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25 Best PowerPoint Backgrounds for Church To Rekindle The Faith In God

25 Best PowerPoint Backgrounds for Church To Rekindle The Faith In God

Malvika Varma

Malvika Varma

April 6 2020

We have improved in almost every sphere of life in the past century, be it science, technology, or any other field. In the ever-changing lives, the only thing which is constant for ages is Faith in God Almighty. 


When life goes on smoothly, we often tend to forget God and his blessings. But as soon as any personal or national tragedy hits us, turning our life topsy-turvy, the faith in our hearts is reignited. We tend to flock around faith communities like Churches more than usual in such grave times. In times of anxiety and helplessness, it is the Church that heals our soul! We mostly embrace the Church during the time of hardship and distress. It keeps us grounded by comforting us with a bedrock of faith and hope. It keeps us moving forward in life with positivity. 

“The church is important because it reveals Christ, even as Christ reveals God in human flesh.” - 1 Timothy 3:14-16

Just as a flower blooms when it is rooted in the plant, we prosper when we stay anchored to the Church and its teachings. It gives us a sense of connection with the Divine. People need a constant reminder that they are not alone and the arms of Jesus are always open for all; rich or poor, healthy or diseased. 


Holding true to the mission of the Church, SlideTeam professionals have designed a few PowerPoint themes. Convey Jesus’s preachings to his followers and convince them to stick to their religious roots with these 25 Best PowerPoint Backgrounds for Churches. 


Let us not wait another minute and spread the message of ‘spiritual fix’ by the Church- ‘The lifeline of society.’


Download 25 Best Church Templates

Template 1

Jesus Christ Cross with flag PowerPoint TemplateDownload Jesus Christ Cross PowerPoint Template


Reach a large number of followers with our captivating Jesus PowerPoint template to showcase the teachings of the bible. This PowerPoint theme can be downloaded by the Church to inform about the various events to help the less fortunate ones. The majority religion of America can also be demonstrated by utilizing this Christ preachings PowerPoint background. The church can also employ this amazingly designed PowerPoint background to help in growing faith among people. This PPT theme can also be incorporated for church websites to share the preachings and related information.

Template 2

Card For Religion Festival PowerPoint TemplateDownload Jesus Christ Church Images PowerPoint Template


The Almighty Jesus and his sermons can be preached by our creatively designed PowerPoint background. This PPT layout with Jesus in the church can be used as the wallpaper or greeting card. You can employ this PowerPoint template to send out the invitations for the Christmas party. Students can incorporate this attractive PPT theme into their cultural projects. The color palette used in this PowerPoint layout makes it a perfect fit for giving out information about the events of the church.

Template 3

Image Showing Cross Sign Of ChurchDownload Image Showing Cross Sign Of Church PowerPoint Template


The church is a holy institution whose existence dates back to centuries. The magnificent architecture of the church can be highlighted using our awe-inspiring PowerPoint background which can be incorporated by architects and interior designers for their seminars. Historians can download this church PowerPoint template to discuss the evolution of faith in mankind towards Jesus and his teachings. Church annual ceremony details like Christmas can be displayed using this PowerPoint background.

Template 4

Person Sitting In Church For BlessingDownload Person Sitting In Church For Blessing PowerPoint Template


The church is just like a hospital for the tired soul. Priests can send out the season's greetings to the churchgoers by utilizing this church blessing PowerPoint background. The power of prayer can be communicated with this visually appealing PowerPoint theme. Here the message of feeling comfort in the open arms of Jesus Christ and seeking blessings from the Lord is effectively conveyed. You can download this church PPT theme for donation banners.

Template 5

Image Showing Exteriors Of ChurchDownload Image Showing Exteriors Of Church PowerPoint Template


The church is the place that gives us comfort and hope. Incorporate this church PowerPoint template for the website where you can list all the upcoming events, sermons, and recent blog posts. This PowerPoint background can be applied on notice boards at the church to inform about donation services and other activities for helping the poor. Exteriors of church architecture can also be discussed by architects and historians for their projects by utilizing this PPT theme. 

