Among the various digital marketing strategies, the hit and trial method is still considered one of the most successful. Although the marketing enthusiasts have narrowed down some tricks of the trade, online marketing being an ever-so-dynamic platform, does not require a set structure to click with you. While sometimes, the years of hard work and persistence bear fruits, at other times, sheer luck will lead you to prosperity.




Nonetheless, it is always enlightening to read about the success stories of marketers who hit the bulls-eye with their prominent digital marketing case studies. Brands share their rise to stardom with this document owing to well-executed strategies that help overcome the major hurdles.


The most common obstacles that brands state are:

  1. Loss or absence of engagement.
  2. Blemished online presence.
  3. Withered sales and falling profits.
  4. Succumbing to market competition.
  5. Campaign setbacks.
  6. Untapped e-commerce potential.
  7. Spending more, reaping less.

So what all strategies should be applied to which-all digital marketing channels to lead to sky-rocketing sales? For this, let’s gain a firm insight into the tools and some popular digital marketing channels with their lesser-known stories.


  • Website


On your path to glory and growth, you must build a website for your brand and ensure it is well optimized and operational. Create an interface of assurance that entices and retains visitors. Having a user-friendly page for sales, inventory, blog, and acknowledgments could do miracles in spiking your revenue. 


And this is a template that you can deploy for this purpose. 


Template 1: Website Strategy PowerPoint Template


It’s time to create a memorable website by investing in your research team, designers, and developers with this PPT template. The aim is to create an easy loading and mesmerizing interface with purposeful landing pages. Ruminate on the best strategies to optimize this experience by downloading this 17-slide powerful PPT template now!


Website strategy PowerPoint PPT template bundles


Download this template


  • Facebook


You’d be missing out on a strong social media marketing tool if you don't utilize Facebook to the fullest. Facebook’s algorithm captures users' interests worldwide, and marketers can use this to their advantage. Customers are likely to come across products they have been checking all over the internet on Facebook ads, thus a consolation to the abandoned carts, or estranged shoppings. It is high time you do your research and tap Facebook’s potential to the fullest! 


Here is a template idea to get started:


Template 1: Facebook Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation


Amassing a loyal audience and retaining it is an elephant task for brands. To execute a well-researched lead generation strategy on Facebook, use this dedicated template and share valuable insights. Explore causes of poor lead generation and examine your competitor's stance. Share techniques to invite and retain more audience by offering discounts, running ads, etc. Create a comprehensive analysis with this 55-slide PPT presentation. Download now!


Facebook marketing strategy for lead generation PowerPoint presentation slides


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  • Instagram


Ever since its merger with Facebook, all attributes of the latter have naturally been incorporated by Instagram. This means the product suggestions will pop up while scrolling hence boosting their shopping for your products. Moreover, with 1.386 billion active users worldwide, you don’t want to waste this opportunity of using this marketing channel to your benefit. 


Template 1: Instagram Influencer Marketing Template 


A unique aspect of Instagram marketing is influencer marketing and this template can be used to deploy the best possible strategies. Define your major goals in employing influence i.e. to establish brand essence and drive more sales. Spread your reach and include other marketing channels to derive the most out of influencer marketing just as other reputable brands such as Motorola, Adidas, Pepsi, and Dunkin' Donuts do. Download this 52-slide template now.


Instagram marketing working with influencers to increase business reach PowerPoint presentation slides


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  • LinkedIn


Have you been keeping away from LinkedIn marketing owing to its lesser user base? 830 million members from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide is a decent number! Therefore, you most definitely need to keep this channel under check. 


Here is a PPT design to do so with ease: 


Template 1: Business Marketing Using LinkedIn PowerPoint Presentation


NerdWallet used LinkedIn pages as a recruiting tool in 2019, ESCP used the spotlight ads of this social media channel to engage prospective students. It is time you channel your marketing potential through LinkedIn as well. Simply download this template to explore this channel's wide and far dimensions. Perform a thorough analysis of your strategies with this 46-slide template from below. So grab it now.


Business marketing using LinkedIn PowerPoint presentation slides


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  • Email Marketing


If you believe email is the slowest way to generate revenue, let the stats speak for themselves. Email marketing has been found to hit an average ROU of 4200% and this is derived out of the 4 billion email users. Don’t let your strategies fall short when it comes to this effective medium of online marketing. 


Still confused? Explore this template to find a definite answer! 


Template 1: Email Marketing Strategy


Dell lifted its revenue by 109% by incorporating a sweet mix of meaningful GIF and email newsletter copies. Do you have the potential to pull similar strings? If yes, here’s a PPT template to ideate the best and most fruitful email strategy

Till then, hope to read your successful case study soon!


