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Top 10 E-commerce Case Study Templates for Business Reality Check

Top 10 E-commerce Case Study Templates for Business Reality Check



May 14 2022

You've done your market research, analyzed your business model, and tested out a bunch of assumptions. Do you think you're good to go? Think again. Running an e-commerce business is never easy and this is especially true with first-time entrepreneurs. A case study can give you that much-needed perspective for future decision-making. Still not convinced? Read on!


In the words of Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy, “Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” When it comes to an e-commerce case study, there are many benefits that marketers and businesses can derive. However, the primary goal is: building awareness in the market.


An e-commerce case study is a process of evaluating the efficiency of online stores and identifying the root causes of any problem encountered during the course of business. It is used by top e-commerce businesses worldwide to evaluate their performance, suggesting necessary enhancements and changes. 


It helps business owners analyze the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, website layout, products & services and can help them take corrective measures to increase revenue, customer loyalty, and lower customer acquisition cost.


Conducting a comprehensive e-commerce case study can be challenging. Our PPT templates will enable you to probe into the problems and find viable solutions for better customer engagement and revenue generation. These designs are fully customizable so alter the font, color, font size, and more to create a perfect presentation.


Therefore, let’s end the wait and explore these impressive templates.


Template 1: Strategies to Improve Customer Retention Rate in E-commerce PPT


Retaining customers in today’s fast-paced world can be cumbersome. Using this informative and engaging case competition complete deck, you can provide a comprehensive overview of the company. You can put forward various factors, such as competitive analysis, strategies adopted, company KPIs, etc, to gain an informed perspective. So why wait? Download this exclusive PPT template right now!


Strategies to Improve Customer Retention Rate in E-Commerce


Download this template


Template 2: Decline in Number of Customers PPT


Losing customers is a major warning sign for any business. This professionally designed PPT template will assist you in analyzing different components leading to the decline in customer retention rate. The given design is replete with infographics that will help you understand the problem instantly. You can probe into the cause further and showcase the consequences, such as a decline in sales, share value, etc. Therefore, get this predesigned template today! 


Decline In Number Of Customers Of E-commerce Company


Download this template


Template 3: Customer Retention Rate Optimization Template


If you're looking for a case study template to help improve your customer retention rate, this is the perfect option. Download this PowerPoint template to make an effective observation regarding different strategies and policies. You can analyze various techniques that prove beneficial or otherwise. You can easily monitor and compare retention rate, churn rate, and current retention rate to gain insights. Get this amazing template immediately!


Customer Retention Rate optimization in E-Commerce


Download this template


Template 4: Business Case Study Summary PPT


Are you looking for ways to improve your e-commerce business? Then check out our e-commerce case study templates. This PPT template is designed to help you identify and assess the challenges you face in your business and provide strategies for revenue enhancement and customer retention. You can also put forward strategies and goals to streamline your efforts. So download this template now!


Business Case Study Summary with Strategy and Goals


Download this template


Template 5: Case Study for E-commerce Web Design Services PPT


E-commerce case study templates can help you improve your customer retention rate and discuss challenges and goals. This PPT template can also help you create case studies for e-commerce web design services and discuss strategies for revenue enhancement. Our template is specifically designed to help your business succeed online, and you can precisely work on the changes that need to be made. So download this design now!


Case Study for E-commerce Web Design Services


Download this template


Template 6: Case Study Template for E-commerce Application


Designing an application for an e-commerce business is a huge responsibility! This well-designed PowerPoint template will assist you in investigating the challenges faced by application design services. Additionally, you can discuss various suggestions to handle problems, thereby attaining the preferred outcome. Using this template you can enumerate various service-specific elements, such as responsive web design, development, SEO, and more to make an informed decision. So hurry, grab this impressive template today! 


Case Study for E-commerce Application Web Design Services


Download this template


Template 7: Case Study for E-commerce Website Design Template


With the right website strategy and template, you can use e-commerce case studies to showcase your company’s offerings and benefits to potential customers. Using this PPT design, you can ponder upon the problems related to your company’s website design. You will also be able to analyze different factors hindering the growth of your company and implement ways to eliminate such issues using this PPT layout. Therefore, get this useful template today! 


Case Study for Ecommerce Website Design


Download this template


Template 8: Case Study for Magento E-commerce Design Proposal PPT


The e-commerce industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Also, it is the most competitive. As a result, entrepreneurs should understand the different problems and solutions they may encounter after entering the industry. This template will provide you with an in-depth case study of the Magento design proposal, thereby helping you make an informed decision. Don’t wait. Grab this template today!


Case Study for Magento Ecommerce Design Proposal


Download this template


Template 9: Case Study for Shopify E-commerce Solutions Proposal PPT


Internet has changed the way we shop, research products, and share experiences. E-commerce companies have benefited from online sales and the convenience of online shopping, but it’s not completely immune to problems. You can use this template to illustrate various issues faced by online businesses and provide solutions to them. So download this PPT slide now!


Case Study for Shopify Ecommerce Solutions Proposal


Download this template


Template 10: Case Study for E-commerce Landing Page Design Services Template


Landing pages of a website can be a turning point for any brand and our collection of E-commerce case study templates can help you gain an insight. Use this innovative template to analyze the best services offered by various developers to achieve the expected outcomes. You can comprehend various pros and cons associated with the company and modify your approach. Therefore, get this incredible template today!


Case Study for E-Commerce Website Landing Page Design Services


Download this template


To Sum It Up


An e-commerce case study could be conducted for any e-commerce website or an online shop. The objective of the case study is to find out various ways to improve the business and make it more effective. Case studies can break the barriers and increase the company’s sales by learning from past mistakes.


This might seem like an impossible task, but our collection of e-commerce case study templates will help you make the best possible decision and ensure success! You can skip the hassle of selecting designs and colors as these templates are professionally designed and fully customizable. Therefore, download them today!


P.S: Make a winning argument with the case study competition templates featured in this informative guide. Check now! 


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