Template 6

Jesus Christ Download Church Graphic PowerPoint Template


The holy book Bible is a collection of sacred texts and messages of Jesus. This bible PowerPoint background is a perfect fit for encouraging people to attend the daily spiritual readings at the Church and find a way to connect with the Almighty. This holy book PowerPoint template is a perfect fit for displaying the verse of the day quotes on the Church boards or website. The candle in the PPT layout effectively depicts the ray of hope which the Bible blesses us with.

Template 7

Christian Word Cloud Religion PowerPoint TemplateDownload Christian Word Cloud Religion PowerPoint Template


The graphical design of this PowerPoint background can be used to share the teachings of Jesus and create awareness. Our elegantly designed PowerPoint background is the best option for displaying the event details conducted by the Church for the greater good of humanity. Attract the audience to hear the weekly prayer meetings and sermons of Christ by utilizing this infographic church PowerPoint theme. 

Template 8

Image For Church InteriorsDownload Image For Church Interiors PowerPoint Template


The subtle color palette used in this church PowerPoint background gives a rich look and is best suited for a church website. This PowerPoint template gives the feeling of calmness and harmony to the user and thus serves the purpose of gathering attention from the audience. Our professionally designed PPT theme can be used for giving out the details of the church administration and the different ceremonies are conducted for Jesus preachers. 

Template 9

Jesus Christ Religion PowerPoint TemplateDownload Jesus Christ Religion PowerPoint Template


The open arms of the Lord's image give us the strength to keep holding on to the faith in him and rest all will be taken care of. This PowerPoint template comes in handy for showcasing the bible verses at the church. The creative layout given by our designers makes it suitable for the church website. You can also inform Jesus’s followers about the upcoming services offered by the church with this background.

Template 10

Jesus Religion PowerPoint BackgroundsDownload Jesus Religion PowerPoint Background


The pristine design of our PowerPoint template can be used for different purposes. The versatility of this Jesus PowerPoint theme makes it a perfect fit for any church or Christ-related ceremonies. This PPT layout can be employed by school teachers to educate students about Christianity and its origin. Students also can incorporate our visually appealing church PowerPoint layout to present their projects on history and cultural studies. The soothing background of this PPT breaks the monotony and gives an interesting touch.

Template 11

Church IconDownload Church Icon PowerPoint Template


The church plays a significant role in the community. Employ this graphical church PowerPoint template to highlight the location of the religious institute in the locality. The attractive design of this PPT theme can be utilized by city planners to showcase the easy accessibility to major spots to its clients. The church icon PowerPoint layout can be incorporated for listing out the charity funds details for donations. The recruitment staff requirements at the church can also be displayed with this theme.

Template 12

Hands Holding World And Cross Religion PowerPoint TemplateDownload Hands Holding World And Cross Religion PowerPoint Template


The faith in Christianity is worldwide as the history of this religion dates back to centuries. Religious studies scholars can download this eye-catching PowerPoint background to discuss the beliefs, customs, and mythologies related to Christianity. The Christian community across the globe can be addressed with the utilization of the beautiful PPT template. 

Template 13

Christian Cross In A Church ImageDownload Christian Cross In A Church Image PowerPoint Template


The Christian cross is the representation of the crucifixion of Jesus and hence holds great importance in our hearts. You can utilize the church PowerPoint template to share the preachings and teachings of the Lord. The soothing church background effectively resonates with the peace which is bestowed upon us by the Almighty. School authorities can download this template to highlight the religious teachings taught to the children along with other studies. The event organizing companies can incorporate this PowerPoint layout to highlight their services of conducting functions at the church.

Template 14

Old Hands Praying Religion PowerPoint TemplateDownload Old Hands Praying Religion PowerPoint Template


At the time of the age, when the person is satisfied with all that he has achieved and done in the name of God, he seeks blessings from his Lord. This PowerPoint template can be utilized by old age homes to comfort the elder people with the teachings of Christ. Hospitals can also incorporate this church PowerPoint background for the patients to not lose hope in prayers for recovery. You can also download this layout to raise funds for the senior citizens of the community.

Template 15

Evangelism Church Pastor Bible ImageDownload Evangelism Church Pastor Bible Image PowerPoint Template


This PPT background can be used for the church website to give information to the viewer about the administration and services at the Church. The minimalistic design of this PowerPoint template makes it perfect for the church boards to provide information to the churchgoers about the upcoming events.

