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Halloween Template
50 Halloween PowerPoint Templates to Ring in the Spooky Season

50 Halloween PowerPoint Templates to Ring in the Spooky Season

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

October 18 2021

The uncanny truth – Halloween originated 2000 years ago in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. At that point, it used to mark a seasonal change, with pumpkin or bitter gourd as a symbol of fresh harvest. The people made the fields ready for winter, collected livestock, and lit bonfires for the entire night to honor the efforts of their departed ancestors. 


However, later in the early middle age, the Christian church incorporated 1st November into its calendar as the “All Soul’s Day”, associating the celebration of human death. But the evening before, 31st October, stamped its popularity as an occult celebration – the time when the veil between the living and dead becomes thinnest. And spirits, both good and evil, come out on a mischievous roam. 



Since then, the practitioners of modern paganism have kept Halloween as the day to appreciate cycles of the earth, spirits of ascendants, fertility, and sexuality. 


So with All Hallow’s Eve around the corner, if you are also planning your quirky and wacky costumes besides personal and professional events, then we present our 50 creative Halloween PowerPoint templates to add some pumpkin spice to the mix. These designs will make your greetings, invitations, ceremonies, and holidays flawless with a pinch of spook. Let’s explore them one by one and download the best!

Template 1

You can use this unique template to share the significance of pumpkins on Halloween Eve. The design includes monstrous pumpkin diagrams carved into jack-o’-lanterns. So download it and share impressive decoration ideas with your audience.


Halloween background with pumpkin


Download Halloween With Pumpkin Parchment Template

Template 2

What’s more compelling than a creative Halloween template? You can use this design presenting a purple ghost with surprised eyes to amaze your target audience (kids). It will act as eye candy for those who love festivity. Download now!


Purple Ghost with Surprised Eyes


Download Purple Ghost With Surprised Eyes Template

Template 3

Pick this well-designed template to share one-of-a-kind decoration ideas for Halloween. With this design, you can encourage your friends and family to use themes like a haunted house, autumn harvest, murder mystery, mad scientists, and superheroes. So grab it immediately and treasure your Halloween night. 


PowerPoint Templates and Background with Halloween pumpkins


Download Background With Halloween Pumpkins Template

Template 4

Candles traditionally offer more than aesthetic lighting on Halloween. Select this template and illustrate how candles can be lit around the house to guide the lost spirits. Download it and enlighten your guests, friends, and family with more festive fun facts. 


Halloween Candle Light With Leaves


Download Halloween Candle Light Template

Template 5

You can pick this template to encourage the tradition of keeping candies at your doorsteps to appease the ancestral spirits. Also, you can interpret how Celtics followed this custom during the Samhain time. Therefore, grab it and spread festive happiness among your peers.


Background With Halloween Candy


Download Background With Halloween Candy Template

Template 6

You can use this invigorating template for planning your office Halloween party. This slide is designed by our team of professionals. So download it right away to decide the party theme, costumes, games, and food menu. 


Background with happy Halloween


Download PowerPoint Template And Background With Happy Halloween

Template 7

You can use this fun template to help your children connect with Halloween by inspiring them to plan their spooky party. The design includes a visually appealing pumpkin image. So grab it now and cherish this All Saints’ Eve. 


Happy Halloween Pumpkin Autumn Nature


Download Happy Halloween Pumpkin Autumn Nature Template

Template 8

This is another fierce Halloween template that can be used to organize a ghost movie night with your friends, family, or neighbors. You can use it to create a dramatic invitation. So download now and make this Halloween memorable!


Festival Event Halloween Pumpkins PowerPoint Templates


Download Festival Event Halloween Pumpkins Template

Template 9

You can choose this template to organize a Halloween fashion show. This design can include the event’s place, date, time, and costume details. So download it once and use it multiple times to declare the Halloween king and queen. Click the link below!


Pumpkin Crown Template


Download PowerPoint Template With Halloween Pumpkin Crown

Template 10

Use this template to make your Halloween presentation unique and informative. The design includes a picture collage that you can use to depict the previous year’s party theme. So grab it to brainstorm new and innovative decoration ideas. 


