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Top 10 Conference Agenda Templates with Examples Samples

Top 10 Conference Agenda Templates with Examples Samples

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

February 3 2023

Conferences have been held since time immemorial to address issues concerning general masses. From their first use in politics, today environmentalists, academicians, and business leaders are enthusiastic votaries of it. While conferences can be private or public, it becomes important for organizers to identify their purpose for relevant audiences. A conference agenda is then super-important for individuals or groups to make up their mind on whether to attend it or not.




A conference agenda, with its specific objectives, filters out the audience and helps the organizers in drawing a sizable crowd. It becomes the organizer’s responsibility to comply with local laws and customs. Thus, venue and timing becomes another valuable piece of information that should be disclosed in a Conference Agenda Template.


Since a conference agenda template conforms to a standard format, organizers must prepare it meticulously. To avoid this tedium, rely on SlideTeam’s expert-preparations that are 100% editable and compatible with all common PPT Software. Explore this valuable collection of conference agenda templates below to state your convention objectives boldly and clearly.


Template 1: Conference Agenda Planning Template


Looking for an all-in-one PPT Template to showcase your upcoming conference schedules and plans? Explore no further than this editable PPT Presentation to present your conference itinerary. Showcase all your business conferences related to marketing management, environment health, corporate social responsibility, finance, etc, in chronological order. Highlight the individual schedules with respect to day-wise programs and activities. Download it now!


Conference Agenda PPT Presentation


Download this template


Template 2: Conference Agenda Template


Planning to host business conferences back to back? Then, schedule your convention activities and enlist all major tasks with this editable conference agenda template. Specify the time and venue for individual conferences related to HR discussions, annual general board meetings, organizational growth and finance planning. Categorize activities by dates and time. Your search for a one-day conference agenda template, or two-day conference agenda template is also met with this conference itinerary PPT Presentation. Download it now.


Conference Agenda PowerPoint Template Bundles


Download this template


Template 3: Conference Meeting Agenda Template Report


Share all relevant details of any of your upcoming conferences with this agenda document report. Add details of time and venue, beside the list of participants, including speakers, organizers, and prominent audiences with this dedicated template. Document contact details for better coordination during the convention. Use this PPT Compilation to its fullest potential by visiting the download link below.


Bi fold conference meeting agenda document report


Download this template


Template 4: One-Page Business Conference Agenda Flier Template


Looking for a succinct design to update your audience on the upcoming business conference? Here’s a one-pager flier template to end your quest! Share essential details of your conference such as theme, venue, time, and date via this editable PPT Layout. Not only this, illustrate the event flow, and share a brief of the prominent speakers and organizers. To add to the utility of this official document, supplement it with accurate contact details. Grab this PPT layout now!


One page business conference flyer presentation


Download this template


Template 5: Conference Meeting Agenda in One-Page Presentation Report 


Here is a more direct approach to share your meeting agenda. Download this editable PPT Layout to share the basic details of your conference meeting in a simple and concise manner. Highlight date, time, and location, along with the facilitators organizing the meeting. Mention keynote speakers, and share the schedule of the conference flow. Add relevant contact details for the audience to clear their queries ahead of the meeting. Grab this easy-to-edit conference itinerary PPT Design now!


Conference meeting agenda in one page presentation report


Download this template


Template 6: Marketing and Sales Conference Agenda Template


Is your company hosting a conference on marketing and sales and you need to spread the word? Then, use this content-ready design to fill in the details of your convention spanning across days. Highlight the main activities under the sales and marketing banner. Use this editable layout to illustrate your schedules. Support this PPT Layout with a copyright image and get started on conference preparations by downloading it from the link below.


Marketing and sales conference agenda PPT


Download this template


Template 7: Conference Agenda of Business Meeting Template


If a large scale business meeting is in offing, here’s a conference agenda template to lay down the timetable of activities and programs. Specify programs and schedule their timings over the span of more than a day to follow. Mention breaks, important sessions by keynote speakers etc to inform the participants of all activities. To claim this content-ready design, click the download link below.


Conference agenda of business meeting


Download this template


Template 8: Template for Conference Agenda on Environment Health and Climate Change 


With the entire world sharing their concerns on environment imbalance, and you want to contribute with a conference on issues related to this, use our PPT Template. Showcase the main highlights of your upcoming conference on environmental health and climate change. Outline the activities to be done with this one-day conference agenda template. Replicate this editable slide and you can create a multi-day long conference schedule. To utilize this PPT Layout to its complete potential, click the link below.


