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30 Best Data Solution Templates To Help You Bolster Your Business Practices

30 Best Data Solution Templates To Help You Bolster Your Business Practices

Gunjan Gupta

June 21, 2021

Tomorrow beckons!! Are you data symbiont? 


Maybe or maybe not…


In today’s fast-paced environment characterized by a plethora of symbiotic relationships, the mantra to excel is expeditious value creation. Because remember, you are only as valuable as your data - and the technology you use to lead it in the right direction. 


With a single and most profound ever-expanding suite of datasets, you as a company can market itself efficiently to customers, design and integrate customer-centric solutions and manage inventory to become one of the leading brands of the world. 


The important question is whether your business is ready to grab a larger slice of the economic pie, or satisfactorily accept the one you already have?


To successfully bash the competition, you need some tools that other companies utilize to stand up tall and stout - mainly used by enterprise-level corporations. However, there are many other ways to help you analyze, gather and sort the data you already have rightly known as data solutions or big data solutions. 


To that end, we have selected a few bite-sized big data solution templates for your company to grow and prosper. But first, let us take a leap of faith — explore the intricacies of big data solutions and how to take advantage of them. 


What are big data solutions? 


Simply put, data solutions are the methods that an organization uses to handle large data sets, both structured and unstructured. This type of management can also help in solving problems that traditional data processing cannot tackle. 


These big data solutions include data visualization, data mining, data analysis, and machine learning. These have become a popular and growing area of interest, with data swamping us from all the corners of our lives.


Here is a more vivid snapshot of these solutions: 

1. Data Analysis

Data analysis refers to the process of remodeling raw data insights into workable information through well-defined queries. This may come in many forms and a combination of tools can be used in order to conduct it efficiently. 


Solutions to these issues cropping up in the data analyses repository include data analytics and analytics solutions. These help an organization gain insights into its performance and how to improve it using deep-dive analysis. 

2. Machine Learning 

Everything automated! 


Machine learning offers an environment in which various systems learn from data sets, specifically known as supervised learning. Often machine learning is used to build and sometimes reconstruct data models and make predictions as we go along. 

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3. Data Visualization

The method of representing data sets in the form of a story! Tools and platforms such as MS-Excel and PowerPoint can be utilized to leverage and represent data in meaningful ways.

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4. Data Mining

This is the popular practice used to inspect large amounts of databases and generate new information to derive new insights and patterns. 


For instance, data mining practices can be actively utilized to seek the behavioral patterns of movie-goers who like movie X and are willing to also watch movie Y. This can help in predicting successful ratings of both the movies based on the feedback and critics. 


Data Solutions: Example use cases and tools of the trade


Use cases vary across niches and industries. Some range from free open repositories to unattainable solutions. Nevertheless, here are a few examples and PowerPoint template resources that can help in transforming the way you create your models, programs and conduct analysis! 

Template 1 

Automate repeatable business models and activities using this creative set. It is a great tool for big data enthusiasts and practitioners to explain the process of automation and how it is advantageous to the organization. The process of automation, its implementation areas, and similar other facets can also be discussed by using this comprehensive set. 


Business Process Automation Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Download Business Process Automation Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

This is one of the leading automation tools that can help you streamline workflows and update your outdated data handling processes. This complete PPT deck greatly simplifies the delivery and explanation of important concepts as it is fully equipped with high-quality information. 


Automation Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Download Automation Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

This eCommerce solution PPT is the best fit for online trade and website practitioners. It has a set of 57 slides, all presenting information on modern technologies, their deployment, and usage. Hence, it responds well to the needs of a large number of users. 


Ecommerce Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Download Ecommerce Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

Foster a better-equipped learning environment for your organization by using these issues and solutions PPT. All the slides of this complete deck suit the data solutions that you need to use for your respective companies. Thus, leverage it to present your craft in the best possible manner. 


Issues And Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Download Issues And Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 5

If you want to evaluate large amounts of data in one go and present it in a creative layout, then this is an ideal template for you to download and use. It helps in demystifying every important element of data mining - one of the important data solutions for every organization. 


