The recently-concluded Super Bowl 2023, America’s third-most watched event, had the audience glued. The final playoff between the Chiefs and the Eagles had many scintillating performances. The show that RiRi put up for display brought together football fans and music lovers on a day before St. Valentine’s Day! For the sponsor Apple, it was ‘Christmas’ in February. The secret sauce of its success, however, lay in the due diligence it did in working on the agenda for the event.




Event agendas, by definition, appear easy to draw up but do take significant effort to be really top-class. Sponsorship returns in such mega events results from the effort put into advertising to ensure that every detail is in place. Some instances of this are distribution of correct invites with relevant details, informing the attendees, performers, and organizers well in advance and scheduling activities. In all this, an event agenda template becomes the go-to, indispensable tool for spreading the word and conveying it right!


The odyssey begins with the pitching of a convincing event sponsorship proposal. Once you get the sponsors on board, you must look for standard event agenda templates that deliver on the objective of providing accurate information for the gathering. To this end, SlideTeam has put together a list of 5 best event agenda templates. 

The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let’s check these out.


Template 1: Event Details PowerPoint Template Bundle


Create a comprehensive assortment of all announcements related to your event with this PPT Presentation. Discuss planning, create key task checklists, devise weekly plan timelines, share promotional budget details, and schedule details with this full-fledged PowerPoint Template. Thus, you can employ this content-ready template to act as a guide for your team and inform them about the plan for all business events, corporate occasions, etc to follow. Ensure your team is on the same page with this PowerPoint Layout. Grab this bounty now!


Event Details Powerpoint Template Bundles


Download this template


Template 2: Prepare for Your Event Planning Agenda Template


Here is a content-ready slide to educate your team on everything related to the preparations, pre, during and post event details. Create a list of Do’s and Don’ts while labeling correct themes for all activities involved via this PowerPoint Design. Add briefs on activities to be covered in order to not miss any and for the event to flow according to the plan. Without any ado, click on the download link below.


Prepare for your event agenda recycling powerpoint presentation maker


Download this template


Template 3: Kaizen Event Agenda Template


Is your team planning to implement the Kaizen framework as a part of Lean methodology? Then an event will do well to illuminate your audience. Create a list of programs/themes to cover in your educational session using this Kaizen Event Agenda Template. Right from setting of goals, and expectations, through documentation, identification of wastes, implementation to repeating this cycle, guide your team in the correct implementation of this continuous improvement technique. The download link to this PPT Diagram is shared below.


Kaizen Event Agenda For Future Improvements


Download this template


Template 4: Corporate Event Agenda Template with Time Schedule


Is the event in offing a corporate one that aims to explore opportunities of growth and to devise newer growth strategies? Then have this ready-made PPT Design to share the event details in a clear and concise manner. Specify events, their timing, along with scheduling for as long as the event is planned to run with this content-ready PPT Layout. Begin with the registration and inauguration and highlight all important programs associated with this event till the closing ceremony. Mention their timings corresponding to their order and grab this ready-made slide from the link below.


Organizational Growth Corporate Event Agenda With Time Schedule


Download this template


Template 5: Conference Event Agenda


If the event embodies experts and intellectuals to discuss major issues of academic, industry, or professional interests, then use this PPT Slide to share its agenda. With this Conference Event Agenda Template, inform your participants about the program distribution, introduce the key speakers, topic of discussion, etc, for them to make their preparations accordingly. (You can also visit this blog on conference agenda templates to find other relatable templates) Meanwhile to grab this content-ready template, all you have to do is simply click on the link below.


Conference Planning Event Agenda With Key Activities


Download this template


Design your Success


These were some of our most-downloaded event agenda templates in store for you. If you have a design in mind, you can even write to us and have us deliver it to you! Click here to know how! 


PS: Some corporate events are about celebrating your employees’ contribution to your success. To reward the ones your company takes pride in, we have put together this blog to wish them on completing their work anniversaries. Check out the templates to send out heartfelt appreciation.

FAQs on Event Agenda Templates

What is the agenda of an event?

The agenda of an event is a schedule or plan that outlines the activities and sessions that will mark its timeline and conduct. The agenda, typically, includes the start and end times of each session, the title or description, and the name of the person or organization that will be leading that segment.

The purpose of an agenda is to provide attendees with a clear understanding of what will be covered during the event and when each session will occur. It can also help organizers ensure that the event stays on schedule and that important topics are covered.

An agenda may be distributed in advance to give attendees an opportunity to prepare, and it may be updated or revised.

What should be included in an event agenda?

An effective event agenda should include the following:

Start and end times: The start and end times of the event should be listed on the agenda.

Session titles and descriptions: Each session or activity at the event should be listed with a clear and concise title that accurately reflects what will be covered. A brief description of each session can also be provided to give attendees a better understanding of what to expect.

Speakers or facilitators: The name of the speaker or facilitator for each session should be included, along with their job title or organization.

Breaks and meals: It's important to include scheduled breaks and meal times in the agenda to ensure attendees have time to rest and refuel.

Location: The location of each session should be included on the agenda, along with any necessary information about how to get there or what to bring.

Special instructions: Any special instructions or requirements for attendees, such as dress code, materials to bring, or pre-session preparation should be included.

Contingency plans: It's always a good idea to include contingency plans on the agenda in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as weather-related delays or changes in the schedule.

Overall, the agenda should be clear, easy to read, and provide all information attendees need to make the most of the event.

What is the format of an agenda?

The format of an event agenda can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements. However, here is an example of a typical agenda format:

  • Header: The header should include the name of the event, the date, and the location.
  • Introduction: The introduction can include a welcome message, an overview of the event, and any important details or housekeeping items.
  • Schedule: The schedule should list the start and end times of each session or activity, along with the session title, speaker or facilitator, and location.
  • Breaks and meals: The agenda should also include scheduled breaks and meal times.
  • Special instructions: Any special instructions or requirements for attendees should be included, such as dress code or pre-session preparation.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion can include a summary of the event, any important announcements, and any next steps or follow-up actions.
  • Footer: The footer can include additional information, such as contact details or sponsor information.

The format of an agenda can be customized. The key is to create an agenda that is clear, concise, and easy to understand.