Conference agenda on environment health and climate change


Download this template 


Template 9: Annual Business Meeting Conference Agenda with Event Presenter Template


Aiming to host an annual business conference meeting with your colleagues and top management? Then, use this content-ready PPT Design to schedule and demonstrate the order of activities with special mention of recesses. Moreover, dig deep into each session by identifying its keynote speaker. Use this editable conference itinerary layout to share accurate conference information upfront. Download now.


Annual Business Meeting Conference Agenda With Event Presenter


Download this template


Template 10: Template for Annual Sales Conference Schedule with Other Details 


Deploy this detailed structure to represent your conference agenda. Present details of your one-day conference beginning with the primary host and attendees of your day long program. Then, fill in the necessary convention program to demonstrate details like topic and presenter against their assigned time slots. Download now!


Annual sales conference schedule with other details


Download this template


We hope you found the ideal sample conference agenda template from this collection. You can also reach out to us to place your customization requests. 


PS: Looking for a way to steer office communication? A memo template can do wonders in getting urgent messages across office pods efficiently and professionally. We have collated this wonderful guide for you replete with memo templates in this regard. Check out now!


FAQs on Conference Agenda Templates

What is meant by a conference?

A conference is a meeting of individuals with a common professional or academic interest, typically for exchanging ideas, discussing and resolving issues, making decisions, and establishing or maintaining contacts. Conferences can be held in person or virtually and can range in size from small, informal gatherings to large, international events with thousands of participants.

How is a conference different from an All-hands?

A conference and an all-hands meeting are two different types of events, typically used for different purposes.


A conference is a gathering of individuals from different organizations or industries, typically to discuss a specific topic or share knowledge and ideas. Conferences often include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.


An all-hands meeting is a company-wide gathering of employees, typically used to share company updates, goals, and progress. All-hands meetings often include presentations from senior leaders and interactive sessions for employees to ask questions and provide feedback.


While conferences are more focused on networking and knowledge sharing with external individuals, all-hands meetings focus on internal communication and building company culture within an organization.


How long does a conference run?


The length of a conference can vary, depending on its purpose and size. Some conferences may last only a few hours, while others can run for several days. Larger international conferences can last a week or more. The exact duration of a conference will depend on its agenda, which outlines the topics to be covered and the schedule of events. Here are some categories of conferences based on their duration:

  1. One-day conferences: Industry Summit, Executive Forum
  2. Two-day conferences: Marketing Summit, Leadership Conference
  3. Three-day conferences: Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Human Resources Conference
  4. Multi-day conferences (4-7 days): International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), World Economic Forum
  5. Week-long conferences: Summer Research Conference, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  6. Month-long conferences: International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Edinburgh International Festival.


What is a conference agenda?


An agenda is a detailed plan or schedule of activities, events, and discussions that will take place during a conference. It outlines the topics to be covered, the order in which they will be discussed, the speakers who will present, and the times at which each event will occur. The agenda serves as a roadmap for the conference and helps participants understand what they can expect to happen and when. An effective agenda ensures that the conference runs smoothly and that all participants have a clear understanding of the schedule and their role in the events.


How do you write a conference agenda?


In order to write a detailed conference agenda, make sure to incorporate the following features:


  1. Define the purpose and theme of the conference.
  2. Determine the length and format of the conference (e.g. half-day, full-day, multi-day).
  3. Identify keynote speakers and sessions to be included.
  4. Allocate time slots for each session, including breaks and networking opportunities.
  5. Provide detailed information for each session, including speaker names, titles, and descriptions.
  6. Consider including interactive elements, such as panels, roundtables, and workshops.
  7. Make sure to allow for sufficient time for Q&A.
  8. Provide a clear and concise schedule for attendees, including start and end times for each session.
  9. Review and revise the agenda as needed 


What is a conference itinerary?


A conference itinerary is a schedule or plan that outlines the events and activities for a conference. It typically includes:


  1. Start and end times of the conference
  2. Locations of all events and activities
  3. Names and descriptions of keynote speakers, sessions, and workshops
  4. Time slots for meals, breaks, and networking opportunities
  5. Contact information for conference organizers and attendees
  6. Other important details, such as transportation arrangements, hotel information, and local attractions.
  7. The conference itinerary serves as a guide for attendees to help them plan their time effectively and make the most of the conference experience.

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