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How to Design an Amazing Cover Slide Template for Your Business Presentation (Using Just Shapes!)

How to Design an Amazing Cover Slide Template for Your Business Presentation (Using Just Shapes!)

Anuj Malhotra

Anuj Malhotra

August 17 2018

First impression is the last impression.


Although that should not be the case, we do tend to judge a book by its cover and a presentation by its cover slide.


We are visual beings and a good design evokes a good feeling. The cover slide is a visual summary of the design applied throughout the entire presentation. Fonts and colors to be used in the entire deck are established right on the cover slide template. A visual template raises hope for visual and engaging slides ahead.


So you do not want to lose this chance to create a favorable impression on the audience and make them excited to see your deck.


In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to create an interesting visual PowerPoint cover slide template using just SHAPES ! No purchasing of stock photos or other visual elements. Just open your PowerPoint and work with us. A little time and effort required from your end, that’s it. It will be worth it when you will end up creating a beautiful cover slide as this:


What you will learn to create in this tutorial:

You can use this design for any corporate presentation. Replace “branding” with your title (the most important word). You can write the complete title in the corner left and your company name under it.


Amazing cover slide template


View the Complete PowerPoint Deck on Branding


Steps to Create Cover Slide Template in PowerPoint:

Step 1- Fill the Slide Background


Let’s add a dash of color to our slide. Of course, you would be using your brand colors. But for illustration purposes, we are choosing maroon - an energetic dark shade of red that looks modern yet professional.


Follow these steps to get a gradient background like the one below:


Step 1- Fill the slide background with a gradient fill


  • Right click on the blank slide > Format Background
  • A Format Background window will open on the right side of the screen
  • Select the Gradient fill radio button under No Fill
  • Type - Radial
  • Direction - From Top Right Corner (see the screenshot below)
  • Put three gradient stops
  • Open the Color menu and use the Eyedropper tool to get the ditto gradient background for your presentation

Step 1- Type and Direction of the Gradient Fill


Step 2- Insert Rounded Rectangle


Now, using just shapes, we will begin creating a cool design. Go to the Insert tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and locate the Shapes menu. We will be taking all shapes from this PowerPoint shapes library. Follow these steps:


  • Open the Shapes menu
  • Go to the Rectangles section
  • Choose the second option- Rectangle: Rounded Corners and drag to draw on the slide
  • Right click on the rounded rectangle > Format Shape
  • A Format Shape window will open on the right side of the screen
  • Fill > No Fill
  • Line > Solid Line > Color - White > Width > 5.25 pt (see the screenshot below)

Step 2- Insert Rounded Rectangle



Step 3- Insert Doughnut


The second shape we need to add is the Doughnut shape. Follow these steps:


  • Open the Shapes menu under the Insert tab once again
  • Under Basic Shapes, choose the Doughnut option (see the screenshot below)
  • Press Shift and drag to draw a symmetrical circle
  • Move the yellow handle on the doughnut towards left (see the screenshot below) to adjust the thickness of the circle
  • Right click > Format Shape
  • Fill > Solid fill > Color - White
  • Line > No line

Step 3- Insert doughnut



So we have created 2 shapes now - rounded rectangle and the doughnut. Put the doughnut in the centre of the rounded rectangle (see the image below). Your switch on the wall is ready. As much as 25% of your design is done!


Place the doughnut within the rounded rectangle


Step 4- Insert & Edit U-Turn Arrow


Next, we need to create a wire to connect the switch with our title word. This is a bit difficult as we will have to play around with shapes to create the curved look of the wire. Follow these steps:


  • Go to the Shapes menu
  • Under the Block Arrows section, choose the Arrow: U-Turn (see the screenshot below)
  • To flip the shape, select the shape and go to the Format tab on the PowerPoint ribbon
  • Locate the Rotate menu
  • Select the Flip Vertical option first and Flip Horizontal next (see the screenshot below)

Step 4- Insert U-Turn Arrow


To customize this arrow as per our requirements, follow these steps:


  • Press Shift and the Up arrow on your keyboard to increase the length of the arrow
  • Move the yellow handle towards left to reduce the arrow width
  • Place a rectangle over the left half of the arrow (see the screenshot below)

Step 4.1- Customize the arrow


  • Select the arrow first, then the rectangle
  • Go to the Format tab on the PowerPoint ribbon
  • Locate the Merge Shapes button
  • Select the Subtract option
  • Change the color of the arrow to white using Format Shape
  • Add it to the switch created earlier (step 2 and 3)

Step 4.2- Subtract the shape to create the arrow


Step 5- Add Block Arc


To give a rounded edge to the connecting wire, we will add an arc towards the end. To do that, follow these steps:


  • Go to the Shapes menu > Basic Shapes
  • Choose the Block Arc option (see the screenshot below)
  • Use the yellow handles to adjust the length and width of the arc
  • Place the arc where the straight line ends to give it a rounded edge

Step 5- Add an arc over the edge of the connecting line


Step 6- Add Text


Now, simply add the title of your presentation. For illustration purposes, we chose “Branding”. Choose a handwritten font that has tails or swashes in the end so that you can connect the ending alphabet with an arc as we have done. The font we have chosen is Brush Script MT which is available in PowerPoint’s default Font library and is 138 font size.


Step 6- Add text in handwritten font



Step 7- Copy-Paste the Shapes at Title’s End


To continue with the connecting wire, simply copy paste the shapes we created earlier. As you can see in the screenshot below, we added the block arc (created in step 5) and the circular arrow (step 4).


I have reduced the length of the arc using the yellow handles. You will have to use your creative judgement to see that the arc joins the font’s tail seamlessly. Likewise, I reduced the length of the circular arrow. Since adjusting the length via the shape handles was distorting the shape, I placed rectangles over the extra area and subtracted the same using Merge Shapes.


Step 7- Copy the shapes created earlier to the tail of the word


Step 8- Create the Bulb


Although the last portion of the diagram i.e. the bulb seems difficult to create, it is not. As you can see in the screenshot below, we need to use the earlier shapes - Rectangle, rounded rectangle and block arc to create the entire bulb.


The rounded rectangles on top have been rotated at different degrees. The block arc has been adjusted using the yellow handles. The filament inside the bulb are simple rectangles or lines joined together. Our professional PowerPoint designers edited the points to create those curved edges. We don’t have to be that perfect! Lines with straight edges look as good.


Step 8- Create the bulb using shapes


That’s it. Your cover slide template is 100% ready!


Amazing cover slide template

Download the Complete PowerPoint Deck on Branding


Examples of Cover Slides Created Using Just Shapes:


#1- Sales Review Cover Slide using Rectangles and Lines


Quarterly Sales Performance Review PPT Cover Slide


Download the Complete Sales Performance Review PPT


#2- Six Sigma Cover Slide Using Circles & Rectangles


Six Sigma Principles and Concept PPT Cover Slide


Download the Complete Six Sigma PPT


#3- Service Launch Cover Slide


New Service Launch PPT Cover Slide


Download Service Launch PowerPoint Presentation


#4- New Product Development Process Cover Slide


New Product Development Process PPT Cover Slide


Download New Product Development PPT


#5- Quarterly Business Review Cover Slide


Quarterly Business Review PPT Cover Slide

Download Quarterly Business Review PPT


In the next tutorial, we will show you how to create a visually stunning cover slide template using images and shapes. Stay tuned.


Let us know if you found this tutorial useful. Share your feedback in the comments below.


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