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Top 15 Food Pyramid Template Designs to Encourage Healthy Eating

Top 15 Food Pyramid Template Designs to Encourage Healthy Eating

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

July 2 2022

‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,’ often ascribed to Hippocrates (400 BC); this pearl of wisdom emphasizes the importance of nutrition in preventing or curing diseases. It is also the credo of every household and institution that follows a healthy lifestyle.


In a rare positive that came to the fore after the Covid -19 pandemic, there is an increased awareness of the link between a balanced diet and disease prevention.


People pre-disposed to adopting good eating habits, however, understand that disease management comprises lifestyle interventions to improve general health and nutritional strategies to stabilize or reverse the disease process itself. One of these strategies was developed in Sweden in 1972 and was termed “The Food Pyramid”


Regarding healthy eating, we cannot miss out on this essential and classic diagram that represents the optimal number of servings to be consumed each day from each of the basic food groups: Fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy.

Along with other health and safety precautions and practices,  there is a wave now to internalize learnings from the food pyramid.


As its own positive intervention, SlideTeam is delighted to present its latest and exclusive offering of the “Food Pyramid Template.” You can incorporate these PowerPoint templates to guide your employees, peers, friends, and family on what to eat to earn a healthy mind and body. You can even use these printable charts in your kitchen to prepare a list for grocery shopping. Following this practice will not only save your time and money but also control your waistline. The PPT slides are customizable and easy to understand for everyone.


Let’s take a tour of this healthy universe and download some links to show our commitment to a beneficial change!


Template 1: Food Pyramid with Real Images


Presenting this stunning food pyramid template that you can use to educate and inform your audience in a visual manner for better understanding. The images used are real to make it look more appealing. You can add text on the right to provide some extra tips to your audience. Grab this practical design today!


Food Pyramid with Real Images


Download this template


Template 2: Food Pyramid for Meal Identification


Consider the following informative food pyramid PPT presentation to see what you should eat to get your dose of daily nutrients. This layout is ideal for coaching your audience about the benefits of healthy eating. You may even insert text next to each group. Download this fantastic design now!


Food Pyramid for Meal Identification


Download this template


Template 3: Food Pyramid Sample


Learning how to have a healthy diet and how food nutrients and calories work can be challenging, but not with this fantastic PPT design. Use this practical image to influence unhealthy people to focus on their eating habits for a happier life. It entails an eye-catching collage to pique people’s curiosity (pique curiosity OR arouse interest). Make this beautiful page a part of your today.


Food Pyramid Sample


Download this template


Template 4: Food Groups Pyramid with Eating Frequency


This slide is ideal to use if you want to guide your audience about the frequency with which you should consume certain food groups. It will help you explain each category and the proportions you need for each. With this template, you can draw up a matrix of food items on the criteria of Limited, Moderation, Generous, or a Good Amount.


Food Groups Pyramid with Eating Frequency


Download this template


Template 5: Food Pyramid Example


Most people's average diet comprises high calories, saturated fat, and added sugars. It is seldom that you find anybody in your friend circle consuming enough fruit and vegetable, calcium, or fiber. With this diagram, you can guide individuals on how to modify their eating habits. You can use this meal planning template to help them schedule meals around a nutritious diet plan. Download this Powerpoint layout with a soothing color scheme right away!


Food Pyramid Example


Download this template


Template 6: Food Pyramid Design with Groups Description


Here’s a unique way of showcasing food groups using color. You can use this design to share nutritional tips about how our diet needs a balance and structure for it to help us be more fit. You can also add this picture to your articles and blogs if you want to promote the idea of healthy eating habits.


Food Pyramid Design with Groups Description


Download this template


Template 7: Simple Food Pyramid Design


This basic PPT slide explains why a balanced diet and knowledge about its fundamentals are critical in everyday life. This chart will help people understand that the smaller the food group, the more it becomes exotic and not really needed in their diet. You can also use this diagram to educate people who consider limited food options in their routine. Pick it now!


Simple Food Pyramid Design 


Download this template


Template 8: Food Pyramid Different Levels of Meals


Here’s another example of a food chart you can use to instill healthy food choices. It comes with a soothing background and simple images that even kids can understand. Grab this PPT template today to bring a change.


Food Pyramid Different Levels of Meals


Download this template


Template 9: Food Pyramid Levels with Numbers


Establish and sustain healthy eating habits with this accessible food pyramid template with numbers and names of food products in each group. The minimal design, in green hues, is soothing to look at. You can use it to educate your clients, family, friends, and peers as a better dietary habit is, today, a universal need. Get it now!


Food Pyramid Levels with Numbers


Download this template


Template 10: Food Pyramid with Portion Size


Knowing how to fill your plate with nutrient-dense foods can be tricky. This food pyramid template offers a solution. This handy table provides dietary guidance in an easy-to-flow visual format. Using this stunning idea, you can illustrate the five food groups and the preferred portion sizes. Why not pick it up now? It will make eating healthy more manageable and fun!


Food Pyramid with Portion Size


Download this template


Template 11: Food Pyramid Chart


Many people want to eat healthier but don't know where to start. This handy chart guides what foods to eat more of and which foods to cut back on. It helps you stay on track with the recommended daily requirements. You can print it out and paste it on your fridge, in your office, or in a place where you can see it often.


Food Pyramid Chart


Download this template


Template 12: Food Pyramid Printable


This food pyramid template is ideal if you are looking for a fun and engaging way to teach young children about healthy eating. Its vibrant and eye-catching PPT design is the perfect tool to help you explain the concept of food groups. The bright colors will capture children’s attention and keep them engaged throughout your presentation. Download it today!


Food Pyramid Printable 

Download this template


Template 13: Food Pyramid with Transparent Background


If you are looking for a Food Pyramid to educate people about food groups, this PPT design is an excellent pick. It is designed with a transparent backdrop to give a 3D effect. With this slide, you can explain everything in a practical manner.


Food Pyramid with Transparent Background 

Download this template


Template 14: Food Pyramid for Keto Diet


People now believe in experimenting with different diets to determine what suits their bodies the best. Here’s an exclusive food pyramid template for those following a Keto diet or planning to adopt this habit. With this layout, you can be sure that your audience will know all they want before taking the plunge. Download it now!


Food Pyramid for Keto Diet 

Download this template


Template 15: Food Plate Pie Diagram


If you're looking for a creative way to encourage healthy eating, consider using this food plate template as a pie chart. It's a unique way to get your audience thinking about portion sizes and making good choices when it comes to food. Plus, it makes meal planning a breeze. Download it now to get started.


Food Plate Pie Diagram


Download this template


A new fad diet is introduced every week, claiming a healthy and slim body. Navigating between all those options can be confusing and frustrating. Instead, rely solely on the food pyramid to determine what you should eat. The food pyramid is created based on scientific evidence of what the body needs to function at its best, so it keeps you on the right track.


Now, that you know how to incorporate a food pyramid template to save yourself and the people around you from catching an illness, it’s time to bring your knowledge into action. Download your favorite PowerPoint designs today to start a transformational journey.


All these designs are customizable, and you can edit them as per your requirements. Contact our Design Services team here if you want a personalized food pyramid.


P.S: If you want to plan daily meals for your family, here’s a handy guide with meal plan templates. Explore it now!












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