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Communication Cycle Diagram: Guide, Templates, and More

Communication Cycle Diagram: Guide, Templates, and More

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 14 2021

There’s one general rule of thumb that every writer has to follow — keep it simple and direct.


Reason? Effective communication.


Would you ever read content with faulty construction of sentences and irrelevant messages?


An obvious no!


But here’s the thing, today’s fast-paced world with a growing tech footprint has rendered everyone (no matter the designation) to communicate in a certain way, i.e. digitally. Be it an executive trying to share his business plan or a manager talking to his team, they need a plan to make their intent clear while communicating.


It might sound simple. But if you’re not aware of all the steps in the communication process, malfunctioning is bound to happen at both personal and professional levels.


Therefore, this blog guides communicators on the fundamental elements and benefits of a communication cycle diagram while offering cherry-picked PowerPoint templates along the way. Read on and take your pick!


What is a communication cycle diagram?


A communication cycle diagram is a visual representation of the relay of information or messages between two or more entities. The diagram helps clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the sender and the receiver. The cycle sets up the path for a viable communication process by providing a closer look at the crucial components. These stable elements are sender, message, encoding, channel, receiver, decoding, and feedback.


Let’s look at the current scenario for more clarity. Due to the ongoing pandemic, children are supposed to attend classes online. And every parent, as well as teacher, is worried about the lack of learning that has crept in.

So what’s the root cause?


Here’s the crux of it:


  • Loss of internet connection (channel of communication)
  • Lack of attention, e.g. children playing games or watching television simultaneously (receiver’s detachment)
  • No coordination between the teacher (sender) and the students (receiver).
  • Emotional barriers (absence of required gestures, body movements, tone, pitch, pauses, facial expressions, etc)


This is where having a well-defined communication cycle can help! So let’s learn about its components in detail.


Communication cycle stages


In a piece of well-oiled machinery, every part has its own function. It’s almost impossible to skip any stage for effective communication. Therefore, you have to go through them one by one to understand how the cycle functions.

#1 Sender

In a business meeting, the speaker or host is the sender. The sender initiates a conversation, encodes the message, and moves it forward via an appropriate channel. The host is responsible for putting across the intent of the meeting. Otherwise, it will be a time-wasting and unproductive conference for all parties involved.

#2 Message

The aim of conducting a meeting is the message here. It can be to discuss the sales data with your team or simply share a new marketing plan. The sender needs to lay out the data or program in a lucid manner.

#3 Channel

In the next stage, the sender must choose a relevant channel to package the message and convey it as it is. It can be verbal (over the telephone, face-to-face discussions, interviews, debates, and so on) or non-verbal (written, facial expressions, gestures, paralinguistics, etc) In a business setting, a PowerPoint presentation will be a suitable channel for communication.

#4 Noise

Language barriers or different conventions like tradition or culture can become static in the sender’s communication process. These barriers can lead to an incomplete communication cycle and failure to encode and decode properly.

#5 Receiver

It is now the receiver’s turn to act next. Heavily dependent on dialogues, a receiver is expected to carry appellative functions carefully. A receiver must decode the message to keep the conversation going.

#6 Feedback

Without feedback, the communication cycle cannot come to its fruition. Once the receiver has decoded the message, they must validate effective listening by responding accurately. It helps motivate, boost learning, improve performance, and encourage relationship building.


Templates to improve your interpersonal communication


John Powell, an English composer, rightly said, “Communication works for those who work at it.” You need to make conscious efforts to understand the communication cycle and its elements.


Therefore, to help you master the power that effective communication holds, we present our best 10 PowerPoint designs. Take your pick and learn the language of leadership now!

Template 1

Your organization cannot function without a smooth operating communication cycle. Therefore, we bring you this 12-slide complete deck designed explicitly to boost your team’s productivity. The PPT deck helps assess the distinct features of a successful communication system. Go ahead and download it now!


Communication Cycle PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Download this template

Template 2

Your company’s profitability is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your team’s communication. So we present you this PowerPoint template to help you set guidelines for getting the desired inputs. You can download this completely customizable template and put it to use immediately. Click on the link now!


Stages Involved In Communication Cycle PowerPoint Slides


Download this template 

Template 3

Highlight the stages involved in an orderly communication cycle with the assistance of this PowerPoint template. You can pick this ready-to-use template to communicate your plans effectively. Click the link below!


Communication Cycle Layout PowerPoint Images


Download this template

Template 4

Foster a healthy working environment in your enterprise by deploying this PowerPoint template. You can use this attractive yet informative template to generate team spirit in your workforce. Keep track of your team’s functionality by taking the aid of this PPT template. Download it now!


Six Stages Communication Cycle PPT Background


Download this template 

Template 5

Get this data communication cycle template to illustrate the steps involved in encoding and decoding information efficiently. Our template is entirely adaptable, allowing you to align it with your requirements. So without further ado, click on the download link now!


Data Communication Cycle Template PowerPoint Slide


Download this template 

Template 6

Transferring messages and feedback is an important part of communication. This template lays out the verbal and non-verbal systems of communication effortlessly. Just add your text or information in this adaptable PowerPoint template and get going. Click on the link below to begin!


Communication Cycle With Encoding And Decoding


Download this template 

Template 7

Share the four crucial elements of the communication process, namely sender, message, receiver, and feedback, by employing this content-ready PowerPoint template. Utilize this template to build a thorough communication strategy for your team. Grab it now!


Communication Cycle Process PowerPoint Presentation


Download this template 

Template 8

Illustrate how the sender encodes the message and how the receiver decodes it with the help of our innovative PPT template. Acquaint your audience with the communication process by downloading this content-specific PowerPoint template. Click on the link below to get going!


Communication Cycle PowerPoint templates


Download this template 

Template 9

You can talk about the importance of successful communication through this visually appealing PowerPoint template. We have curated this template after thorough research to meet your strategic requirements. You can access this design with just a click below!


Communication Cycle Example PowerPoint Graphics


Download this template 

Template 10

Guide your audience on how to communicate better using this readily available PowerPoint template. You can devise strategies to remove communication hurdles within your organization by taking advantage of our professionally designed template. Download it in just a few steps by clicking on the link below!


Communication Cycle Diagram PowerPoint Slides


Download this template


Communication is key — the most cliche phrase we’ve all heard and forgotten conveniently. It’s not until something malfunctions on the personal or social level that we look for solutions. A communication cycle diagram helps you be aware of the right time to communicate, understand the receiver’s position, learn about various distractions to avoid them, and finally, enjoy productive communication.


P.S: Learn how to formulate an effective communication plan to reach your end goals with the templates featured in this blog.

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