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Customer Lifecycle
7 Crucial Customer Lifecycle PowerPoint Templates to Boost Conversions & Retention!!!

7 Crucial Customer Lifecycle PowerPoint Templates to Boost Conversions & Retention!!!

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

March 28 2019

It is a well-known fact that keeping an existing customer is one task and acquiring a new one is another task.


A customer goes through a series of steps from considering to purchasing to using to maintaining a loyalty to a product or service. It is hard to keep the existing customers and harder in engaging new customers.


Both are critical, demanding and need a plan to have your business going.


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You need a customer lifecycle plan. Having a clear understanding of customer lifecycle can help your company maximize revenue for existing and potential consumers. Customer lifecycle plan is divided into five distinct steps which are reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. We have outlined a plan which will help you not only bring new customers onboard, but also keep a tab on your existing customers.


7 Crucial Customer Lifecycle PowerPoint Templates for business to remain competitive in marketplace:


Customer Segmentation:


Customer Segmentation


This scenario will work for both existing and new customers. Divide customers into groups of individuals that are similar in some ways or let’s just say that are similar in specific ways such as age, gender, interests, and spending habits. To ease your work, we have classified customer segments into four basic categories such as geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral. You can fill in the details of the customers and have your customers into groups so that you can advertise yourself accordingly.


  • Target the Prospects:

Target the Prospects


Since you have gathered the required information about the customers, you can choose to target the customers you want. Use the above template to jot down the information you have about the customers and reach out to them. This template comprises of an example of target prospect. You can customize it based on the information you have.


  • Customer Lifecycle:

Customer Lifecycle


This is a customer lifecycle. It consists of various stages that a customer goes through in a company’s sales funnel. The funnel showcases how many customers visited and turned into prospects and then active customers. Companies measure and monitor each stage of the customer lifecycle to maximize conversions, revenue, growth and overall satisfaction for their products and services. Thus, making the customer lifecycle play a key role in both customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM) strategies.


  • Customer Acquisition Tools:

Customer Acquisition Tools


Bring new customers to your business and convert those visitors into regular customers. Acquiring new customers could be difficult but there are various tools through which you can attract people to your product and services. Above template showcases various ways that you can apply to bring customers on board. Conduct tradeshows and conferences. Reach out to them via email, seo, social media, blogs, etc. Make them feel your presence through tv, radio, print ads, and more.


  • Customer Loyalty Lifecycle:

Customer Loyalty Lifecycle


Above template is a framework for loyalty lifecycle. Using this template, you can easily track new and retained customers. Also, check how many customers have entered to a loyal customers club. What offers do you provide to your loyal customers to grow your revenue and business. You can obviously modify the loyalty cycle as per your need.


  • Customer Feedback:

Customer Feedback


Get a regular feedback from your customers. Get to know the feedback, complaints, issues and concerns. Try to solve the issues on urgent basis to not let go of any customer. Enter the feedback results in the slide and pick issues one by one.


  • Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction Graph


Above graph displays the relationship between customer loyalty & satisfaction. You can give metrics as per your requirements and reflect the customer satisfaction level.


Download Content-Ready Customer Lifecycle Complete Deck


Use customer lifecycle to create a stronger customer experience. Optimize each stage of customer lifecycle to have happier users.

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