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15 Business Plan Examples to Help You Build Your Enterprise

15 Business Plan Examples to Help You Build Your Enterprise

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

August 31 2021

Business success largely depends on the decisions you make. And a solid business plan would undoubtedly help you do that. It encloses all your tricks and strategies that help you meet the goals. A business plan allows you to focus on creative ideas or methods that bring you closer to your objectives. But creating this plan is no less than intimidating.


What to include? What kind of objectives do you cover? What to avoid while preparing your business strategy? And a lot more whats, whys, and hows. The angst of putting every pointer in place is a real struggle until you have a splendid solution. 


Are you waiting for the solution? Read on!


Top 15 Business Plan Templates To Download And Utilize


It takes a certain panache to create a full-fledged business plan for your venture. If it isn’t portrayed well enough, it might as well belong in the bin. 


But it isn’t the time to trash it.


So here are 15 intuitively designed business plan examples that will align your strategies with ease. Go on and create a fine-tuned business plan by utilizing our templates. Let’s get started!

Template 1

Utilize our easily accessible template and create an organized business plan in minutes. This deck involves ample information on business planning that helps you reach your goals more effectively. The template is editable, so you can modify the content as per your needs.


Example Presentation Business Plan

Download Example Presentation Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Here’s a content-ready deck of 47 slides, each containing specific information to add weight to your business decisions. You can add this deck to your presentation and explain a standard and customized business plan to your employees.


Sample PPT Business Plan
Download Sample PPT Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Grab this ready-made deck and save time in creating a new business plan for your company. The template consists of a total of 74 editable slides, each formulating the content that helps you understand a business plan more effectively. Use this deck and list the creative ideas that help your business grow.


Business Plan For New Company
Download Business Plan For New Company PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

Take advantage of our well-crafted deck and work on the critical issues while implementing your business plan. With the help of this template, you can tweak the content as per your needs and edit it the way you want. So don’t wait for an extra minute to download this eye-catching deck.


Sample Presentation For Business Plan

Download Sample Presentation For Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

Employ this ready-to-use template and jot down your remarkable business ideas with ease. You can share your thoughts with your team via this crisp deck. Just customize this one of the best business plan examples and explore the ways to build your enterprise. 


Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation
Download Sample PPT On Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

Here’s an engaging business plan deck with 99 customized slides, each depicting the building blocks of your business plan. You can also showcase the highlights of your company with the help of this descriptive template.


Business Planning Actionable Steps
Download Business Planning Actionable Steps PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 7

Take advantage of this content-ready deck to create a business plan that enhances your financial productivity. Use this template to unveil the sales management and revenue plan. There are high-grade icons in this deck that enhance the look and feel of your content.


Integrated Business Planning Process
Download Integrated Business Planning Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Incorporate this template in your presentation and elaborate on the financial projections of your organization. With the aid of this deck, you can concentrate on your business tactics and accomplish beyond capacity.


Integrated Business Planning Framework

Download Integrated Business Planning Framework PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Take a look at this deck and showcase your company’s budgetary structure to the stakeholders. Use this PPT deck to empower your employees with content-ready frameworks. 


Business Planning Process
Download Business Planning Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 10

Get access to this template and create a business plan that helps you attain your business goals. You can also breakdown each section of your plan and make it convenient to read. Add the key pointers that suit your business objectives the most.


Integrated Planning Approach
Download Integrated Planning Approach PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 11

Take the help of this content-ready deck and educate your employees on the importance of business plans. With the aid of this template, you can train your employees on how to increase the company’s profitability.


Business Plan Innovation
Download Business Plan Innovation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 12

Revamp your business landscape by utilizing this professionally designed template. With the aid of this deck, you can create an outstanding business plan that generates a lot of buzz. So take a step forward and download this template.


Strategic Business Plan

Download Strategic Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 13

Create a long-term business plan for your company by utilizing this easily accessible deck. You can use this template to design the annual business plan that helps you take to newer heights. Among all the business plan examples, you can select this one to run your organization with a more cohesive vision. 


Annual Business Plan

Download Annual Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 14

Utilize this template to explain to the readers how business plans help you face challenges. The deck allows you to set your career objectives with ease. You can quickly get access to this template and get your work started in minutes.


Corporate Strategy
Download Corporate Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 15

Employ this topic-specific business plan PPT sample to increase your company’s overall position. Utilize this deck to create an exciting business plan presentation and strike a chord with your audience right away. 


Business Strategy
Download Business Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Creating a systematic business plan will not be a cumbersome chore anymore. Download our eye-catching business plan templates that help you set the wheels in motion. Good luck!


P.S: If you want to lay a strong business foundation, check out our 5-year business plan templates featured in this blog.  

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