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Top 7 Slides from Original Ratan Tata Investor Funding Pitch Deck

Top 7 Slides from Original Ratan Tata Investor Funding Pitch Deck

Megha Garg

Megha Garg

January 27 2022

The way Ratan Tata has pitched investors towards their business is remarkable. Likewise, learn new tips and tricks to forming an insightful Ratan Tata Funding Deck to raise millions.


Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument. – Ratan N. Tata


Also, it would be strange if a person asks that they are unaware of one such global enterprise that has a life span of more than 150 years . Of course, we are talking about TATA Group, which works to improve the quality of life of the communities spread across the globe.


For young brands and start-ups forming today, there is a lot that you can learn from Ratan Tata, Moreover, from their successful business stories, which are known for creating value based on leadership and trust.


Let's take a quick roller-coaster ride on the history and origin of Tata Group. Furthermore, how Ratan Tata has been crowned as the Chairman of such expansion.




From Nagpur to 'The World'


It all started in 1868 when Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, with just INR 21000 , started a small trading company that could give the British a run for their money.


In the following year, ie, in 1869, he bought up an old run-down oil mill and converted it into a cotton mill called Alexander Mill. Furthermore, after 2 years, he sold this mill and locked another one in Nagpur as the new headquarters.


Then in 1877, he started his own Express Mill. Marked as an iconic establishment of that time as it was India's first 'people' enterprise giving employment to many.





1892 marked another glory to their bucket as Jamsetji established the JN Tata Endowment Fund. In fact, it helped Indian students pursue higher studies abroad and back the brightest.


Consequently, he was working on fulfilling four aims. That were a world-class learning establishment, setting up an iron & steel organization, a hydroelectric plant, and an exceptional inn. Thus, the Taj Mahal Hotel was opened in 1903 at Colaba , Mumbai, his first inn.


All these great additions to the business gave them a value of over $5 billion from just $100 million. Likewise, this happened under the chairmanship of JRD Tata, who was crowned in 1938 when Tata had 14 undertakings. But till 1988, this number of endeavors grew to 95. In which some of the adventures had either begun their operations or held controlling interests.




Business Verticals & the Glory of Pitching


The multinational conglomerate business Tata is one of India's oldest and most significant industrial groups. As a result, it has gained international recognition because of its affiliation with several industry groups, its value systems. Also, the leadership qualities that new start-ups need to learn.


Also, raising funds for any industry they are affiliated with is not as easy as it sounds. But, it was definitely interesting, as they have built a robust and perfect pitch deck themselves.


Similarly, if you are looking forward to solving problems like poor safety or low availability in cars, get access to this pitch deck. Plan your pitch like a pro and be confident while executing.


Additionally, products or services offered by Tata come from various verticals. These include:


1. IT
2. Steel
3. Automotive
4. Consumer & Retail
5. Infrastructure
6. Financial Services
7. Aerospace & Defense
8. Tourism & Travel
9. Telecom & Media
10. Trading & Investment
11. Energy & Engineering
12. Real Estate , etc


This never-ending phase of growth of Tata has one of the significant contributions of gem, Ratan Tata. Furthermore, he was crowned chairmanship in 1991 , and from then, Tata Group has been known for it's 'more than a business' story because of its value systems, leaders, evolutions, and enterprises.


Thus, Ratan Tata said in an interview, 'Keep your business's focus on the vision, and if the founders have a passion for making it sustainable,' you will get excellent pitches.




The Business Excellence Model to Prove the Value of your Business


For Tata, the business model is an altered adaptation of the Malcom Model , i.e., internationally famous. Additionally, this model stands and focuses on seven central elements/activities. They are, business results, administration & processing of the board, key arranging, human asset center, market and client center, learning & examining executives, and estimation.



Via Giphy


Thus, the defined go-to-market strategies not just excites angel investors in funding you. It also is an excellent way for you to see how a successful venture capitalist structures. Furthermore, the information he presents to potential investors and how he persuades them to invest in their vision.


