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11 Must Have Investor Pitch Startup Slides for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funds!!!

11 Must Have Investor Pitch Startup Slides for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funds!!!

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

August 29 2017

There are no shortcuts to success. People who take shortcuts face disappointments and failures. You must take necessary steps in order to reach your goals. You skip any step and you fall. Same goes while pitching your idea to the investor. You must take all the required steps in order to get a cheque from your investor.


Any pitch deck comprises 10-15 slides in a presentation to showcase elevator pitch, the problem, the solution, the team to the investors. We know it is difficult to convince the business angels to give you money but the professional slides that we are about to show you will make the task easier. Add an interesting story to these slides and make your investor go wow.


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11 Ultimate Investor Pitch Startup Slides you must have:


1) Elevator Pitch:


Elevator Pitch


Sum up your vision, product and problem in one slide to create interest in your project. Keep it short and simple. Remember, the crispier, the better. Finish talking about it in not more than 30 seconds.


2) The Team:


The Team


Introduce your key team members. Post their pictures, mention their designations, relevant experience, short summary of their responsibilities and more. At times, knowing the team members becomes the factor for the investors to invest.


3) The Problem:


The Problem


This slide helps you describe the problem, the challenge, the threat, the gap that needs to be filled in. Explain how huge the problem is and why it needs to be considered? Also, mention who you are solving the problem for. Best way to use this slide is to explain the problem in storytelling manner.


4) The Solution:


The Solution


Provide the solution in the simplest manner. Give the solution (for the problem you mentioned above) for a specific audience (mention your target audience) with the help of product or service (any platform, tools, apps, etc.). And if you have a secret sauce that helps you keep going, mention it. It will be icing on the cake for the investors to believe in your credibility.


5) Products/ Services:


Products/ Services


Make the investors glued to their seats while you are demonstrating your product. It could be a short demo, a mock up, combinations of images, visuals and videos. Let this not take much of your time. But do not forget to mention the key features of the product, product milestones, and how does it stand out from other products and services available in the market.


6) Traction:




Mention the major breakthroughs you have had in product, revenues, growth, funding, partnerships etc. since the launch of the product. If the product is yet to be launched, explain your future plans in short. More the milestones, more the metrics you have got to show. This slide is a bonus slide for you to set the right impression on the investors.


7) Business Model:


Business Model


Your business model should be able to answer the following questions to make your investors understand:


  • How this model will help you make money?
  • The Revenue model?
  • How do you provide the service?
  • What are some customer acquisition channels?

This slide in particular will let your investor understand how your company works, how does it generate money and structure of the business model.


8) Go To Market Strategies:


Go To Market Strategy


How are you planning to acquire the customer’s attention? This slide explains it well. You may not have the right experience to pitch your product at first but plan a strategy to enter the market. Mention some ideas to the investors. Think of some social media events or campaigns to woo the audiences.


9) Competitive Landscape:


Competitive Landscape


Yes, you definitely have to mention your competitors. But with that, also tell what gives you an edge over your competitors. Do mention those differentiating features with this Competitive Landscape slide.


10) Financial Projections:


Financial Projections


Investors would want to comprehend your company’s current financial status. This slide must consists of Total revenues, EBITDA, Total expenses and more. Be realistic with the numbers to avoid falling in the trap of investors.


11) Use of Funds:


Use of Funds


Showcase where all you would be needing funds for, such as product development, marketing, for the team, technology and more. List all the main allocations and put it in front of the investors in form of a chart or graph to give a clear picture to the investors.


Have these slides in your presentation and pitch your idea with ease and confidence. And also keep it short and minimal. They have a lot more entrepreneurs in queue to hear. Don’t bore them with long stories. (Just a bonus tip!).


Download Ready Made Investor Pitch Startup Deck


Good luck.


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