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How to Remove Background from an Image in PowerPoint

How to Remove Background from an Image in PowerPoint

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

November 25 2016

Have you ever come across a picture where you want to focus on the foreground object of an image and make the background disappear?


Lot of times? What did you do?


Struggled editing the image, downloaded software, tried various tools but the end result was never as good as expected.


Try this simple feature present in PowerPoint and save yourself from the hassle.


Follow these simple steps and get your audience’s attention toward the subject you want to put focus on.




For instance, in the below image, we want to just keep the Minion and want to remove the background.


Minion Image with the Background


What to do:


  • Insert the image and select it.
  • Go to the FORMAT tab, choose Remove Background.

Choose Remove Background


  • Once you press the Remove Background button, PowerPoint automatically turns the background into PURPLE (See the below image).

PowerPoint turns Background into Purple color


As you can see in the picture, a little portion of the subject (Minion) has also turned into purple color. (See the below image).


Subject's hand


To avoid this, just drag the line a little more towards the right. It will turn back into its original color. Once you do that, just click outside the image, and get the perfect Minion Picture.


 The Minion Final Image


Let’s move on and learn about another amazing feature present in PowerPoint.


Option 2) Remove Background + MARK AREAS TO REMOVE


The Minion image was an easy deal. Just select the picture, hit the button Remove Background and there it is- just the main subject you want.


However, sometimes in few images, PowerPoint cannot detect few areas as the background and leave them considered as the foreground. To avoid this mess, let us show you another example where you can use “MARK AREAS TO REMOVE” feature of the PowerPoint.


  • Insert an image.

Hand Image with the Background


  • Go to the FORMAT Choose the Remove Background button. PowerPoint detects the background and will turn it into the purple color.

PowerPoint turns the Background into Purple color


  • However, in the above image, as you can see some of the areas are not marked in purple. So to remove them from the main subject, Select Mark Areas to Remove icon.

Choose Mark Areas to Remove


Once you choose the Mark Areas to Remove icon, select the area which you don’t want to keep. Minus signs indicate that those will be removed from the image. You will get an image like this.


Marked Areas to Remove


It will turn those areas into Purple color. Click outside the image. You will get the main subject of the image.


The Final Image


OPTION 3) Remove Background + MARK AREAS TO KEEP


Moving on to another feature: MARK AREAS TO KEEP:


As the name suggest, we will select those areas of the subject which we want to keep in the image.


  • Insert an image.

Police Image with the Background


  • Go to Format> Remove Background. Background will turn into Purple Color.

Background turned Purple


  • Now you want to keep the car in your image. Choose option MARK AREAS TO KEEP.

Choose Mark Areas to Keep


  • Select the option and click the area you want to keep. In the above image, select all the car area.

Mark Areas to Keep image


Once you do this, it will turn back into its original car. Now if you notice the above image, we have also chosen Mark Areas to Remove option and highlighted the road part because we don’t want it in our final image. (See the below image for your reference).


Choose Mark Areas to Remove


Yes you can select both the options at the same time.


Click outside the image, and get your final image.


Final image after using Mark Areas to Keep tool


These steps are as simple as counting 1, 2, 3 on fingertips.


Go ahead and try out this amazing feature in PowerPoint and give your next best presentation.


Good luck!


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    Melvin Ackerman
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    Very informative tutorial. Been looking for this tutorial, however it's a really old post. It still works the same with the latest Photoshop version.
    1. slideteam
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    What a great blog indeed! I will definitely use the tips and tricks mentioned while creating backgrounds. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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