Business excellence model helps Tata's variant businesses open doors for development.


'All of us do not have equal talent. Yet all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents. – Ratan N. Tata’


Also, one can also use the model to pick up the knowledge on organization qualities. It is told and proven that many of Ratan Tata's business moves and decisions are calculated ones. R. Gopalkrishnan said that he is a man with the right brain. Build a pitch deck template like Ratan Tata & form a perfect reference point for yourself.


Consequently, Ratan Tata has not just proved his analytical capability of mind by purchasing big-bang brands like Land Rover or Corus Steel. He has followed Tata's business model, making it a global group through these unusual combinations of mind and well-thought expansion strategies .




Great Strategic Planning for a Convincing Start-Up Deck


There is a reason for offering input to new start-ups that they can learn from this global brand. For reinforcing aggressiveness, there are significant jobs that this business looks after for its future success.


Pitching investors with a strategy is a fun, beautiful, and hope-filled activity. If done with a dream and a vision in mind, it cannot go out of the path for any business.


Thus, some of the major purposes for which Tata Group is established include improving authoritative capacities and viability, encouraging correspondence, etc. Also, promoting individual learning, sharing best practices among associations, improving execution practices, and enabling a coordinated way to deal with executions performance excellence goals, etc.


'Power and wealth are not two of my main stakes. – Ratan Tata'


In addition to, strategic planning focuses on the long-run support of the business. Thus, this activity leads the direction towards how assets will achieve the plans, sending plans, estimation of achievements, how plans will be changed if conditions require so, arranging plans, etc.


Furthermore, 150 years of existence for any business is a history in itself. It is only real and acceptable because of the epitome of trust associated with Tata as a business. Most important is that Ratan Tata and their ancestors are culturally embedded towards community commitment .




How to Build an Effective Pitch Deck to Accumulate Necessary Funds like Ratan Tata?


The answer is straightforward, their pitch deck has the ability to convince the angel investors and venture capitals to believe in their unique idea.



Via Giphy


Additionally, Tata's emphasized that on drafting a compelling deck that quickly connects with prospective inventors with visually-stunning graphs and numbers that tell a tale.


So, Without Further Ado, Let's Check Ratan Tata's Insightful & Famous Pitch Deck That Helped Them Raise Millions of Dollars .

Slide 1: Robust Slide for Problems or Product can Solve

See how creatively Ratan Tata's pitch deck has shown the problems they can solve.


The issues products can solve are presented in three segments using bullets. These problems are high-priced cars, low availability, etc. All these issues can be mentioned with a brief explanation in a line. One can add as many issues they find are there in the market.


Moreover, keep the language clear and precise to describe the problem. Also, add stats to back the points with relevancy.


You can avoid a few things while creating and finalizing this slide. This includes:


• Don't be too negative while showing casing problems.
• Try to make the slide precise and straightforward.
• Avoid technical language.




Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Funding Deck



Slide 2: Slide for how we Aim to Solve the Problem

Through this slide, they showed the solutions using four criteria. One can present as many icons and text for solutions that they offer.


Showcase the solutions that your business offers to customers. These include affordable vehicles, safety first, etc. Give one-liner to each of the points. Like, Tata provides 5-star safety design cars to keep customers safe, they make affordable cars for middle-income group families, etc.


This slide lays out the proposed solution to the problem identified in the previous slide. The solutions slide in a pitch deck is often one of the most important slides in the presentation.


'I don't believe in making right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right. – Ratan Naval Tata'


Each of the solutions is explained with valid points.



Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Investor Funding Pitch Deck



Slide 3: How do we generate our Revenues Slide

Explaining this factor to angel investors is very important for businesses. They are interested in investing their funds into unique business models. That is why they are at your place, eagerly waiting for your USP style and area of ​​generating revenues.


Exhibit the critical points through which the organization generates revenue like direct sales, website sales, and more. Also, display the critical revenue model for revenue generation such as channel sales, transaction model, etc.