Halloween Collage Nature PowerPoint Templates


Download Scary Halloween Collage PowerPoint Templates

Template 11

Use this chilling template presentation to celebrate the Halloween festival. This design includes text boxes that can be used to highlight the venue, rules, and party schedule. So download it and invite your friends in a quirky way. 


Halloween PowerPoint templates and background


Download Pumpkins Halloween Festival Template

Template 12

This template will help you scream with fun rather than horror. Utilize it by enjoying the season and seasonal fruit, i.e. autumn and pumpkin. Also, you can select it to plan and use plenty of pumpkin patches as your Halloween party theme. 


Maple leaves chrysanthemums and pumpkins Template


Download Maple Leaves Chrysanthemums And Pumpkins Template

Template 13

Choose this ghost theme template and depict the importance of the skull, candle, pumpkin, and other scary things for making your decorations applaudable. The design can be easily edited. So grab right now and add your ideas. 


Ghost Theme with Skull Candle and Lantern on Table


Download Ghost Theme With Skull Candle And Lantern On Table

Template 14

Use this simple and plain Halloween template design and propose the idea of a costume scavenger hunt. You can pick this design to include the steps such as hiding the goodies, cracking of clues, and more. Download now!


Autumn Season Leaves


Download Autumn Background Halloween Template

Template 15

This presentation includes a strawman miniature holding pumpkin image. Use this design to teach your audience the tales of farmers and the significance of the harvest. Additionally, you can customize this design easily. So download it without any second thoughts!


Straw Man Miniature


Download Straw Man Miniature Holding Pumpkin Image Slide

Template 16

Do you want your Halloween event to be exciting and joyful? Pick this design to organize a pumpkin decoration competition. It will help you create an authentic experience and attract more visitors. Besides, you can use it as a tool to promote your business. 


Pumpkin Template


Download Pumpkin Template

Template 17

Utilize this pumpkin and daisies template to recognize the arrival of autumn and the new year. In fact, you can use it to mention the Halloween party arrangements and ideas. Therefore, download now!


Halloween Pumpkins Daisies PowerPoint Templates


Download Pumpkins Daisies And Fall Leaves Template

Template 18

Select this design to plan a cornucopia-themed Halloween event. This template will help you signify abundance and nourishment. So pick it right away and amp up your celebration. 


Autumn Cornucopia Nature


Download Autumn Cornucopia Nature Template

Template 19

This ghost-themed template will be a perfect medium to enhance your Halloween discussion. It features a scary three-eyed monster alien to create an atmosphere of mischief and horror. Therefore, download it and engage with your audience. 


Scary Three Eyed Alien Monster Template


Download Animated Scary Three-Eyed Alien Monster Halloween PowerPoint Templates

Template 20

Utilize this loony template in your Halloween presentation. Our visionary designers crafted this slide. So you can grab it instantly and use it for creating invitations, storytelling, and more. Download it and growl playfully. 


Halloween PowerPoint Image Template


Download Editable Halloween Pumpkin PowerPoint Templates

Template 21

You can represent the preservation of life and its necessities with this Halloween template design. It will help you signify the beauty of winter, hibernation, food, harvest, and hard work. Therefore, download now!


Halloween Autumn Abstract Beauty PowerPoint Template


Download Halloween Autumn Abstract Beauty PowerPoint Template

Template 22

You can benefit from this template by planning an energetic program for your children. The design features a kid dressed as a ghost, thereby exciting other toddlers to dress up too. Therefore, download this treat right away!


Kid in Ghost Dress on Halloween Evening


Download Halloween Themed PowerPoint Evening Templates

Template 23

Celebrate the Halloween rituals with this popular festival template. The design emphasizes the value of the pumpkin. Therefore, you can use it to share multiple pumpkin decorations and food recipes. Grab now and circulate in your neighborhood. 


