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Strategic Planning
9 Planning Framework PowerPoint Templates to Write a Strategic Plan for your Company

9 Planning Framework PowerPoint Templates to Write a Strategic Plan for your Company

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

April 8 2019

Outline an extensive strategic planning framework that showcases clear goals and objectives to the employees. Having a strategic planning framework is as important as budget-oriented planning or forecast- based planning. Business strategic planning lays down targets, assesses both internal and external situation, develops a strategy, executes the strategy, analyzes the progress, monitors and measures the performance, and adjusts accordingly to accomplish goals and targets.


This planning framework keeps managers and employees on the same page. They work together in setting the priorities, intensifying operations, identifying ways to improve business and achieving new heights.


Download Content-Ready Planning Framework PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Since most organizations cannot do without strategic planning, we have outlined a thoroughly researched strategic planning framework which you can use for your own organization to determine the tactics to attain these aims.


9 Prime Planning Framework PowerPoint Templates:


  • Planning Cycle Flowchart:

Planning Cycle Framework



Above template is a complete overview of a planning cycle. There are steps that you can use for your business to improve and examine the strategy. Go step by step to identify and accomplish business goals and objectives.


  • Analysis of Opportunities:

Analysis of Opportunities



Conduct SWOT analysis. Assess your company’s competitive advantages that give your company an edge over its competitors. Such as good marketing or sales team, resources available, higher consumer demand, etc. Likewise, know your weaknesses also that hinder the company growth.


  • Identify Aim:

Identify Aim



Once you know where you lack, identify your aims which need to be established. Determine goals you wish to achieve. Ensure there are significant drivers behind the strategic decisions that you make. Once you have set the goals, create strategies to achieve them. Establish realistic and achievable goals so that your team does not give up on you.


  • Explore Options:

Explore Options



Figure out options for reaching to the goals. Think of as many possible options you can. Explore and jot down to know various ways you can use to establish the goals.


  • Selection of Best Option:

Selection of Best Option



After reviewing various options, choose the best option for yourself. Analyze, examine and give logical reasoning behind choosing the option.


  • Detailed Planning:

Detailed Planning



This is the action stage of the strategic planning framework. Create a new plan that goes with your business structure. Assess and identify priorities, set goals, develop and implement strategy, monitor and evaluate. Let everyone in your team know about their respective roles and tasks.   


  • Plan Evaluation:

Plan Evaluation



Evaluate the performances to take corrective actions if needed. Constantly, keep a tab on the issues that need attention. Make necessary changes to the plan using above template.


  • Plan Implementation:

Plan Implementation



Set a timeline to the implementation process. Use the above template to execute the plan properly. After making the required changes, implement the newly structured plan.  The plan is much more detailed and highlights the issues that were not visible before.


  • Closure of Plan:

Closure of Plan



Draft a closure plan to showcase that the plan has been executed successfully. It comprises of details like approvals, detailed design, post closure plan, post closure closing, etc.


Download Ready-Made Planning Framework PowerPoint Presentation Deck

Analyze and see if you are closer to your goals. It will help you determine the success and failure of the strategic plan you executed.

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