Template 16

Jesus Christ Cross PowerPoint TemplateDownload Jesus Christ Cross PowerPoint Template


This engaging PowerPoint template can be used for depicting the prosperity of the family by the blessing of Christ. Community events can make the most of it by utilizing this PPT theme for religious community functions and gathering the attention of Christian families. Parents can also download this professionally designed PPT layout to instill religious values in their kids.

Template 17

Christian Leadership DevelopmentDownload Christian Leadership Development PowerPoint Template


Church administration can incorporate this leadership development PowerPoint template to give transparency to the whole process to the concerned authorities. The church recruitment officials can also employ this PowerPoint theme to explain the process and role of each authority. 

Template 18

Jesus Religion PowerPoint BackgroundDownload Jesus Religion PowerPoint Background


The holy cross is the best-known symbol of Christianity. The versatility of this PowerPoint template makes it a must for any Church event. This cross PowerPoint background can make your church website unique and increase your followers. Students can use this PPT theme for the projects and seminars. Religious scholars can present their findings in an attractive manner by using this church PowerPoint layout.

Template 19

Christian Education Open Book With Cross IconDownload Christian Education Open Book With Cross Icon PowerPoint Template


Christian education can be encouraged by the church with our infographic PowerPoint template. Schools can also download this PPT background to highlight the features of their school. Teachers can employ this attractive PowerPoint theme for teaching about Jesus and his sacrifices for the sake of goodness. Churches can use this template for raising funds for charity.

Template 20

Image Showing Church At Christmas FestivalDownload Image Showing Church At Christmas Festival PowerPoint Template


Merry times can be communicated with this lovely church PowerPoint template. This PPT background can be introduced in schools for Christmas carol competition event details. The church prayers for the birth of Jesus Christ can be displayed with great ease and effectiveness with the help of this celebration at the church layout. Churches can make their website stand out from the rest by incorporating this amazingly designed PowerPoint theme.

Template 21

Christ Crucifix Abstract PowerPoint TemplateDownload Christ Crucifix Abstract PowerPoint Template


The Jesus Christ crucifixion is the epitome of sacrifice the Lord did which urges us to think upon the great deeds the almighty did for the sake of its people. Send out the season’s greetings by utilizing this religious PowerPoint background. Church websites can list out the services carried out to meet the needs of the poor and the destitute. NGOs can employ this church PPT background to raise funds. 

Template 22

Spiritual Jesus Christ Handing On CrossDownload Spiritual Jesus Christ Handing On Cross PowerPoint Template


Employ this PowerPoint theme for the church prayer sessions to remind the devotees of the selfless sacrifices of Jesus. Spread the teachings of Jesus by utilizing this attention-gathering religious PowerPoint background. Schools can incorporate this professionally designed PPT theme to educate about Christ and Christianity.

Template 23

Prayer Religion PowerPoint TemplateDownload Prayer Religion PowerPoint Template


The color palette used by our designers in this template gives it an aesthetic appeal and gives a soothing effect to the viewers. Any religious seminar or conference can employ this PowerPoint background to spread the preachings of Christianity. This PPT theme can be utilized to show the information regarding the upcoming prayer meet. 

Template 24

Christian Church With Benches And WindowsDownload Christian Church With Benches And Windows PowerPoint Template


Historians can introduce this elegant church PowerPoint background to discuss the various aspects of the religious institutes in terms of the mythologies. Architects can demonstrate the evolution of architecture from one era to another and highlight some of the best churches around the globe with the help of our PPT layout.  

Template 25

Jesus Christ God PowerPoint TemplateDownload Jesus Christ God PowerPoint Template


Americans are firm believers in Christianity. The history of how the teachings of Christ were introduced in the United States can be elaborated with this stunning PowerPoint background. The religious institutes of the nation can be listed by utilizing this PowerPoint template. The principles of Christianity can be discussed with this church PPT theme. Church websites can utilize this American flag template for national events like the fourth of July to celebrate the path of a prosperous country by the blessings of Jesus.


In today’s grief-stricken world, spread out the momentum of peace, faith, and love for humanity beyond the walls of the Church. Change people’s lives in the most engaging way and bring a revolutionary shift by inculcating religious feelings in them. So, download these inspiring PowerPoint Backgrounds for the Church to instill the strength in mankind because the world is in dire need of it!

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