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How to Craft a Client-Winning Business Proposal (10 Best PowerPoint Templates Included)

How to Craft a Client-Winning Business Proposal (10 Best PowerPoint Templates Included)

Nidhi Malhotra

Nidhi Malhotra

April 6 2021

"Do you know who the biggest salesperson in your company has to be?"



This quote by the billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban defines a lot of how important it is for a company to make sales. As a founder of a start-up or a manager of a business firm mostly what you are doing is selling your products and services to the clients. There are a lot of factors that affect whether you close a deal or not. For instance, how good your products and services are, your approach towards client’s needs, and how efficient your team is.


One of such tools that makes a difference in whether you bag a deal or not is a Business Proposal. Yes, you heard it right. A business proposal is not just a document that you deliver to your clients. This business document holds a lot of power.


To make it easier to understand, think of a business proposal as a resume. Resume reaches the recruiter’s table much before the candidate does and creates that first impression of the candidate. So, to even stand a chance to compete a candidate must have a killer resume. Similarly, business proposal is your chance to put your best foot forward and persuade the prospective client to choose you as a client, declining all your competitors.


Let’s get more into the details.


What is a Business Proposal?


A business proposal is a formal document that is used by a company to communicate with a prospective client. With a business proposal, the seller (company) aims to persuade the buyer (prospective client) to buy their products and services or simply do business with them. A standout business proposal outlines your value proposition and briefly explains the approach that you will take towards the client’s requirements. It also depicts how your products and services will benefit the client along with a quote or estimate of the provided services.


Types of Business Proposals

The most common types of business proposals are: unsolicited and solicited.


  1. Unsolicited proposal: An unsolicited proposal is quite similar to a cold email or a marketing brochure that is utilized by companies to approach a prospective customer and gain some business opportunity.
  2. Solicited proposal: When a company needs a service done or a problem solved, they invite other businesses to submit a proposal depicting how they would fulfill the needed requirements. When an organization contacts you with a request for proposal (RFP), you know all the requirements of the client. You simply need to write a proposal explaining your approach towards the client’s pain points along with an estimate of your services.


Whether you need to create an unsolicited proposal or a solicited one, we at SlideTeam are ready to assist you in creating a stunning business proposal. With our pre-designed business proposal PowerPoint templates, you can make the process of creating a business proposal way easier and more fun. Below explained templates are professionally curated and are devised in a way that our customers’ diverse needs are fulfilled. Download these ready-to-use slides of business proposal and create an engaging and impressive business proposal to win potential clients.


Top 10 Templates to Create a Winning Business Proposal 


The below-displayed business proposal templates will assist you in handling multiple client inquires with a well-compiled proposal. All of these slides are ready-made, eliminating all the tasks to create the new proposals from scratch.

Template 1

A captivating cover letter creates a favorable impression on the readers and also engages them to read further. Use this cover letter template to introduce your company to the prospective client. Further, provide a brief overview of your business history and succinctly highlight the key points that make you better than your competitors.


Cover Letter

Download Cover Letter Template for Business Proposal


Template 2

The project context slide of the business proposal defines the purpose of the proposal. In this template, you can comprehend the pain points of your prospective customers. Further, you can draw an explanation on how your services will resolve the mentioned issues. You can define your approach towards customers’ problems giving them every reason to believe how they can benefit from your offerings.


Project Context

Download Project Context Template for Business Proposal

Template 3

Utilizing this PPT template, you can familiarize your potential customer with your service offerings. Giving a concise overview of the offered services, you can showcase the customized solutions that you will take to resolve customer’s pain points. With this PPT template, you can jot down the details of services by categorizing them in different sections.


Services Offered

Download Services Offered Template for Business Proposal

Template 4

By incorporating this PowerPoint template, you can create a timeframe of the project for your client to comprehend your approach better. By doing so, you can explain to the prospective client, how you will bring them with the best solutions by the highlighted activities. You can divide the complete project into three phases. In all these three phases you can take the client with a representation of your activities focused in various weeks of these three phases.


Activity Schedule

Download Activity Schedule Template for Business Proposal 

Template 5

With this PPT template, you can provide a detailed pricing guide to your potential client. You can jot down the offered services, their descriptions with an estimate of how much the services will cost the client. By doing so, your client will have a fair idea of their investment in the project. Which in turn will lead to a smooth project completion devoid of any miscommunications.


Pricing Estimate

Download Pricing Estimate Template for Business Proposal

Template 6

Optimize this PowerPoint slide and familiarize your prospective client with further details of your business. Highlight the mission and vision statements of your company. Also, jot down your achievements with a list of received awards and recognition to easily entice the client.


About Us

Download About US Template for Business Proposal

Template 7

Take the assistance of this PPT slide to familiarize the client with the pillars of your company. Showcasing the details of your team members with highlights on their expertise, you can assure client’s belief in your team. Use this PPT slide and add images of your team members with their names and designations and provide a personal touch to your business proposal.


Our Team

Download Our Team Template for Business Proposal

Template 8

Almost every customer tends to compare the offerings of different service providers before deciding to finalize one. Showcasing client testimonials is one of your best ways that you can take to move the argument in your favor. Your potential lead is not going to just take your word for your efficiency. So, to affirm client’s belief in your services, showcase them with the testimonials of your previous clients.


Client Testimonials

Download Client Testimonials Template for Business Proposal

Template 9

Use this PPT layout, to jot down the terms and conditions that both your client and you will agree on by signing the business proposal. You can mention the terms about the duration and validity of the agreement. Also, mention the conditions about how and when you’d like to receive payments. Also, relay the circumstances under which the agreement can be modified or canceled.


Terms and Conditions

 Download Terms and Conditions Template for Business Proposal

Template 10

This PPT slide is the section where both the parties will sign the agreement. This is a formal agreement that both the parties agree on the same things and are ready to start the business project.


Sign Off

Download Sign Off Template for Business Proposal



Creating a business proposal will no longer remain a daunting task if you incorporate our business proposal PowerPoint slides. These readily-available slides have multiple features. Everything from text values to colors, to fonts, can be altered in these slides within minutes. Not just this, you can also access these slides from anywhere in the world due to their compatibility with Google Slides. So, without any delay, download our 100 percent customizable business proposal PPT slides and create a client-winning business proposal today.

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