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Follow These 5 Latest Trends To Revamp Your Corporate Training Plan For 2021 - Best PowerPoint Templates Included

Follow These 5 Latest Trends To Revamp Your Corporate Training Plan For 2021 - Best PowerPoint Templates Included

Parul Arya

March 15, 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can never anticipate what’s around the corner. But that also does not mean that we cannot prepare ourselves for it. This is apparent in what companies across the globe are doing to get in line with the new normal. Along with developing a blueprint of ideas for 2021, organizations are also revamping their corporate training plan. A well-structured and focused corporate training plan helps businesses make substantial progress while staying ready for an eventuality.


Corporate training plans improve productivity and place a lot of emphasis on professional development. However, in such volatile times, it is important to spare a thought for what constitutes the best for you and your team. To that effect, we have sourced these 5 trends that you can follow to devise an effective corporate training plan for your company in 2021. 



  • Embracing A Friendly Culture At Workplace


The new normal necessitates companies to adopt a learning culture where employees can gather valuable information on particular topics with their colleagues. The transfer of knowledge between employees not only improves their performance but also motivates them to work harder. Also, you should include a quick group discussion round in your training plan to gather valuable inputs from every employee in the room. Active participation can help employees connect and learn new things.


  • Focusing On Soft Skills


Higher creativity, innovation, and growth mindset cannot develop overnight. So to survive what 2021 has to offer, businesses need to implement methodologies that give employees exposure to showcase their soft skills and improve their personality traits. In your training session, you can provide some microlearning modules to your employees and even organize business-related quizzes that help them build their confidence and personality. With this, everyone in the workplace can unlock their potential and hidden talents without any fear or hesitation. 


  • Enhancing Digital Learning Opportunities


The modern human learns from a mobile screen. So it will bode well for you if you draft your new agendas, policies, and structure on your business website and update the employees about it as well. Also, create content based on employee’s needs and their areas of improvement. Such content can be a downloadable resource like a PDF file, a blog, a video, webinars, or anything that keeps the staff enthusiastic about learning. With this, they can show more zeal towards their work. Rope in your team leads and managers for a concerted effort in this direction. 


  • Create A Mastermind Group


This trend is here to stay. Companies can benefit a lot by devising their corporate training plan in association with a mastermind group wherein any employee, irrespective of their position or designation, can discuss pain points related to the business and advise each other in building performance. The exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions within the mastermind group can give you a bird’s-eye view of how you should structure your corporate training plan.


  • Industry Events


An employee cannot learn everything within your company’s premises. Provide a decent budget to your staff members where they can explore external opportunities like business conclaves and industry conferences. This not only provides good exposure, but also helps employees get pointers on the competition. Therefore, make external industrial tours and workshops a part of your corporate training plan to elicit initiative.


So no more waiting! Go ahead and share these trends with your team leads, managers, and trainers with our ready-to-use templates.


Top 15 Corporate Training Plan Templates To Download

Template 1 

Create a new training plan and educate the new joiners about your business objectives by utilizing our topic-specific template. This deck comprises a total of 15 slides, each containing thoroughly-researched content. In this striking template, you can draft all your training materials with ease.


Corporate Training Plan
Download Corporate Training Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Show the revised training strategies to your senior associates by utilizing our easily accessible temple. With this corporate training roadmap deck, you can visualize your business growth projects and objectives. Take advantage of our template to create an effective timeline strategy for employee training.


Corporate Training Roadmap

Download Corporate Training Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Take the assistance of this content-ready deck and train your employees well for the upcoming business challenges. There are a myriad topics in the template that upgrade your employee’s knowledge and performance. Without any further ado, click on the deck and download it without any hassle.


Training and Development
Training And Development PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

Discuss the future projects and missions of your company with the employees by using our pre-designed template. The business training roadmap deck covers informative topics like interactive learning, business agenda, company learning roadmap, etc. Grab this template and concentrate on business development. 


Business Training Roadmap

Download Business Training Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

Shed a light on your training capabilities with the aid of our professionally-designed template. By utilizing this deck, you can create an outstanding training plan for your employees that enhances their potential and work structure. The template is content-ready with which you can get more knowledge on how to train your employees even better.


Employee Training Roadmap

Download Employee Training Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

Create a well-crafted online training program for your workforce by employing our eye-catching template. The deck consists of 46 content-ready slides that provide relevant information on how to develop and implement your online training sessions. In this deck, you will be able to use several advanced features that enhance your subject completely. 


Human Resource Online Training Program
Download Developing And Implementing Human Resource Online Training Program 

Template 7

Incorporate this engaging template into your presentation and train your employees about new business agendas. This topic-specific template will also help you build your employee’s IQ and professional skills. Engage your colleagues in your informative training session by utilizing this creatively-designed template. 


Training Roadmap
Download Training Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Use this template to bifurcate your training session carefully. With our deck of 29 slides, you can align the training procedures and goals effortlessly. This template will give you a clear outline of training measures that are easy to read and act upon. Get access to this attractive template and channelize your training skills before the spectators.


Corporate Training Proposal
Download Corporate Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Take advantage of this readily available template to highlight the company’s topmost leaders that will train the junior associates. Explain the new trends and training procedures to your leadership team with the help of this template. The deck is content-ready for your convenience, so study the matter in it and apply it to your training presentation.


Corporate Leadership Training Proposal
Download Corporate Leadership Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 10

Train your workforce and upgrade their performance by utilizing our easy-to-use template. With the aid of this deck, you can improve your employee’s communication skills, personality, work structure, cultural ethics, sense of responsibility, etc. You can use appealing images and features that will grab everyone’s attention.


Corporate Training Workshop Proposal

Download Corporate Training Workshop Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 11

Use our template to train the recruits effectively. With our deck, you can make your training session interactive and friendly for the new joiners. Add some spice to your presentation by utilizing the high-grade icons and features present in this template. Download this deck to grab the attention of your new employees all at once.


New Recruits Training Proposal

Download New Recruits Coaching Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 12

Take the help of this deck to portray your expertise in professional grooming. With this template, you can teach your employees to be smart and success-driven. The added advantage of this deck is that it has high-quality images that beautify your content in every manner. So leave the fear of pixilation behind and download this deck right away.


Manpower Training Proposal

Download Manpower Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 13

Apply the cover page of this template to your training presentation and leave a remarkable impression on your audience. The template covers quality content and high-grade images that make your training session more interactive. Get access to this template and woo your spectators with the training content.


Corporate Training Proposal

Download Corporate Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 14

Describe your out-of-the-box training approaches to your directors by utilizing our corporate training plan template. The deck comprises a total of 29 topic-specific slides that you can grab for your amazing training material. Personalize the template and design your training plan as per your needs.


Training and Development Proposal

Download Training And Development Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 15

Train your workers to be more productive and enthusiastic with the aid of our content-ready template. The content in the deck is informative and has been researched carefully by our experts to save you from any kind of inconvenience. Use this template to create an effective training plan that makes your employees more competitive and determined. 


Employees Training Proposal

Download Employees Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


In conclusion…


Training is often considered a scapegoat when professionals are not living up to their employer’s expectations. For a successful training program, one must follow these latest trends that help in closing the performance gap. Adopt them and get ready to train your staff for excellence!


PS: To learn more about how corporate training templates can help your business, click here.

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