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12 Editable PPT Templates to Harness the Power of Green Consumerism

12 Editable PPT Templates to Harness the Power of Green Consumerism

Gunjan Gupta

Gunjan Gupta

October 22 2021

The Summer Olympics in 1928 marked the successful upward trajectory of Puma when gold medalist Jesse Owens wore their signature spikes and shook everybody with his performance. It has been a winning battle since then for Puma to provide athletes with quality shoes and exclusive gear. 


However, this growth accelerated in 2011, when Puma dipped its toes into the eco-conscious drive with its packaging and shoes called “The Clever Little Bag”. And let us tell you, this cornstarch-based shoe bag that decomposes naturally within three months wasn’t as little as it sounds. The 'little' bag helped reduce the company's paper consumption by over 65% and CO2 emissions by 10,000 tons a year! Therefore, it can be safely said that Puma's smart move kept it from being ridiculed in this hyper-consumption-based society. 


Similarly, IKEA, BrewDog’s CO2, and Peril’s “Dirt is Good” campaigns turned heads and tables, quenching the forever thirst for “green consumerism”, a movement that not only penetrated but became rooted in our ideologies. 


For the uninitiated, the consumption of eco-friendly products and services is known as green consumerism. Oftentimes, this means the 3 Rs — reuse, reduce and recycle products to safeguard our natural resources, much like Puma, Nike, and other brands are doing. Green consumerism seeks to modify customers’ attitudes so that they are more willing to purchase products that are #environmentbuddies


So what next? Join the movement because eco fears are inevitable!


12 conceptual templates that catalyze green consumer behavior


With all the eco-friendly campaigns being launched every day, the desire to go green is spreading faster than morning glory. Consumers are also getting behind this idea of “green is in” because of growing concern over rising sea levels, declining air quality, shrinking animal habitats, and increasing drought lengths. 


In reality, however, words and deeds often part ways when it comes to embracing green products. So here are 12 templates to help you let go of your predisposition and start living the green consumer dream. 


Follow along and read between the lines (not literally, of course)! 

Template 1 

Conserve and preserve Mother Earth and its gifts using this complete deck. It fully supports the green consumerism movement, with its user-friendly layout and design. Professionals can deploy this green template to explain how their businesses aid in protecting the environment and its habitat. Various other green initiatives taken by your team can also be projected with this 43-slide complete deck. 


Green Technology PowerPoint Presentation


Download Green Technology PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

It's encouraging to see how eco-friendliness has become a priority, especially for the millennials who are constantly working towards protecting the environment. Therefore, it is important to own a promising and all-inclusive template that shows your company’s efforts in making its products and business practices eco-friendly. Use this complete deck to instigate the growth and forward movement of your company by displaying your assets and green initiatives. 


Industrial Solar Rooftop System Installation PowerPoint Presentation


Download Industrial Solar Rooftop System Installation PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

The renewable energy projection PPT visual below will help you illustrate the rate of energy consumption and how it can be reduced to the bare minimum. It is a catalyst for green consumer behavior that is creating a buzz nowadays. In addition, you can use it to visualize the rising demand for energy with numbers, data, and information presented in one layout. 


Industrial Shift To Renewable Energy PowerPoint Presentation


Download Industrial Shift To Renewable Energy PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

Rekindle your faith in ecological practices and make your business the epitome of sustainability with this complete deck. Use it to support green consumerism initiatives and campaigns launched by your organization. This green template covering the goals and objectives of your enterprise, high monetary value, competitive position, business expansion, etc, can be edited as deemed fit. 


Become Market Leader In Renewable And Reliable Energy Case Competition Complete Deck


Download Become Market Leader In Renewable And Reliable Energy

Template 5

If ecological practices and adopting them are a major concern for your business, then deploy this template to educate and initiate this drive. Each PowerPoint slide presented in this template supports the idea of building a cleaner and greener environment. The green, yellow, and blue color schemes act as a reflection of a healthy ecosystem and building one with your services and products. It, therefore, helps in attracting a lot of green consumers to your business. 


Renewable Energy Icon Template


Download Renewable Energy Icon PPT Design 

Template 6

Converting your products into environment-friendly goods might seem a tedious task, but not if you deploy this template. This PPT design is a true supporter of companies embracing green consumerism and providing services to their customers. The attractive green proposal includes nine sections, which you can edit and modify as per your unique needs. 


Environment Friendly Business Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation


Download Environment Friendly Business Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation

Template 7

With all the buzz surrounding eco-friendly business and establishing one, this is a great complete deck to refer to. Present eco-friendly solutions proposed by your brand using this 34-slide template that comes in an editable format. It is supportive of all your needs to propose a convincing pitch and showcase your expertise. Therefore, download it now! 


Eco Friendly Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation


Download Eco-Friendly Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Template 8

Display and project the successful trajectory of building an eco-friendly city with this design. Present the blueprint of what plans you have to protect the environment and its habitat. As this template explains your eco-friendly project, it caters to a wide range of topics related to green consumerism and green initiatives taken by you.  


Eco Friendly City With Green Building Concept


Download Eco-Friendly City With Green Building Concept

Template 9

Humans have been bad stewards of Earth for centuries now. Therefore, we all must take proactive measures towards cleaner lifestyles to preserve the environment for future generations. This template of ours can help you do that and a lot more. Deploy it to present and study key initiatives to bring in the desired change in the way we use and abuse Mother Earth. You can also use this editable preset it to drive green consumerism initiatives.


Key Initiatives And Issues To Protect Environment


Download Key Initiatives And Issues To Protect Environment

Template 10

Hybrid and zero-emission cars are extremely popular nowadays. Use this template to share your views on this topic and become an active participant in the green consumerism movement. This PPT design comes in a fully editable layout that you can modify as per your needs. 


Electric Vehicles EVs Growth Luxury PPT Slide


Download Electric Vehicles EVs Growth Luxury Environment Friendly

Template 11

Advertise the major dwellings of your eco-friendly business with this brochure design. It is a green template that supports the vision of your company in creating a sustainable environment that is loved by consumers today. Therefore, any company or individual can deploy it to meet their needs and demands. 


Renewable Energy Consulting Firms Two Page Brochure Template


Download Renewable Energy Consulting Firms Two Page Brochure Template

Template 12

Are you looking for ways to help brand yourself with the use of a letterhead? If yes, then this green template is the right product for you. Use it to support your vision of building an eco-friendly business that is a catalyst for growth and a cleaner and greener environment altogether. Presented in an A4 format, this is a must-have template for you. 


Green Environment Letterhead Design Template


Download Green Environment Letterhead Design Template


Go green, do green, deploy green


Eco-consciousness has been so deeply embedded in our culture that we cannot help but agree that it is an important determinant of your company's future. Despite this growing momentum behind eco-friendly and sustainable business practices, many companies are still struggling to stand their ground and make a leap of faith. Our green PPT templates can certainly help Millennials who are following the ecological footprint to make the world a greener and happier place to live in. 


P.S. Renewable energy is another endeavor to help you tackle the challenge of creating a greener Mother Earth. Here is a guide with bespoke templates to help you turn this dream into reality! 

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