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How to Write a Five Year Business Plan (Best Templates Included)

How to Write a Five Year Business Plan (Best Templates Included)

Smriti Srivastava

Smriti Srivastava

October 14 2021

Achieving a set of goals is challenging.


Maintaining the motivation and productivity to achieve business goals is even harder.


In the words of Yogi Berra, a big-league baseball player-turned-manager, “Without a plan, even the most brilliant business can get lost. You need to have goals, create milestones, and have a strategy in place to set yourself up for success.”


This is why everyone in the industry — from an interviewer looking to hire top talent to an entrepreneur who accomplishes goals systematically — splits their business plan into five years. A five-year business plan not only extends a generous period to attain the set targets but at the same time keeps everyone on their toes, removing procrastination.




But writing a five-year business plan can get tedious, messy, and, sometimes, take forever to hit the right spot.


Therefore, this blog will cover the essential steps to help you write a tremendous five-year business plan.


Chronology of writing a spectacular five-year business plan


It is quite simple. You cannot achieve something great when you don’t know your priorities, objectives, ways, and timeframe to achieve those targets. It is essential to build a five-year plan for your business as well as the outcomes and expectations related to it.


But where do you start?


Here are the five sections you must include in your plan:

#1 A clear company introduction

A brief yet effective overview of your business, its market, team structure, roles and responsibilities, company offerings, and value proposition builds the foundation for your future endeavors. You use a company overview to set the right tone at the beginning of your business plan, as it serves as the base and a direction for your audience.

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#2 Vision and mission statement

You have to ensure your employees, stakeholders, investors, and potential clients understand what your company is all about and what you stand for. Your vision and mission statement helps you with it. It enlightens the audience about your future plans - where you see your company in five years and the results you will work to achieve.

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#3 Target market and branding

State who your company is looking to serve and why. Provide clarity on your target market based on psychographics and demographics. And do not forget to mention the size of your target market. You have to create a framework for making your brand visible exponentially and simultaneously create a lead generation and conversion strategy.

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#4 Product overview

Set clear priorities based on the distinction between your primary and secondary products. You need to connect your branding around the product or service core to your company. This categorization will help you establish the revenue your products generate and the impacts they create. Further, it will help modify your plans accordingly.

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#5 SWOT analysis

Measuring your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the industry can help you successfully dominate the market. Therefore, your five-year business plan must include regular and timely analysis of all your business operations. There is no better way to meet targets than keeping a check on one’s activities. It will help you focus on the proprietary system of your company.

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Templates to nail your business plan


Often we have countless ideas to plan our way to a successful business. But as the day-to-day grind starts, it is easy to get distracted from the end goal and stray from the path leading to our intent. We look for a north star to point us directly to our mission. So we decided to make your life a bit easier by providing our readymade and editable five-year business plan templates. You can access them below. Dive in!

Template 1

Help your team stay on track with your future business ambitions by taking the assistance of our invigorating PowerPoint template. This content-ready template helps you visualize your work plan and present your vision impactfully. You just need to click the download link to start customizing it.


Five Year Business Plan Roadmap PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 2

Set clear long-term goals for your employees with the help of this PowerPoint template. You can provide a factual display of all your project goals and expectations from the workforce through this readily available template. So without waiting any further, click the download link!


Business Plan Of 5 Year In Timeline PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 3

Employ this professionally curated template to improve the success rate of your business. This template helps you track the progress of all your operational activities without any hassle. Also, our color-coded template makes it easy to comprehend and follow. So download this adaptable template to start adding your data effortlessly.


Five Years Roadmap Timeline For Business Plan PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 4

You can utilize this template to articulate the workflow of your organization smoothly. This template allows you to write an attractive executive summary of your business operations and functions. Download the template and start assembling your key milestones immediately. Click the link below!


Five Years Business Plan Roadmap With Operations And Functions Templates


Download this template

Template 5

Outline the timeline for achieving future goals with the help of this template. Our experts have designed this PowerPoint template to help you summarize your vision, mission, targets, and timeframe in an easily accessible format. Grasp the attention of your employees and stakeholders right away by downloading this template.


Future Timeline Five Year Milestones PowerPoint Slides


Download this template

Template 6

A comprehensive plan of action displays confidence and foresightedness. Therefore, we have curated this content-specific template to help you create a strategic roadmap for your business goals. This template distributes the target phases based on yearly milestones, thereby making it easily understandable. Grab it now!


Five Years Roadmap To Start A Business With Planning PowerPoint Templates


Download this template

Template 7

Use this quirky and effective template to pique the interest of your employees. You can develop an action plan to scale your business fast by taking the aid of this PowerPoint template. Our expertly designed template is just the right choice to affirm your professional objectives. So go ahead and download the template by clicking the link below!


Five Yearly Business Plan PowerPoint Template


Download this template

Template 8

Make your future financial outcomes expectations loud and clear by using this PowerPoint template. Represent your business planning elements creatively by employing this template. You can even highlight your company’s ongoing functions and practices in a structured way with the assistance of our entirely adaptable PPT template.


Five Years Roadmap Business Plan With Financial Projection PPT Templates


Download this template

Template 9

Here’s a flexible template to arrange your data easily. This template is the right choice whether you need to create a start-up, internal, and strategic business plan or operations and growth business plan. Our PPT template is designed after thorough research and deliberation, helping you save time and effort. Download the template now!


Five Year Business Plan Timeline Presentation Deck


Download this template

Template 10

Select this PowerPoint template to predict your future growth. Using this PPT template, you can assess potential risks that can stunt your business development in the coming years. Revamp your venture by utilizing this template as a guiding star. Download it and start with your strategic planning right away!


Business Plan Five Year Roadmap With Risk Status PowerPoint Templates


Download this template


Having a strategic roadmap for handling your business operations and objectives is the only way to go. You cannot expect high profit and returns on investment without having a clear outline for the next five years of your business. With our stunning templates, you will definitely look confident, assertive, reliable, and foresighted.

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