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How to Import PowerPoint Templates and Themes into Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Import PowerPoint Templates and Themes into Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Tutorial



July 24 2017

Google Slides is a very useful presentation software, especially when you need to collaborate with other presenters on a presentation. The collaborators can make changes to the slides, leave comments, share the presentation link with intended audience, or download the presentation as a PowerPoint file or PDF file for offline viewing.


However, many users are not aware about another great feature in Google Slides- You can import professional PowerPoint templates and themes into Google Slides as easily as you can use them in PowerPoint.


SlideTeam has an enormous collection of presentation Themes and editable presentation Templates and diagrams (1 million and counting). Although these products are downloaded on users’ systems in PPT format, that does not mean these products are exclusively for PowerPoint users. Users of Google Slides can make use of these professional designs to create amazing presentations too. All our products are fully compatible with Google Slides.


Let us show you step by step how to use a PowerPoint template on Google’s online presentation software and create beautiful slides:


How to Import a PPT Template/Slide into Google Slides:


Step 1- Open Google Drive

Locate the Google Apps square on the top right corner (see the screenshot below) and open Google Drive:


Open Google Drive


Step 2- Open Google Slides

Open the My Drive menu and click Google Slides (see the screenshot below). You can either start a blank presentation or choose a default Google template.


Open Google Slides


Step 3- Import a PPT Template / Slide

By default, the presentation opens in the Widescreen format (16:9 aspect ratio). If you want to use the standard screen format (4:3 aspect ratio), you can change that by going to File > Page Setup.


Whatever format you choose, you can import a pre-designed, editable PowerPoint template into Google Slides. To do that, go to the File menu and click Import slides…


Import Slides under File tab in Google Slides


Step 4- Upload the File

An Import slides window will open on your screen giving you the option to insert an entire presentation or upload a slide. Since, we want to insert one slide over here, click the Upload option (see the screenshot below). Drag and drop the template directly here or select and open the same from your system:


Upload a file


Say you have downloaded this professional Roadmap template from our website:


Roadmap template


A zip folder will get downloaded on your system. Extract the files. When you download any template on our website, you get the product in both the formats- standard and widescreen. If you are creating a Google Slide presentation in the widescreen format, then insert the template of the same format (see the screenshot below). Select the presentation file, click Open and the upload process will start.


Choose the template matching your slide format


Choose the main product slide (the rest contain instructions on using the product) and click the Import slides button (see the screenshot below):


Choose the product slide


That’s it. You can make as many changes to the editable template as you want- add text in placeholders, change font size, colors, layout, and so on.


Edit the template as per your requirements


Create a professional presentation in Google Slides without any worry!


How to Import a Theme into Google Slides

You can also use pre-designed, professional PowerPoint themes and backgrounds and import it into Google Slides. A theme or background by nature is not editable, so the same cannot be edited. Let us show you how to import a ready-made theme into Google Slides with an example.


Say you have downloaded this pre-designed PowerPoint theme from our website.


Professional Theme for a Presentation


Importing it is just a click away!


Open Google Slides and locate the Theme button on the top toolbar.


Locate the Theme Button


A Themes window will open on the right side of the screen. Locate the Import theme button at the bottom.


Click the Import Theme button


Click the button, select the downloaded theme (it shows 2 options- one with a white slide and the other with a solid fill). Choose the one depending on your requirement and click the Import theme button (see the screenshot below)


Import a Theme


That’s it. Your theme will get imported into Google Slides giving you a consistent, professional look throughout the slides:


Theme Added to Google Slides


Do you know you can also import complete PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides and save them in the cloud? Yes, the steps are exactly the same - Go to Insert and click Import slides.


Hope this tutorial helps you make the best use of our professional PowerPoint templates and diagrams on Google Slides!

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18 thoughts on “How to Import PowerPoint Templates and Themes into Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Tutorial”
  1. Rahul
    Amazing. It's a surprise going through this blog. This brings a fresh breeze of knowledge to the existing mind.
    1. slideteam
      Thank you for the kind words, Rahul! :)
    2. Lito
      This is super helpful! I was stressed for a while there!
      1. slideteam
        Very glad you found us, Lito! :)
  2. Georgina
    This was ssooooo useful, and such a quick process. Thanks for the help! :-)
    1. slideteam
      Most welcome, Georgina! Glad we could be of help. :)
  3. Annonomous
    What scale size does it have to be?
    1. slideteam
      Hwy, if you are creating the Google Slide presentation in widescreen format, then use our widescreen template. We offer both standard and widescreen template when you download a file.
  4. Violet
    This has cleared some clouds, very useful and amazing. Much appreciated.
    1. slideteam
      Glad to know this was helpful, Violet! :)
  5. Jaai
    Was @ school and my group needed me to figure this out. Otherwise, our presentation would have been horrible! It was a super quick process! Thank you!
    1. slideteam
      We are so glad you found us Jaai on time. Happy to help.
  6. Lianna
    When I try this, it leaves out the background of the title slide. It just puts like an error sign instead.
    1. slideteam
      Hi Lianna, we tried uploading some of our templates on Google Slides. All got uploaded successfully. We did not face the issue you are facing. Please send the link of the product where the title slide background is not getting uploaded.
  7. jesica
    Wooow...! just learned how to use google slides and this was soooooooooo useful.... Thank you soo muchhhh.
    1. slideteam
      We are glad to know that you liked it :)
    2. slideteam
      Thanks a lot :) Pleased to know that you liked this post.
  8. Mathew Henryil
    PowerPoint Presentation is the simple and easy way to execute your thoughts and ideas. MyBusiness Visual is the leading company having VGI PowerPoint presentation Support Team with unique and advanced powerpoint presentation through their Ex-McKinsey Presentation Specialist based on your needs.
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