Data Mining Sources PowerPoint Presentation

Download Data Mining Sources PowerPoint Presentation

Template 6

The cross-industry standard process of data mining and its key attributes can be covered in detail using this PPT template. It is most suitable for data mining experts, analysts, big-data enthusiasts, and similar individuals to deliver an impeccable presentation on the topic. Jam-packed with quality content and illustrations, this PPT template is a must-download. 


Data Mining Process Business Intelligence PowerPoint Slides

Download Data Mining Process Business Intelligence PowerPoint Slides

Template 7

This complete deck is a smart data solution tool that you can use to educate your audience on the subject matter. So forge ahead and provide an interactive backdrop to lay your information on. This complete deck also acts as a great representative and visual reinforcer providing a bird’s-eye view of the big data analytics framework. 


Big data Analytics Visualization Techniques

Download Big Data Analytics Visualization Techniques

Template 8

If you are looking for ways to explain the process of automation and how it corresponds to your organization’s growth, then you have come to the right place. This machine learning complete deck is a comprehensive set that you can utilize to explain the algorithm and its integration, further improving your processes, work environment, efficiency, productivity, and many more. This is also a great fit to present information on data solutions, in particular machine learning and how it differs from traditional learning.


Machine Learning ML Overview Algorithms Use Cases And Applications

Download Machine Learning ML Overview Algorithms Use Cases

Template 9

This is another machine learning variant to put your hands on. It mainly focuses on the topic of supervised machine learning and how it is an impeccable solution to all your issues related to analysis, gathering, integrating, and working with big data analytics. Yes, all this and a lot more with this intellectually designed template! 


Supervised Machine Learning With Types And Techniques

Download Supervised Machine Learning With Types And Techniques

Template 10

Leverage this template to explain yet another powerful way to manage and put your data to effective use. It highlights various aspects and applications of a data-driven strategy with a set of 13 fully editable slides. Since big data is a vast topic, this complete deck can become an educational lot to share with your immediate and future team members. 


Data Driven Strategy Analytics Complete Deck

Download Data-Driven Strategy Analytics Technology

Template 11

If you are bogged down by your traditional data handling process, then this template is an ideal one to go for. Use it to share technology-based solutions. This is a great set for big data practitioners to share valuable information and come up with a leading strategy to nurture their organization. 


Technology Service Provider PowerPoint Presentation

Download Technology Service Provider Solutions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 12

Interpret the data solution framework and its major components with this single slide. This template is highly popular among big data solution providers, so grab it now! Not only this but it is also offered in an editable format, making it an absolute must-have. 


Data Solutions Framework With Sources And Application Areas

Download Data Solutions Framework

Template 13

Big data comes with a lot of challenges that you need to breakthrough in order to nurture your processes and make them a better fit. This single slide is one such instrument that you can use to explain various issues faced as a big data practitioner and their corresponding solutions. Since ample space is provided, this template can also accommodate the major challenges and the solutions to curb them. 


Big Data Challenges And Solutions PowerPoint Shapes

Download Big Data Challenges And Solutions PowerPoint Shapes

Template 14

This template reflects how big data solutions correspond to technology recruitment. It comes with a graphical representation of the data and statistical information, which can be adjusted as per your liking. 


Top Uses Of Big Data As A Technology Recruitment Solutions

Download Top Uses Of Big Data As A Technology Recruitment Solutions

Template 15

This is yet another masterpiece of our data solution repository! It caters to clinical data solutions and their explanation and so medical practitioners can put it to a wide variety of uses. It will also serve as a great visual reinforcer and interpreter at the same time.  


Clinical Data Solutions PPT

Download Clinical Data Solutions PPT

Template 16

This template highlights some of the major big data solutions that every organization needs to adopt irrespective of area of operations and size. You can use this template to provide exhaustive content and stats as it caters to the different needs of the individuals using it. Therefore, grab it now! 


Big Data Solutions For Enterprises PowerPoint Template

Download Big Data Solutions For Enterprises

Template 17

This template can be used to discuss the different areas in which data solutions can be used. It corresponds to the needs of every user, irrespective of the niche and industry. It also comes in an editable format for further advantage. So download it now!


Application Areas For Data Solutions

Download Application Areas For Data Solutions

Template 18

The concept of data solutions is incomplete without explaining its benefits, and this template is designed to help you convey them with utmost efficiency and precision. This template contains high-quality graphics and content that is easily adjustable to fulfill your needs and aspirations. 