Premium PowerPoint Template


Download Happy Halloween Festival PowerPoint Templates

Template 24

This is another Halloween template featuring a carved pumpkin graphic image. And with the text placeholders, you can add enough information. So download it and stand out from the crowd. 




Download Halloween PowerPoint Presentation

Template 25

You can use this frightening ghost template to organize a horror storytelling event. It will help you teach everyone that ghosts are less horrific than real-life troubles. Therefore, select it and spread this lesson swiftly. 


Frightening Ghost Behind White Sheet


Download Frightening Ghost Behind White Sheet Template

Template 26

You can use this visually appealing template to incorporate the autumn theme for your Halloween get-together. This design will help you interact with your community merrily. So grab it right now!


Halloween PowerPoint Presentation 2


Download Colors Of Autumn Template

Template 27

You can use this Halloween design to plan a spooky treasure hunt. So pick this design to plan an engaging activity for your friends and family. Download by clicking the link below!


Ghost Coming Out of Ground in Graveyard


Download Ghost Coming Out Of Ground In Graveyard

Template 28

Schools can use this attractive design template for sharing a trick-or-treating invitation with the students. This intuitive template includes a dazzling white ghost illustration. Besides, you can adjust the text and font conveniently. So download now!


Sad Face Ghost with Long Arms


Download Halloween Ghost Template

Template 29

You can use this spooky ghost template to share fun facts on Halloween, the moon, and more. Select the design and explain how a full moon on Halloween occurs once every 19 years - a Metonic cycle pattern. Download it now and make this festival more enjoyable. 


Spooky Ghost Background with View of Moon


Download Spooky Ghost Template

Template 30

This is another Halloween party template that you can use in your event arrangements. Besides, you can add your family photos to the design and share them with your cousins, friends, and relatives. 


Ghost Face on Balloons at Halloween Party


Download Halloween Party Template

Template 31

Pick this ghost theme template design with pumpkin and lantern to glorify your Halloween night. This minimalist design will help you convey your message effectively. So download it without delay to edit, resize, and share. 


Ghost Theme with Pumpkin and Lantern at Night


Download Ghost Theme Template

Template 32

This collage template can be used to present pictures of the Halloween celebration. So add them into this design and keep it as a memory. Additionally, you can share it on social media, email, and other platforms. 


Collage PPT Template


Download Halloween Collage Festival PowerPoint Templates

Template 33

This eye-catching template features a scary-eyed and sharp-toothed ghost. So if you want to create a spooky Halloween presentation, download this preset and change the color, size, and text to craft a meaningful message.


Ghost with Scary Eyes and Sharp Teeth


Download Halloween Ghost Template

Template 34

You can plan a day party for children using this template. This modern PPT design can act as a great background for sharing basic Halloween information. So download it now and bring on the festival jitters!


Halloween Pumpkin Besides Stone on Green Grass


Download Halloween Pumpkin PowerPoint Templates

Template 35

You can enjoy the festivities with this template full of pumpkins, bats, and scary decorations. With this design, you can also put across the origin of Halloween, celebration ideas, and costume examples. Therefore, download it without any hassle! 


Ghost Halloween PowerPoint Templates with Scary Pumpkin Faces


Download Scary Pumpkin Faces Template

Template 36

How about a Halloween music party? Use this three-step Halloween template to pitch new and innovative party ideas. This template will help you invite DJs dressed as ghosts, fairies, witches, monsters, and more. So download and use it to make a successful marketing strategy.


Three Pumpkins Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Three Pumpkins For Halloween Design PowerPoint Templates

Template 37

This Halloween icon template can be incorporated into any presentation for decorating the monthly, weekly, and daily planners. The slide is adaptable, so you can edit it right away to fulfill your necessities throughout the year. 


Halloween Icons PowerPoint Templates


Download Halloween Icons PowerPoint Templates

Template 38

You can share prayers for the dead with this pumpkin background template. Besides, use it to introduce your candy collection to neighbors or new customers. The design will act as a handy instrument to dole out tasty treats. Download now!