Email Marketing Strategy PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles


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  • Digital Marketing:


This summarizes the complete objective of having a digital marketing strategy at hand that takes into consideration SEO, SEM, Affiliation marketing, etc. Monitor your performance in these domains to attain the goal of successful online marketing. 


Deploy Our digital marketing ppt designs to develop your digital presence now. 


Template 1: Digital Marketing Techniques PowerPoint Presentation


This is an all-encompassing mix of all digital marketing channels that need to be strategically planned. Use it to get a lead by downloading this template selection. Click below.


Digital marketing techniques PowerPoint presentation slides


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Now with the right tools, it is time to execute your well-devised strategies and entice your audience pool with your inspirational story! The world is here to absorb it and we have the best 10 templates for you to serve an impressive digital marketing case study!


Template 1: Digital Advertising Agency Case Study


Do you intend to depict your effective digital marketing strategy that scaled the revenue of your client company then here is a template for you? Enumerate this journey in the form of a digital marketing case study wherein you can also collect acknowledgments from your clients. Download now! 


Case study of digital advertising agency for business growth proposal services


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Template 2:  Enhanced Digital Engagement Case Study


Illuminate your audience with your digital engagement strategies. Highlight your role in converting leads, driving sales, and building online traffic as the key results of your strategy. Go a step further in briefly explaining your approach to attaining the desired engagement. Download this ready-to-use template now!


Case study enhanced digital engagement digital customer engagement PPT pictures


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Template 3: Digital Media Consulting Services Case Study


Here is another template to exhibit your successful digital marketing consulting services. Create multiple case studies for clients and document their testimonials. Cite their core requirements and define the approach that helped attain the desired results, such as those of increasing traffic, revenue, or growing audiences. Download now.


Case study for digital media consulting services PPT file design


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Template 4: Inbound Marketing Case Study


Flaunt the output of your successful inbound marketing strategy with our template. Highlight your agency's role in spiking sales and engagement rates to build a flourishing business online. Use our vibrant template to create a digital marketing case study. Download now.


Case study for inbound marketing at digital platform proposal PPT model example


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Template 5: Digital Media Post Services Case Study


If your services are directed toward digital media posts, here is a template to glorify your achievements. Specify the objective and provide a time-bound output that worked for them. Download now.


Case study for digital media post services PPT styles files


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Template 6: Social Media Marketing Proposal Key Study


Clients often look for customized services under varying budgets. As a marketing agency, you must know how to balance their constraints with your profits. You must identify your target audience range and direct the limited budget for ads in their direction alone. While framing your success story, you can then specify the exact constraints posed by your client to demonstrate your improvisation in achieving desirable results. Download now.


Case study for social media marketing proposal PPT PowerPoint presentation professional


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Template 7: Website Traffic Handler Case Study


Are you planning to advertise your client’s website up-gradation case study? Use this template. Draw attention to your agency’s role in building traffic and successful lead count by optimizing the web content and images. Incorporate relevant keywords that resonate with your industry and help your clients top the search engine list. Demonstrate the desirable results in the form of a timeline and create a crisp report with this template.


Case study for website traffic handler agency services PPT PowerPoint presentation show


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Template 8: E-Commerce Solutions Proposal Case Study


Have you been of help to any e-commerce client that you wish to flaunt your results to your potential customers? Look no further than this e-commerce solution case study template that offers room to share your problem statement and your approach to resolving that issue. Based on your past achievements, specify how well your strategies fared and create a thorough case study on it with this PPT layout.


Case study for shopify ecommerce solutions proposal PPT PowerPoint presentation styles ideas


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Template 9: PPC Service Case Study


Did your marketing projects revolve around PPC i.e. Paid Per Click optimization and wound up as a success? Share your case study of that particular client in this template. Specify your unique solution in choosing the best PPC platform to increase traffic. Share stats of success and put them in a crisp format in this template. Explore the download link below.


Case study for PPC service PPT PowerPoint presentation layouts elements


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Template 10: Mobile Services Screen Designing Case Study


Share your mobile experience-enhancing success stories via this template. Dwell on the fact how you devised a user-friendly, quick-loading mobile app interface for your client. Present this case study via this template. Download now.


Case study for designing mobile screen wireframes services PPT PowerPoint pictures


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From enhancing engagement rates to building a distinguished brand with a loyal customer base, narrate your client’s digital marketing case study with our templates. If you are getting started on one of the social media channels, we implore you to begin with the most active business platform i.e. Facebook. 


PS: On the note of online expansion and building an audience on social media such as Facebook, here is an exclusive guide on carving a perfect Facebook marketing strategy replete with the best PPT designs. Check now!


Download the free Digital Marketing Case Study PDF.