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Top 10 Company Letterhead Template Ideas for Professional Communication

Top 10 Company Letterhead Template Ideas for Professional Communication

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

July 2 2022

A letterhead is essential business collateral that gives an impression of authentication, validation, urgency, and professionalism. That is how a letterhead, imbued with a brand identity, builds connections and contributes to business achievements. It is the primary communication tool of your business that carries your company name, address, contact details, and logo. It is used for all documents and letters you create and send from your business.


Companies use letterheads for the following purposes:


  • Sending notices to public or specific individuals and groups
  • Providing invoices and letters to the customers
  • Job letters are printed on these
  • Cover letters for the company's proposals and presentations
  • To write minutes of meetings
  • For internal communication between departments


A branded letterhead is more than a means of correspondence; it also acts as an envoy for your company. It can say a lot about your corporate image and is essential to sales and marketing strategies.


Finding letterhead designs that take your breath away is hard when you need something top-notch and don't have in-house designers. Therefore, if you are a startup planning to upgrade your business with its own identity and recognition, don't dread the idea of including letterheads in your business stationery. We are here to assist you!


SlideTeam offers extensive company letterhead template samples to help you make a lasting impression on your customers, clients, workers, and others. These Professional PowerPoint designs are simple to download and can be customized with ease to match your corporate identity.


Let's explore them!


Template 1: Company Letterhead Design


Presenting a basic letterhead template that is perfect for any company looking for a minimalistic and professional design. This PPT design includes a space for a logo, company name, and address, and it's perfect for any business correspondence or marketing collateral. Download now and make a great first impression on your clients and customers!


Company Letterhead Design


Download this template


Template 2: Branding Company Letterhead


Create your brand's identity and credibility with this business letterhead template, including the company logo and slogan to provide originality. You can use it for sales letters, memos, internal communications, and other purposes. It has the perfect design for you to give it a more personal feel.


Branding Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 3:  Hi-tech Company Letterhead


Deploy this beautiful letterhead design with blue and orange hues to deliver a splendid introduction to your business. It can act as an empowering tool for freelancers, midsize, and large-scale businesses to conduct effective marketing practices and connect well with their clients. With its graphics, the letterhead conveys the professionalism of the highest order.


Hi-tech Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 4: Marketing Company Letterhead


Use this ultra-modern letterhead design to make a deep impression on your stakeholders. It has got the right ingredients to enable you to put your best foot forward. The sleek design and attractive graphics will put you on the road to brand recognition. It is also designed to give a 3D effect to the document. Grab it now to get the word out there.


Marketing Company Letterhead 

Download this template


Template 5: Software Company Letterhead Template


We also have an exclusive letterhead example for you if you own a software company. It comes in a blue theme with three tones and incorporates shapes and patterns that arouse curiosity. Download it now to make your statements, letters, or agendas more professional.


Software Company Letterhead Template


Download this template


Template 6:  Construction Company Letterhead


Here's a construction company letterhead template with a subtle touch of color. The green and blue shade design on the top gives it a formal look, while the curved shape ensures that it looks a class apart. You can use it in your construction business to send quotes and estimates to communicate with clients and partners. Download it and get started on your new project today.


Construction Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 7: Automobile Company Letterhead


Are you searching for a vehicle company letter pad that can convey the clarity and simplicity with which you correspond with stakeholders? Then check out this beautiful design! It has a dark blue frame and what appears to be a wheel on the top. Get it now and have a simple time doing business!


Automobile Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 8: Electrical Company Letterhead


This electrical company letterhead is a perfect example of how a little color can make such a huge positive impact on the design. The coral and blue color scheme are eye-catching and unique, and the overlapping logo gives the entire design a fresh effect. If you're looking for a way to make your brand stand out, this is an absolute choice to consider. It's sure to evoke a spontaneous wow from everyone who sees it.


Electrical Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 9: Music Company Letterhead


Do you want something that is a perfect fit for the music industry and catches people's attention? We have the template for you. Our music company letterhead comes with a purple backdrop that lends emotion to it. The acoustic touch given to the design is sure to impress any musician. Download it to give singers and musicians the melodious news of a new contract.


Music Company Letterhead


Download this template


Template 10: Restaurant Letterhead Sample


Are you planning to start a restaurant? We have a fantastic letterhead template to assist you with a great start. It is a beautiful layout with a cutlery logo over a triangle graphic that looks like a paper napkin. It is designed using sophisticated color combinations. Isn’t it classy? Download it now!


Restaurant Letterhead Sample


Download this template


A well-designed letterhead, printed on premium paper, is a way of saying, "We care about quality in every aspect of our business." No organization should understate its importance in today's digital world.


Now that you know how a well-crafted letterhead can make your business stand out from the cluster, get the best designs from these examples. Contact our Design Services team if you want a customized company letterhead template to print or share online.


If you want to create a unique identity for your business, here's our exclusive collection of Brand Style Guide templates.


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