Time is of great essence when it comes to managing projects. Project management involves juggling multiple things at the same time, and missing out on any deadline can spell disaster for the business. This is where a Gantt Chart comes in handy.


Irrespective of the industry, every project manager uses Gantt chart to plan and organise a project and its deliverables. With all tasks listed against the deadlines, resources, and people responsible, a project can’t go haywire.


With so many things to handle encompassing diverse projects, preparing a Gantt chart may be a painstaking task in itself. SlideTeam is here to solve this problem. We present to you the best templates that can be used to represent a detailed Gantt chart for any kind of project.


Our PPT templates are 100% editable and come with readily available information that can be used as per project needs and requirements.


Let’s get started with exploring these templates!


Template 1: Gantt Chart Presenting IT Project Management


In this digital era, IT projects are the backbone of every business and their successful implementation is essential for growth. This PPT Template helps to ensure that an IT project is executed to meet the business needs. It showcases the activities and people involved in the IT project management. Multiple activities like strategy formulation, production, kick-off meetings, layout etc. along with the people involved and completeness percentage can be clearly demonstrated using the PPT Design. Download now.


Gantt Chart Presenting IT Project Management


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Template 2: Gantt Chart showing Weekly Progress of Project


Using this PPT Set to track the project’s progress on a weekly basis helps ensure that potential deviations are taken care of instantly. It has a graph that helps to keep track of the activities like planning, designing, implementation, and completion. For each of these activities, further sub-tasks like the initiation, review, and completion can be tracked in an easy and simple manner using this PPT Layout. Download now.


Gantt Chart Showing Weekly Progress of Project


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Template 3: Portfolio Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template


This PPT Set presents a slide deck highlighting the progress of projects of the web, mobile, and marketing teams. For every project of these teams, the template provides a placeholder to include all activities involved and their deadlines. There are slides for presenting the company portfolio by highlighting the mission and vision, the team involved in project management, the financial aspects of a project, the multiple products and their sales, the areas where the products are sold, etc. Get it now.


Portfolio Gantt Chart


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Template 4: Quarterly Gantt Chart PPT Layout


Use this PPT Theme to showcase the Gantt chart every quarter for different departments and activities. It allows you to present the Gantt chart for new product development by emphasizing activities like idea generation, screening, concept testing, business analysis, product development, and other tasks, along with their deadlines. This PPT Set incorporates another slide that helps to showcase the marketing objectives and when and how these can be achieved. There are separate slides that can be used to exhibit the Gantt charts for manual testing, marketing campaign, consultants, software development projects,

management, portfolio planning, etc. Download now.


Quarterly Gantt Chart


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Template 5: Gantt Chart for Month PPT Framework


Here's a PPT Set where the Gantt chart for a month can be presented along with the details of team members taking care of the projects and their progress. Several activities like meetings, project brainstorming sessions, design specifications, etc., and their progress can be easily mapped. Get it now.


Gantt Chart for Month


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Template 6: Gantt Chart for Two Years PPT Design


This PPT Set enables organizations to create Gantt charts for long-term projects. Software development projects, new product development projects, operations and infrastructure projects, marketing research project, website development project, all can be planned, managed and monitored with the help of insights provided in this template. For each of the projects, the subtasks can be listed against a timeline. Download now.


Gantt Chart for 2 years (Infographic)


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Template 7: Four-Year Gantt Chart PPT Set


This PPT template is the most effective when an organization takes up long-term projects and needs to monitor the progress of the projects over, say, a period of four years. For the varied projects, the tasks and their timelines can be exhibited with the help of attractive graphs. Projects like online marketing, innovation process, product development, digital marketing, app redesign, construction project, sales plan, etc., can all be planned and managed with optimal resource allocation. Download now.


4 Year Gantt Chart


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Template 8: Digital Transformation in Public Sector Training PPT Theme


This PPT Template presents a slide deck that is well-researched and designed to highlight the project encompassing digital transformation in public sector training. The government sector is not opposed to digital transformation and needs to integrate new technologies to improve its operations and provide better services. This PPT Bundle covers every possible aspect of the digital transformation of the public sector. It has multiple slides dedicated to the need for digital transformation in the public sector. Another set of slides highlights the recent trends in digitalization in the public sector, like unifying citizen experiences, using data for decision-making, and automating the various manual processes. It is packed with assessment forms, the vision, and mission of the public sector organization, a 12-week Gantt chart for the project, a 30-60-90 days plan, the timeline of the project activities, a training proposal, and a training completion certificate. Get it now.


Digital Transformation in Public Sector


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Template 9: Digitalization in Education Industry Training


Information and technology are of paramount importance for the education sector, and this PPT Template highlights this. The collection of slides in this bundle helps the audience understand the meaning of digital transformation in the education industry and how curriculum can be aligned with technology. Download now.


