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13 Essential PowerPoint Templates to Help you Write an Equipment Purchase Proposal!!

13 Essential PowerPoint Templates to Help you Write an Equipment Purchase Proposal!!

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

March 2 2020

Writing an equipment purchase proposal has never been easier. Moreover, creating any proposal from scratch is worrisome. We bring you a customized business proposal template where you can adjust the templates, edit content, add your logo and you are good to close the deal in a few days.


We don’t want you to be wasting your time and efforts in crafting a proposal. We want you to focus on your pitch.


Close more sales using well written and professionally designed equipment purchase proposal.


Download Content-Ready Equipment Purchase Proposal PowerPoint Templates


13 Must-Have Equipment Purchase Proposal Templates are:


  • Cover Letter:

Cover Letter

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. But it goes the opposite in the case of the proposal. Better the cover letter is, more are the chances of setting the right impression on the client.  Your cover letter needs to be neat and precise. Use the cover letter to introduce yourself and your company. Highlight the need for the equipment for their various projects, products, and services. Also, appreciate your client to have you considered among so many available vendors. We have given an example of how the cover letter of an equipment purchase proposal should be. You can tweak the content and make changes as per your needs. You can add a picture in the cover letter showing your company, equipment, or employees to give a personal touch to the proposal.


  • Purpose of the Proposal:

Purpose of the Proposal

Use this slide to mention the specific needs and requirements that a client has in his mind regarding the equipment. Of course, he is looking for equipment that will help him in a certain way and solves his purpose. Considering the specifications and special requirements, highlight the purpose of the equipment.


  • Detail of Required Equipment:

Detail of Required Equipment

Your client needs to know if you have understood his requirements. Therefore, add this slide to cover the details of the required equipment by the client. Showcase various types of equipment demanded by the client with their feature and descriptions.


  • Proposed Equipment Models:

Proposed Equipment Model

Use the above slide to show the equipment that fulfills the client’s requirements. Show all the important details of the equipment you are offering. Details may include description, specification model, quality, features, purpose, unit price, cost, etc. of equipment. Give a proper description as much as you can to show your equipment fits the requirements of the client. A bonus would be adding the pictures to visually engage the client in the presentation.


  • Warranty of Equipment:

Equipment Warranty

Digging a little deeper, you must add a few slides showing the warranty for the equipment. Your client should be fully satisfied with the purchase. Therefore, do not miss out on covering any important detail of the equipment. Show the warranty of equipment along with available optional coverage, key coverage features, etc.


  • Price Information for Equipment Needed:

Price Information

Use a pricing table to give detailed price information on the equipment needed. It would be wise to give a complete breakdown of the cost involved in buying the equipment. Your client should be clear about the investment involved in the purchase of the equipment you have offered. You can add the quantity with the total price giving the total cost of the equipment.


  • Pricing Schedule:

Pricing Schedule

You can set the pricing schedule for your client to make the payment process easy and hassle-free. The pricing schedule will give your client an option to make the payments in months. It will help your client know when the next payment is due.


  • About Us:

About Us

Let your client learn more about your company and work with about us slide. Add important details like the background and history of the company. Talk about the company’s vision and mission to leave the right impact on the client. Discuss the focus of the company and showcase the company’s main objective which is to deliver high-end products and services to the client.


  • Our Team:

The Team

Introduce your team members who are the backbone of your company. It is impossible to execute projects successfully without competent team members. Take pride and highlight your team member’s successful projects, achievements, experience, etc. We have also given a space to add the pictures for the same. Post pictures along with the introduction to enhance your presentation.


  • Client Testimonials:

Client Testimonials

Client feedback also helps in grabbing the client’s attention. Showcase a few of the feedbacks to get your client’s attention towards some of your outstanding projects. Give a brief about the project, the client’s name, budget, etc. Again, we would suggest you add pictures of your clients to give your proposal a personal touch. It surely doubles the client's interest in the presentation.


  • Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

Include a contract stating all the required terms and conditions related to the work and both the parties. We have created a slide of terms and conditions covering important points such as cancellation and modification, consulting relationship, fees, expenses, confidentiality agreement, and more. You can modify the terms and conditions as per your and the client’s needs. Tweak the content and present it with confidence.


  • Next Steps:

Next Steps

The next step is a slide where you get your client’s signature. Once the client has signed the contract, it gives you a head start to commence the work.


  • Contact Us:

Contact Us

Leave your contact details so that your client can say hello to you.


Click here to Download Ready-to-Use Equipment Purchase Proposal PPT Templates


We told you we got you covered. Grab this professionally designed equipment purchase proposal template and customize it as per your need. Send the hit button and close deals faster and better.

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