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12 Project Handling Proposal PowerPoint Templates for Project Managers to Ace Their Game

12 Project Handling Proposal PowerPoint Templates for Project Managers to Ace Their Game

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

March 18 2020

You as a project management company wants to undertake projects from renowned organizations. You have expertise in services like consultation, modeling, service design, implementation, and more. However, the hardest part is to showcase these competencies to the clients and put forward a professional proposal to have clients hire you to handle their projects.


We bring you a ready-made project handling proposal PowerPoint templates to ease and smooth your meeting with a client. Present your work and experience in the form of a content-ready proposal. Pitch your work as a professional and land job opportunities like never before. The proposal outlines all the required details that you need to showcase to make your clients believe in you.


Click here to Download Content-Ready Project Handling Proposal PowerPoint Templates


12 Templates for Project Handling Proposal You Must Use:


  • Cover Letter for Project Handling Proposal:

The Cover Letter

Every proposal starts with a cover letter expressing gratitude for considering you and stating the work you and your company will be undertaking. We have added a cover letter for your reference. It starts with mentioning the role your project management company will be responsible for. Furthermore, it gives a brief outline of a proposal. And end the letter by giving the assurance to the client that you are the best fit for the project. You certainly can make changes to the cover letter as per your needs.


  • Project Handling Context for Proposal:

Project Context

Use this slide to showcase the summary of your roles and responsibilities which include reviewing the client’s needs, finding appropriate tools for the job, tailoring the plan to keep everyone in the loop, monitoring the goals, and ensuring the timely completion of a project. You can divide the slide into the project context and key deliverables as shown in the slide above.


  • Project Handling Proposal Phases:

Project Handling Phases

Once the project objectives are set, the client would want to know the ways this project will be handled. Jot down the steps you will be taking to execute the project. The steps may vary depending on the project. But there are a few basic steps that are followed when it comes to the execution of a project. It starts with project initiation where the project management team understands and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the internal project team, identifies the loopholes and ways to fill the gaps. With phase two, solution design and modeling, the project management team sets a project rollout plan covering possible solutions for the project. Moving on, in phase 3, then roll out plan is executed. The team ensures that the solution design is aligned with the executed plan. Risks are managed and the plan is always updated. The last phase, management, and support is to keep a tab on the project to make sure that the workflow is maintained. As we mentioned before, project handling phases may differ based on the type of project.


  • Services Offered for Project Handling:

Services Offered

Mention the services you feel are essential for the project. Different projects require different services. There are various PMO services that can be used in projects such as project management portfolio, PMO deployment operation, and enhancement, project review and recovery, and more. You can incorporate this slide to showcase the services you have to offer.


  • Project Handling Proposal Timeline:

The Timeline

The clients are always curious about two things in project management: timeline and cost summary. They are keen to know the scheduling and duration of their project. Ensure you set a timeline for each process and give them a timeline for the entire project. You can always add that the dates can be adjusted but this is the general overview that we can provide.


  • Cost Summary for Project Handling:

Cost Summary

The second most important discussion for clients is an investment. Create a detailed cost summary showcasing all the tasks that will be executed for the project completion and their respective price list. Add the additional costs if there are any.


  • Accountability for Project Handling Proposal:


List down the number of people and their names who are responsible for the entire execution of the project. Include everyone who is a part of this project from beginning to end.


  • About Us:

About Us

Throw a light on the background of your company. Talk about the company history, its growth, goals, aims, certification, and more. It sets the right impression on your client as it increases the credibility of your company.


  • Meet our Team:

The Team

Introduce the pillars of your organization: the team. Proudly present the team who is responsible for every successful project. Mention the names of the team members, their designation with responsibilities.


  • Major Clients:

Major Clients

Add your work portfolio using this slide. Showcase your various past projects and case studies. Mention some of the major clients who are on board with you. It sets the right impression on the client knowing that you still work with prestigious clients.


  • Client Testimonials:

Client Testimonials

Apart from mentioning the major client’s names, also show what your clients have to say about you and your work. Add the slide of a client testimonials to have them trust in you.


  • Statement of Work and Contract:

Statement of Work

Your proposal ends with a contract. Include the necessary terms and conditions for the proposal. Mention any important clause if you want. If you both agree with certain rules and clause then you can sign the contract and start the work.


Download Ready-to-Use Project Handling Proposal PowerPoint Templates


This ends the project handling proposal. It covers all the necessary and detailed project management slides to help you create your own proposal. You can use this content-ready project handling proposal PowerPoint templates, tweak your content and present it to your client with confidence.

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