The best things come in small packages. For presentations, they come in the form of Icons. These small visual representations of ideas can metamorphosize a run-of-the-mill slide into one designed by some top design agency. Icons can work wonders for your presentation in the shortest time and without spending a penny.


Yet icons are one of the least used features in PowerPoint. Why? Because probably till now you didn’t know the potential benefits of using these in your presentation. That’s all about to change, right now.


Let me show you how icons can make your slides look really sexy, even if the presentation topic is as dull as waste management, insurance, or as I am about to show you transportation. Say you are delivering a presentation on pick-up truck services. You might think of using a photo of pick-up truck and place the presentation title on top. Probably like this (or a tad better with a more fancy truck):

Boring PowerPoint Slide


Now, how about we take an icon instead, infuse color into the slide background, put a black rectangular box below to signify road and make the presentation title larger than life:

Beautiful and Professional PowerPoint Slide


Far from boring, wouldn’t audiences sit up straight and look forward to the complete presentation ahead? They will. The big problem lies ahead. You have lots of points and industry facts to share. What most presenters tend to do is list out all their points into standard bullet points (so boring!) like this:

PowerPoint slide full of bullet points looks ugly


Each bullet point can be represented visually via an icon that will not only improve the aesthetics of the slide but also reinforce the message via the visual. Even if they do not read the text, audiences can instantly know the message by simply having a look at the icons. Here’s how the slide looks with icons:

Converting bullets to Icons to create professional business slides


Neat and polished. The same can be carried out for all text-heavy slides and where you need to explain processes and steps. So rather than going for non-impressive square boxes and arrows...

Conventional PowerPoint Slide’d rather make the process a visually-rich experience for your audience with help of icons. Who would ever blame “Death by PowerPoint” then!

Stunning PowerPoint Slide


To sum up, icons are a must for wordy slides as:


  1. Being visuals, icons are processed a lot faster than text.
  2. They break the monotony of text.
  3. They have a universal relevance. Everyone understands that a lightbulb represents new ideas, thumbs up signifies approval and so on.
  4. Icons are SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphic) which means they can be scaled up and down without having any effect on their resolution. You can thus enlarge them without any distortion worries.


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Takeaway: Use icons and say goodbye to boring presentations once and for all.