List Of Advantages Of Data Solutions

Download List Of Advantages Of Data Solutions

Template 19

If the topic of community data solutions and its corresponding concepts interest you, then this a must-have template. Since it is a single slide with ample space provided, you can use this template in conjunction with any business presentation on a similar topic. 


Community Data Solutions PPT

Download Community Data Solutions PPT

Template 20

This is a great template to start presenting your data visually. Not only is it attractive but also holds a lot of value for data enthusiasts and big data visionaries. The biggest feature of this single slide is that any industry can easily adapt it to their needs without any difficulty. 


Data Analysis Solution Pie Infographic

Download Data Analysis Solution Pie Infographic

Template 21

Use this PPT slide to showcase the process of data integration solutions and its major facets like data security, data governance, connectivity, real-time integration support, and many more. Its minimalistic design makes it easily adaptable to any industry or niche requiring a well-equipped layout. 


Data Integration Solution PPT Diagram

Download Data Integration Solution PPT

Template 22

This is another data visualization tool that holds extreme value for analysts, big data enthusiasts, and many more. It is an Excel-linked template that you can use to present any stats of your choice. Therefore, download it now! 


Data Driven 3D Bar Chart For Financial Data

Download Data-Driven 3D Bar Chart For Financial Data Solutions PowerPoint Slides

Template 23

This is another must-have tool for smart data solution providers. It is best suited for the analytics support team. They can use it to display and explain various offerings. This single slide can also hold and display large amounts of information due to its editable structure. Therefore download it now! 


Big Data Offerings For Advanced Analytics Support

Download Big Data Solution Offerings For Advanced Analytics Support

Template 24

Choosing the right data solution is of extreme importance for any organization. This template is representative of this information in a step-by-step guide format. It allows easy adaptability to any industry or niche, thus making it a great choice for every individual out there. 


Solution Architecture For Big Data And Analysis Template

Download Solution Architecture For Big Data And Analysis Template

Template 25

This template tackles the concept of real-time analytics for IoT projects which is becoming a mainstream phenomenon. You can list various offerings using this slide and include it in any of your business presentations to convey your message effectively. 


IOT Offerings For Real Time Data Analysis

Download IOT Solution Offerings For Real-Time Data Analysis

Template 26

This is a data visualization dashboard slide highlighting various metrics and KPIs to keep track of. Its color-coded theme makes it a good visual interpreter. You can use this PPT slide in conjunction with any presentation or informative set. 


Data Visualization

Download Data Visualization

Template 27

This template highlights five cloud storage solutions that help data providers in tackling issues and coming up with new strategies to keep them in check. Not only is it easily adaptable to any industry, but also easily adjustable to your individual needs and requirements. 


5 Data Cloud Storage Solutions

Download 5 Data Cloud Storage Solutions

Template 28

Use this template to present exhaustive content on various types of analytics solutions like audio files, server logs, and many more. This template is best suited for big data solution providers looking for an equipped yet hassle-free layout to amp up their presentations.


Unstructured Data Types For Analytics Solutions Download Unstructured Data Types For Analytics Solutions

Template 29

Cloud migration is an important part of data integration and big data analytics. This template highlights this concept and presents it in the best possible manner. Not only is it simple but also highly informative, thus amplifying your business presentations. 


Key Cloud Data Migration Challenges With Solutions

Download Key Cloud Data Migration Challenges With Solutions

Template 30

This is another impeccable product from our big data repository. It shows modern big data solutions with charts and graphs that are easily interpretable. Not only is this slide fully editable but also presents a bird’s-eye view of recruitment solutions to potential problems. 


Big Data Technology For Modern Recruitment Solutions

Download Big Data Technology For Modern Recruitment Solutions


To sum up


The final outlook of big data solutions looks promising as many renowned organizations like Google, Microsoft, etc. have adopted it and widely use it to their advantage. However, many companies still lack the basic know-how to get the job done. In fact, only a fraction of the organizations possess this knowledge.  


So, are you ready to explore the data phenomenon? If yes, download your favorite templates now!

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