Digital Transformation In Education Industry - Meaning


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Template 10: Transition Plan Gantt Chart


The PPT Set presents the timeline of a transition plan and helps an organization monitor the transition plan efficiently. It features a graph that shows the various activities involved in the transition plan and its timeline. A glance at the template helps the project manager and all those involved in the project to understand the important activities, the time when they need to be completed, activities that overlap each other, and the resources allocated for the completion of the project. This template is apt for presenting a transition plan Gantt chart in a simple and clutter-free manner. Get it now.


Transition Plan Gantt Chart PowerPoint Slide


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Template 11: Gantt Chart for Three Years with Financial System and Project Management


This content-ready PPT Design is perfect for strategic financial and project management for three years. The Gantt chart for three years is represented by highlighting the major projects like talent management, market development, project management, etc., the activities involved, and the timeline of the activities.


Gantt Chart for 3 Years with Financial System and Project Management


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Template 12: Issue Tracking and Management Gantt Chart


This PPT Set aids in issues tracking and management. It incorporates a Gantt chart that shows the issue reported, the date on which the issue was reported, who reported the issue, its priority status, category, the action required, the deadline for resolving it, and the closing date. Get it now.


Issue tracking and management gantt chart


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Template 13: Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart


Project managers can use this PPT Set to plan any project and track its progress. Every stage of the project, including initiation, planning, execution, controlling, and closing, can be exhibited on the Gantt chart along with the timeline. For every task, a deadline can be mentioned enabling the project manager to monitor the project and make changes as and when needed. Download now.


Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart


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Template 14: 30 60 90 Days Sales Plan Gantt chart


This PPT template is designed in a creative manner to present the sales plan for 30-60-90 days. The Gantt chart is represented in a way it highlights the activities of the sales plan to be undertaken during 30, 60 and 90 days. For instance, in the first 30 days, the organisation can carry out activities like training, understanding target market; in the next 60 days, the sales team can understand the customer experience and in the last 90 days, the success of the sales plan can be evaluated and goals adjusted if not met.


30 60 90 Sales Plan Gantt Chart


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Template 15: Roll out Plan Gantt Chart PPT Design


Use this PPT Set to easily build the Gantt chart for a rollout plan. Project managers can present to the audience the stages of product launch, launch plan, and action plans. The weekly significance of the rollout plan can be highlighted professionally, and the activities involved can be easily tracked.


Roll Out Plan Gantt Chart


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Template 16: Annual Schedule in Gantt Chart with 12 Months


This PPT Template can be used by any business to plan and monitor a project for 12 months. The Gantt chart shows the project's start date and end date and the activities undertaken for the project's completion. For every activity, a timeline is provided. Download now.


Annual Schedule in Gantt Chart with 12 Months


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Template 17: Eight Stages Task Competition Gantt chart


Here is a PPT Layout that puts the project management team in action as all tasks of the project run parallel to each other. The stages of work completion, assignment completion, and task completion can be highlighted for every project activity. A timeline mentioning the number of days for every stage as well the start and end date of the activities can be mentioned and the status of the activities can be represented using different colors.


Eight Stages Task Competition Gantt Chart


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Template 18: Project Timeline Gantt Chart for Month


This is a PPT Set with colorful infographics used to denote multiple projects that the business is to execute on a monthly basis. For each project, the number of days as well as the start and end date can be highlighted. Moreover, the Gantt chart also shows the tasks and activities for every project along with their duration.


Project Timeline Gantt Chart For Month


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Read this blog to know more about developing effective and action-ready project Gantt charts.


Template 19: Gantt Chart with Different Phases of Marketing


This PPT Layout presents an overview of the different phases of marketing and the time needed for each phase. The Gantt chart exhibits the various stages of marketing, namely, direct selling, affinity marketing, public relations, and paid media marketing, and specifies their timeline. Further, for every stage, the activities and tasks to be accomplished, along with the essential details, can be mentioned.


Gantt Chart with Different Phases of Marketing


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Template 20: Four Quarter Marketing Gantt Chart


Gantt chart is the best way to showcase a project schedule graphically, and this PPT Slide helps project managers to clearly outline the marketing schedule for four quarters. With the help of this PPT Design, the marketing action plan for four quarters can be developed effectively. Marketing activities like online marketing, mass marketing, and offline marketing, along with their subtasks, can be presented against a timeline.


Four Quarter Marketing Gantt Chart


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Template 21: Gantt Chart for Month Covering Project Milestone


Here is a flexible PPT Set that can meet the needs of any business that wants to exhibit the details of the project and the important milestones that need to be achieved to complete the project. The simple and clear design of the template makes it easy for all those involved in the project to understand even the slightest details.


