Did you ever get turned down on a refund or warranty because you couldn’t produce the receipt of acknowledgement? Or, as a merchant or seller, have you suffered the wrath of deceitful customers while returning or paying for the products they bought from you? Money matters, we tell you! These situations can be tricky and in extreme cases, cause a leak to your assets, which is why you need the receipt templates to bring accountability to your monetary affairs.


As a business owner, if you are managing properties, goods, or services, you need to maintain a sound record of finance to prosper. Even customers and clients need to hold onto the other end of these receipts to ensure they are involved in a genuine transaction or simply to record a successful haggling ruse.




Therefore, a well-prepared receipt that entails all the information, such as the amount, date of transaction of the goods or services, and the parties involved, is what comprises a successful transactional record. If you are looking for such transparency in your business dealings, check out our top 10 financial receipt templates that can help you synchronize your transactions and maintain a record of the expenditures. So, without further ado, let’s dive into them!


Template 1: Rent Receipt Form


Here is the first complete deck comprising impressive rent receipt templates that you can use in your property finance management. It contains a set of 26 slides to sanctify your renter-rentee bond by specifying the necessities of renting your property, including the individual receipts for the various chargeable services offered in the bond. Download this holistic template booklet today to start issuing professionally designed receipts.


Rent Receipt Form PPT PowerPoint Template


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Template 2: Rental Receipt Template to Track Payments


Here is another variation of the receipt template booklet to record and organize the payments from your tenants professionally. This receipt template booklet comprising 26 slides that can be issued to your tenants to maintain their rents timely and bring a sense of accountability in them with its refined and updated look.


Rental Receipt Template to Track Payments PPT PowerPoint Template


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Template 3: Receipt PPT Presentation


This is an 11-slide complete deck presentation comprising infographic-rich slides that you can use to imply the importance of receipts. Highlight the need and various receipts that apply to services in recording the transactions while exhausting resources. Whether it is the receipt of payment for sipping a cup of coffee or swiping your debit card at an ATM, direct the importance of these receipts in various sectors for customers and the service providers.


Receipt Envelope Dollar Transaction Payment Smartphone


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Template 4: Monthly Rent Receipt Template


Here is another receipt template you can use to endorse payments made by your tenants. The simple yet impressive format of this PPT presentation is sure to deliver its purpose in recording and impressing accountability of payments between the renter and the rentee. Download this rich collective of 26 slides to get started with your financial management today.


Monthly Rent Receipt Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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Template 5: One Page Rental Agreement & Deposit Receipt 


Looking for a single-page template to document your rental agreement that acts as a receipt of your tenant’s payments? Here is a design that will cater to both! This receipt document will let you maintain the attenuated version of the agreement with your tenants, including a record of provisions, advance payments, and their correct contact details explicitly.


One Page Rental Agreement And Deposit Receipt Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document


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Template 6: Company Acknowledgement Receipt


It is not just with the local merchants that need to sanctify their expenses; companies expend funds too and need to maintain a ledger book of all the transactions made from its treasury. Here is another simple yet effective receipt template to record your transaction. Add your company fingerprints and convert it into an asset.


Acknowledgement Receipt With Company Name Address And Goods Signed And Sealed


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Template 7: Rental Receipt Balance Outstanding PPT


Here is a single slide receipt to maintain a record of multiple rental payments, explicitly mentioning the tenant and the landlord involved. You can keep track of the due, outstanding, and the amount paid by your tenants for the period they enjoyed your tenancy with this simple spreadsheet template.


Rental Receipt Balance Outstanding PPT PowerPoint Presentation Gallery


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Template 8: Rental Receipt Template 


Are you looking for a single slide receipt template to issue to your tenants? Here is a handy receipt template to legitimize their payments and record it quickly for you to support your insurance or other claims. Download it now! 


Rental Receipt Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Inspiration Grid


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Template 9: Rental Receipt PPT Template 


This is another rental receipt template to record the payments made to you by your renters. Download this single slide and utilize it to store your amassed fortunes in the real estate or the simple property letting-out business.


Rental Receipt A1277 Ppt Powerpoint Presentation Portfolio Graphics


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Template 10: Rental Receipt Template Graphic


This receipt template is another straightforward yet effective single-slide to uphold the renter-rentee agreement. Acknowledge the payments from your tenants with this invigorating presentation making the information easy to store and simple to tally. So download once and use it multiple times! 


Rental Receipt A1275 Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Summary Format


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We have summarized the wide range of receipt templates that cater to diverse business domains. Whether you are a landlord looking to maintain rents or an outplace offering services of any sort, deploy these editable designs to maintain impressive records of your business dealings. Just like Idowu Koyenikan says in his book, Wealth For All, “When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.” So, know the value of your finances and find ways to manage them.


P.S: If you wish to take one-step forth in managing your business finances, check out our all-inclusive guide replete with one-page templates.