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Top 10 Cash Flow Templates to Monitor Your Financial Health

Top 10 Cash Flow Templates to Monitor Your Financial Health

The financial activities of companies revolve around investing, purchasing, crediting, and revenue-generating activities. The combined action determines the health of a company, signaling whether it is headed towards growth or bankruptcy. 


And all these parameters fall under the company’s cash flow.


As the name suggests, cash flow addresses the activities around the inflow or outflow of cash. Whether it is the seed money invested or taken as a loan, or the ROI and profits collected from bonds, shares, or sales in general. This record is preserved and presented using cash flow templates. 




But Why Does Your Company Need a Cash Flow Template?


First of all, it is an easy way to record all transactions, investments, and borrowing in a given period. Secondly, it encourages the management's judicious use of funds. Thirdly, a cash flow statement will depict a company's financial well-being by revealing its uncleared debts and revenue flow.


Having stated its utility for your organization, we now present a list of top 10 cash flow templates to avoid financial crises and keep your business afloat.


Template 1: Cash Flow Analysis PPT Presentation


Create a complete analysis of your finances with this cash flow template. It comprises 12-slides that let you address the four types of cash flows, organization-operating cash flow, investing cash flow, financing cash flow, and the free cash flow. Use graphs and sheets to track and compare numbers and keep an eye on your growth in everyday dealings. Download this PPT presentation now!


Cash flow analysis PPT Presentation


Download this template


Template 2: Four Points Cash Flow Forecasting PPT


Use this PPT presentation to predict your ROIs, profits, and campaign sales. With the 13 slides of this cash flow forecasting plan, highlight your business tools and strategies that would improve the financial health of your organization. Use this info graphically plump PPT presentation to entice your team and make them work strategically. Download now!

4 points business performance management cash flow forecasting PPT


Download this template


Template 3: Projected Cash Flow for Fast Food Restaurant Business PPT Icon


Here is an excel-linked spreadsheet template to tally your restaurant’s cash flows for three consecutive years. Track the various pro forma aspects of cash flow like cash received, cash from operations, sales tax, cash spent, cash balance, etc. Monitor whether your business is growing or shrinking with this information in hand. Download now.


Projected cash flow for fast food restaurant business PPT PowerPoint icon


Download this template


Template 4: Historical and Forecasted Cash Flow Statement PPT Grid


This is an intensively designed spreadsheet that your business can use to record and forecast cash flow activities. Compare your cash flow data up to 8 years for the past and future business years with this thoroughly prepared excel-linked PPT grid. Download this spreadsheet slide now!

Historical and forecasted cash flow statement PPT slide


Download this template


Template 5: One-Page Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Template


One-pagers are constantly sought templates by businesses of all sizes. Here is one to summon your cash flow statement for a particular financial year while tallying it with the previous year’s data. Compare liabilities and profits earned with respect to the operating, investment, credited, or debited funds and tally this performance to the previous year. Download this editable spreadsheet template to make a vivid comparison of your cash flow data.

One page consolidated cash flow statement FY 2020 template


Download this template


Template 6: One-Page Consolidated Detailed Statements of Cash Flows Template 


Maintain a consolidated sheet of your cash flows with this template. Record the transactions involved with respect to the operating activities, the investments, and the loans taken or granted with this PPT template. Download this financial purpose template now.


ne page consolidated detailed statements of cash flow template


Download this template


Template 7: Statement of Cash Flows PPT Template 


Maintain your half-yearly cash flow account with this PPT layout. Compare this report with previous years’ data and thus track your business progress with this spreadsheet template. Study your profit-loss and manage your funds with this cash flow template. Add side notes for the reader’s information, as shown in the bottom section. Download now to get started.


Statement of cash flows template 27 presentation report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template


Template 8: One Page Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Template


Here is another one-page cash flow template to compare your three-year financial health. Share numbers with respect to various cash flow parameters and compare their graph over the years. Track the assets, losses, liabilities, taxes, and debt via this highly organized PPT design. The download link is given below.

One page consolidated cash flow statement PPT template


Download this template

Template 9: One-Page Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow


Here is another cash flow statement template to compare the “funds and liabilities” and “assets and properties” for a particular financial year. The former will include the trust fund or corpus and the other earmarked funds. The latter will record transactions with respect to vehicles, and equipment associated with the business along with bank balance and TDS statement. Create a thorough report with this PPT layout.

One page consolidates statement of cash flow FY 2020 template


Download this template


Template 10: One Page Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Template


This is the last PPT slide for this session that offers a colorful appearance and a detailed analysis of your cash flow. Explore its utility for your organization by downloading from below.


One page consolidated cash flow statement template


Download this template


Use our cash flow templates to closely monitor how your organization processes funds, resources, and assets. Identify your debts and ensure their timely repayments by grabbing these designs now!


PS: Speaking about debt management, here is a guide to ease your way to becoming debt-free. Whether you are managing a client or a department, deploy our 10 best debt management PPT layouts as presented in this guide.

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