Gantt Chart For Month covering Project Milestone


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Template 22: Daily Schedule Timeline Gantt Chart


This PPT Template aids the daily scheduling of activities of a project. Every project activity and the time allocated for its completion can be listed using the template. It also helps to identify delays easily and helps in the easy coordination of multiple tasks. Download now.


Daily Schedule Timeline Gantt Chart


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Template 23: Employee Engagement Calendar Gantt Chart


This PPT Set helps increase employee engagement in a project by representing the activity that every employee needs to execute and the timeline for every activity. For every employee, details like name, task details, and duration of the tasks can be represented so that every employee can be held responsible and accountable.


Employee Engagement Calendar Gantt Chart


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Template 24: Monthly Gantt Chart for Project Management


Impress the audience with this neatly-structured PPT Layout that showcases a Gantt chart. For every month, the activities to be undertaken can be represented, and Infographics representing activities like on-site meetings, project development, etc., further make the template aesthetic.


Monthly Gantt Chart for Project Management


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Template 25: Dependency Matrix project Gantt Chart for Systematic Approach


This PPT Set helps showcase a project's activities along with its details. It also helps to identify people associated with the various activities and track the progress of every task. With this PPT Design, the work breakdown structure is communicated to the team, and comparisons can be made of the dependent tasks and delays identified to take corrective actions easily.


Dependency Matrix Project Gantt Chart for Systematic Approach


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Template 26: Gantt Chart of Digital Marketing Roadmap


Use this PPT Theme to communicate the digital marketing plan with ease. Digital marketing activities like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid search can be monitored and tracked against a timeline. Further, for each of these activities, the Gantt chart can highlight details of tasks needed to complete these activities and the time for each task.


Gantt Chart of Digital Marketing Roadmap


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Template 27: Planning Gantt Chart for Interactive Route Map


This versatile PPT Template highlights the details of a project and its activities, like the beginning and end dates of the project, the team handling the project, and the status of each activity. The clear layout of the template helps a business inefficient resource allocation to the project and schedule the project as per the needs and priorities.


Planning Gantt Chart for Interactive Route Map


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Template 28: Ten Weeks Activity Timeline Gantt


This PPT Template helps describe the project and its activities in detail. For every activity, details like timeline, start and end dates, people in charge, resources allocated, and milestones can be highlighted. With the graphical representation of tasks over ten weeks, the dependencies and overlapping of tasks can also be easily identified, making it more efficient for the project to be executed and avoiding deviations.


10 Weeks Activity Timeline Gantt Chart


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Template 29: Five-year Planning Gantt Chart for Market Development


This PPT Set is the best means for developing a long-term strategic marketing development plan. The marketing activities and their timeline can be exhibited in the chart. Market development and process improvement stages, along with their start and end time, can also be highlighted with the essential activity details. The template is apt for a market development plan for five years, and each year, the quarterly progress can be monitored to ensure that marketing development is on track.


5 Year Planning Gantt Chart for Market Development


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Template 30: Phases and Milestones of Marketing Gantt Chart


This PPT Set, in a neat table structure, provides the details of the different phases of marketing and their milestones. The Gantt chart highlights the activities to be undertaken for the marketing project. For every activity like paid search, display advertising, social media marketing, etc., the start and end dates, as well as important milestones, can be indicated.


Phases and Milestones of Marketing Gantt Chart


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FAQs on Gantt Chart



What are Gantt chart basics?


Gantt Chart is a project management tool that lists the activities of a project and the time taken to complete them against the pre-decided deadline. There are usually two sections in a Gantt chart. One section shows the activities or tasks, and the second shows the timeline. In addition to the project timeline, the Gantt chart also includes the important milestones, start and end dates of tasks, dependencies between tasks, and the people responsible for the project. The basics of the Gantt chart are:

  • Tasks
  • Timeline
  • Dates
  • Milestones
  • Dependencies
  • Progress


How do you write a Gantt chart?


To write a Gannt chart, the following need to be determined:

  • The various tasks of a project
  • Start and end dates of each task
  • Time taken for a task to be completed
  • Resources needed for a task
  • Relationship between different tasks

Once all the above criteria are known, the complete project schedule can be developed. A Gantt chart can be developed for the project using any of the available software products.


What is Gantt chart used for?


Gantt charts are used to visually represent the timeline of a project. These can be used to:

  • Build, schedule, and manage projects
  • Determine task dependencies of projects
  • Identify logistics and resources requirements
  • Monitor progress of a project
  • Take corrective actions to avoid deviations
  • Prioritise tasks of projects
  • Assign people to projects