Halloween PowerPoint Templates Design


Download Pumpkins Halloween Festival PowerPoint Templates

Template 39

You can select this template to design a newsletter and bring your promotional campaign to life. Besides, with this slide, you can share your company’s latest information on Halloween discounts in a spooky manner. Therefore, click the link below!


Halloween PowerPoint Templates PPT


Download Halloween PowerPoint Templates 

Template 40

You can use this template featuring a white ghost to give hints and ideas for multiple Halloween games. This design includes hand-drawn illustrations, background shapes, and a fabulous overall look. So download and cast a magic spell on your audience. 


White Ghost Flying on Pink Background Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download White Ghost Flying On Pink Background Design

Template 41

You can use this template to share the relationship between autumn and the produced harvest. The design includes an old vintage truck diagram carrying pumpkins. So grab it right away to share the spooky Celtic facts. 


Old Vintage Truck with Pumpkin depicting Beginning of Fall Season


Download Old Vintage Truck With Pumpkin PPT

Template 42

You can use this design to share a creative campaign with potential customers. The design can be easily edited, so you can even replace the image with pictures from your computer. So download it to curate thematic messages. 


Pumpkins Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Pumpkins For Halloween In Fall Theme PowerPoint Templates

Template 43

This template is designed for an audience that wants to throw a kickass Halloween party. The pastel palette makes it quite impressive and alluring. So download and put it in your Halloween presentation. 


Two Orange Halloween PowerPoint Templates with Pumpkins on Wooden Table


Download Two Orange Halloween Pumpkins On Wooden Table

Template 44

Share happiness on the occasion of Halloween with this elegant template. You can deploy this PowerPoint design to organize a charity/donation event. So download and replace the text holders with the event information. 


Halloween PowerPoint Templates with Festival Pumpkin Happy Face


Download Halloween Festival Pumpkin Slide PowerPoint Templates

Template 45

You can use this template to depict the religious significance of death, angel, devil, and ghost on Halloween. The text in this design can be modified with the required information. So grab it straight away!


Religious Halloween Humor PowerPoint Templates


Download Halloween PowerPoint Templates Design

Template 46

With this design, you can present the relevance of community celebration. The template includes an image of the crowd dressed in different costumes. Therefore, grab it to organize another successful gathering. 


Crowd in Different Costumes Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Halloween Crowd PowerPoint Templates

Template 47

Do you have your Halloween costumes and candy ready? Did you carve pumpkins to decorate your house or event? If the answer is no, then this template is an authentic solution to get you started. Grab it instantly and begin your preparations!


Beautiful Halloween Collage PowerPoint Templates


Download PowerPoint Templates And Theme With Beautiful Halloween Collage

Template 48

This is a pumpkin and chrysanthemum-themed template that can be picked to create an exceptional Halloween proposal. Therefore, choose the design and add information about your event company’s services. Download it without delay! 


Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Pumpkins With Chrysanthemum Templates

Template 49

This is another classic Halloween template representing the fresh pumpkin harvest. You can incorporate it to pitch innovative ideas on carving pumpkins or using them as lamps. So download and share it with Google Slides.


Fall Harvest Pumpkins And Squash In Basket Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Slide And Theme With Fall Harvest 

Template 50

You can use this thrilling template to publish a new ghost storybook on Halloween Eve. In addition, you can also use it to organize a horror storytelling party to foster joyous relationships. So download it and get all pumped up! 


Book Based on True Ghost Story Icon Halloween PowerPoint Templates


Download Ghost Story Book Template 


The unending fun


Halloween is the perfect time to deal with the darker side of life – whether it’s about facing inner demons, confronting future decisions, or trying fun, exciting, and scary things. 


Therefore, every year, schools and universities can help students connect with Halloween's unusual yet comforting prophecies. Furthermore, businesses should consider this festival an excellent opportunity to start a new campaign and escalate their revenue. 


And to execute these endeavors with a dash of jeepers-creepers, you can always take the assistance of our striking PowerPoint templates. 


P.S: You can also share fun facts about Easter using our stunning PowerPoint templates featured in this catalog

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