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Top 13 Templates to Present Change Management Communication in Your Organization

Top 13 Templates to Present Change Management Communication in Your Organization

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 18 2021

During a discussion on change management communication, Lisa Hannum, the President & CEO of Beehive Strategic Communication, said, “Employees resist change, not because they want to block it, but because they don’t understand it.” And we couldn’t agree more.


An organization cannot do away with the job losses, work arrangements, transitions to digital platforms, mergers and acquisitions, staff reductions, or displacements but can master the art of strategic communication.


Communication of a change is more challenging than the change itself, especially in the context of an organization. It is not what you say but how you say it is that matters.


It is certain that change is constant and mostly positive for an enterprise. But like a person struggling to adapt to a house change (even when it's bigger and better), employees feel insecure and uncomfortable with the idea of leaving prolonged practices.

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Therefore, to help you interact with your stakeholders and employees for smooth transitions, we bring you our top change management communication templates. You can stir your employees’ emotions in the right direction using these strategic designs to display your assertiveness.


Change management communication templates to explain your strategic shift


When Microsoft had a leadership change, and Satya Nadela was appointed CEO, his first move was to shoot an email addressing the paradigm shift. The email was balanced perfectly, not too verbose yet effective and to date is considered the most appreciated instance of change management communication.


And, you too can start building your transitioning story to get the employees and stakeholders on board immediately, with the templates offered below. Use these PowerPoint presentations to introduce the factual part of your changes in an attractive yet informative way. Besides, these visual aids will make your story eye-catching and memorable.


Therefore, let’s dive in!

Template 1

It is essential to keep stakeholders in the loop regarding all the changes that happen in your organization. Therefore, utilize this content-specific PowerPoint template to develop a relationship-focused strategy for your company’s growth. This design highlights the channels under the direct control of management with clarity. So download it right away!


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Presentation


Download now!

Template 2

This PPT template will help you assess the industry, groups, corporations, and individuals to formulate a successful communication matrix. You can download this completely customizable template and put it to use immediately. So click on the link now!


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Layout


Download now!

Template 3

This PPT template allows you to create a plan for implementing your change management communication strategy. It presents you with the necessary steps in a simplified and organized manner. So download this presentation to manage your stakeholder responsibility. Click below!


Change Management Communication Plan PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 4

This template gives a detailed description of direct and indirect channels under the management control. So you can keep track of your communication strategy and its effectiveness by taking the aid of this PPT template. Download it now!


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Slide Background


Download now!

Template 5

Develop a framework for creating and implementing change successfully with this well-researched and professionally curated template. It will help you train employees and evaluate problem areas in your business operations for greater efficiency. So without further ado, click on the download link now!


Implementing Communication And Change Management Plan PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 6

Highlight the process flow of change management communication with the assistance of this PowerPoint template. This content-ready template will share all the key steps, including kick-off meeting, training, workflow requirements, workflow development, integration, user acceptance testing, and live testing. Just click the link below and use it to your advantage!


Implementation Process Showing Communication Change Management PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 7

Create an attractive yet informative key performance indicator dashboard for your communication strategy by deploying this ready-to-use PowerPoint template. This template is just the right choice to operate your change programs smoothly. Therefore, download it in just a few steps by clicking the link below!


Communication Change Management Kpi Dashboard PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 8

Grasp the concept of an informational element in change management with the help of this expertly designed PowerPoint template. Besides, you can talk about customer insight opportunities by employing this creative PowerPoint design. Get this stunning slide by clicking on the download link below!


Change Management Communications Customer Insight Opportunities PPT templates


Download now!

Template 9

Using this template, you can assess the situation, people, channels, and needs for implementing effective change management communication. In addition, you can learn about all the tactics for creating a successful action plan by downloading this PowerPoint template. Click on the link below!


Steps For Creating Change Management And Communication Plan PowerPoint Slides

Download now!

Template 10

Being a proactive manager takes some serious strategizing. Therefore, we have developed this innovative template to help you convey the difference between sudden and sustainable change. Just add your text or information in this adaptable change management communication PowerPoint template and get started.


Change Management Communication Strategic Plan PPT Graphics


Download now!

Template 11

Determine a suitable process to introduce the changes related to your organization by employing this PowerPoint template. We have designed this graphic to help you achieve readiness towards potential changes effectively. So without waiting any further, click on the download link now!


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Slides


Download now!

Template 12

Pick this template to evaluate your stakeholder positions and how they will be affected. This template will help you decode the ways to roll out new changes as well as communicate them effectively. Therefore, download it to take advantage of its quality, data, and visuals.


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Slide Images


Download now!

Template 13

With the help of this template, you can focus on improving workplace culture and fostering a trusting environment. So employ this PPT template and evaluate methods for achieving smooth transitions in your business operations. Grab it now!


Change Management Communication PowerPoint Slide Backgrounds


Download now!


Change cannot bring any real impact unless your stakeholders and employees are ready to accept and adapt. However, that is only possible if you :


  • Develop a communication plan suitable for your work culture
  • Communicate the purpose of the change successfully
  • Make the stakeholders confident about your plan
  • Make the communication two-way and allow Q&A sessions
  • Provide adequate tools to your employees to implement the changes


So if you’re willing to learn and execute the tactics of successful change management communication, these exclusive templates will surely help you. Download and utilize them to set up your transformation framework.

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