities in the business world. It increases the horizon of the corporate landscape and places it in a much broader context. With the following PowerPoint templates, you can complete your self-actualization journey faster than you can imagine. 

Template 1

Amplify the theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs with this template. This is a professional template that works well for every management and organization. Therefore, feel free to download and use it at your convenience. 


Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs With Flag

Download Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs With Flag And Tick Image

Template 2

This is another set that is based on the principles of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and its application in your businesses. Any individual can use this template. For instance, nursing staff can use it to improve upon the recovery of the patients. Therefore, without any further ado, grab this template now! 


Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs With Mountains And Person Climbing

Download Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs With Mountains And Person Climbing




If you want to apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to your business, keep in mind that Maslow’s human needs theory is always working in the background. Both go hand in hand. It is not something that can be forgotten once the needs are met. This is why identifying and applying Maslow’s theory amid changing employee needs is a perennial duty in every organization. Resist the urge to fix it or leave it. Get our PowerPoint templates to do the rest! 

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