Even present whether the direct sales are through retailers, showrooms, etc. One can even add as many points with descriptions in the table.


You can even exhibit the revenue model you follow using visual icons and short texts.


'Businesses need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve. – Ratan Tata'


Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Funding Deck



Slide 4: Demand Forecasting for our Product Slide

This slide presents the demand for the product with a forecasted overview using a line chart and icons.


It exhibits a monthly summary for the product of a particular year and the key takeaways for this demand forecasting.


The chart displays that demand for product A is expected to grow by March and June & will be highest in December. Also, product B is expected to perform highly in the global market.


Again, it includes the projection for the global areas where the organization is present and how they will tackle the demand in that specific market.


'Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive. – Ratan Tata'


Prepare a well-drafted pitch deck with us like Ratan Tata's deck.


Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Investor Funding Pitch Deck



Slide 5: A Riveting 'Provide an Insight into our Team' Slide

When preparing a pitch deck, it is essential to include a slide that showcases the key people involved in your team.


This slide will reassure your potential investors that you have a strong team in place to steer the business in the right direction.


The Slide Covers:


• Pictures of the Primary Team Members.
• Name Along With the Job Titles.
• Prior Employment and Domain Experience.
• Essential Technology and Payment Investors.
• Major Highlights.
• Key Credentials.


Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Funding Deck



Slide 6: Go-to-Market Strategies Slide

A well-crafted go-to-market strategy can propel your business to a flourishing and profitable company from the startup phase. And, investors emphasize the Go-to-Market Strategy before making the investment decision.


Display angel investors about the critical components of your strategy. Some of them are the target market, the partners, penetration strategy, etc. One can even present a description of these components in the text box below. Like target market, details are TAM – 59bn, SAM – 20bn, and SOM – 1.2bn. Likewise, you can showcase critical points for all components.


Go-to-market strategy is a key to success for your business. This slide will help investors understand how you plan to reach your target market and generate revenue.


'I have also made this a point in our company: We need to stop taking baby steps and start thinking globally. It really seems to be helping. – Ratan N. Tata’


When starting a new business, one of the most important decisions you'll make is to market and sell your product or service.


Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Start-Up Deck



Slide 7: Minimize your Risk with Our Exit Strategy Slide

Every successful business needs to understand the needs of its customers, the problems they are facing, and how they can help them.


In the same way, this slide showcases the remarkable exit strategy of your company & its products. It includes merger and acquisition, management buyout, etc.


The purpose of exhibiting this slide to investors is to show them how you will minimize the risk and the losses that will occur. Eg, in management buyout as a critical exit strategy, the company will sell maximum stocks to its employees. Similarly, in a merger as an exit strategy, the company will merge the organization with another entity to avoid losses.


Keep it precise and short. Of course, make it appealing using images and other shapes.


Designers have taken full advantage of colors and fonts to show the exit strategy of Ratan Tata. Investors want to invest in ample opportunities with large addressable markets & unique exit strategies .


Ratan Tata Pitch Deck

Download this 100% editable slide from Ratan Tata Funding Deck





Wrapping it up – Create Perfect Pitch Decks with SlideTeam


Ratan Tata once beautifully said – 'The day I am not able to fly will be a sad day for me '.


You can authentically tell investors your story and show off what makes you different without feeling like its bragging. It is designed for entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and want to make sure they get noticed by investors or customers.


Finally a powerful pitch deck can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful business startup. Become a member today for $49.99 per month and Download TEN Ppt's for Free .


To help you draft an effective deck, we've created this comprehensive guide to drafting your unbeatable Ratan Tata Pitch Deck.


The Ratan Tata Pitch Deck is 100% editable and compatible with Google Slide.


We are also ready to give a FREE DEMO .


In Case You Have Any Queries, Inbox at [email protected] or Feel Free to Call at "408-659-417" - We'll Respond to You in Less Than Twelve Hours .


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