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Infographic Templates
15 Best Infographic Templates to Improve Your Audience's Cognition

15 Best Infographic Templates to Improve Your Audience's Cognition

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

January 28 2022

Humans are prone to negating complex discussions, data, information, etc. We find them challenging, dull, and inconclusive. Due to this reason, we tend to run away from deep and dense conversations.


Thus, it is imperative to be heard. Your audience must comprehend and acknowledge your point of view without interruptions. Rather they should be encouraged to do something with the information you provide.


But how do you communicate with your audience effectively?


By inserting an infographic!


Infographics are visual representations that can help you showcase figures and data. Business owners can also pack a ton of information in an infographic to emphasize their points, generate interest, drive traffic, and attract more customers.


Therefore, SlideTeam brings you some professionally designed infographic PPT slides to help you reshape a boring subject into an engaging experience for the audience.


Let's begin!


Template 1: Circular Infographic PPT Template

This professionally designed PowerPoint diagram comprises a circular graphic representing five-step processes and strategies. It also contains business icons to accentuate the design of the PPT slide. Incorporate this customizable PowerPoint template to showcase business functions, tasks, and more.


Infographic PPT Template


Download this template


Template 2: Delivery Process Infographic PowerPoint Slide

Ensure that your teammates comprehend the delivery process well using this actionable PPT template. The PowerPoint slide consists of a visually appealing graphic. It will help you put across your points with ease and confidence. Use this dynamic PowerPoint layout to engage your audience.


Delivery Process Infographic PPT Slide


Grab this slide


Template 3: Arrow Infographic PPT Design

Walk your audience through the steps of change management, business process evaluation, growth strategy, and more with this professionally designed PPT template. Highlight ideas, techniques, and methods to escalate sales using this ready-made PowerPoint slide. Grab this customizable PPT design to use it as per your requirements.


Arrow Infographic PPT Template


Download this template


Template 4: Communication Infographic PPT Template

Get access to this ready-to-use PowerPoint diagram to present essential information. This amazingly designed PPT slide is perfect for enhancing the look of your presentation. Add this visually-appealing PowerPoint template to sustain the audiences' attention.


Infographic with Icon PowerPoint Template


Grab this template


Template 5: Horizontal Infographic PowerPoint Slide

Use this versatile PPT design to help your audience go through the notable dates and events in the history of your business growth. Moreover, organize your work, list essential goals, set dates for functions and tasks with this professionally designed PowerPoint slide. Download this customizable PPT graphic to use it as per your brand's requirements.


Horizontal Infographic PPT Design


Download this slide


Template 6: Arrow Infographic PPT Template

This flexible PowerPoint template summarises extensive processes and strategies into simple and easy-to-understand steps. You can use this PPT slide to exhibit the stages of social media marketing strategy, product launch, implementation process, and more. Grab this eye-catching PPT template to keep your audience hooked to your presentation.


Infographic PPT Template


Download this slide

Template 7: Infographic PowerPoint Diagram

Help your audience understand challenging theories and concepts with this PPT design. Throw light on the essential points using this professionally designed PowerPoint template. Put across your message with the help of this eye-grabbing PPT layout effectively.


Infographic PPT Layout


Grab this slide


Template 8: Infographic PPT Design

Share your content marketing, and sales plan with your team to accelerate business  growth using this unique PowerPoint template. Gather information from reports, charts, and data and present it clearly to your audience with this visually appealing PPT diagram. Download this customizable PowerPoint graphic to emphasize the tone of the message.


Infographic Sales Step Process PPT Template


Download this template


Template 9: Infographic PowerPoint Template

Alleviate the blank stares or awkward silences during your presentation. Incorporate this captivating PPT design to roll out facts, figures, strategies, methodologies, and more. Grab this PPT layout to help the audience consume the information more effectively.


Infographic PPT Graphic


Download this slide


Template 10: Infographic Diagram PPT Template

This actionable PowerPoint template demonstrates your business plan to investors, stakeholders, clients, and more. Go through each step and explain every point of your project to the audience with this gripping PPT design. Download this customizable PowerPoint diagram to attract the attention of your audience.


Circle Infographic PPT Slide


Grab this template


Template 11: Business Infographic PowerPoint Template

Harness the power of this PPT design to share your content. Enhance your viewers' interest in your business ideas, social media strategy, marketing campaigns, and more with this PowerPoint template. Grab this visually-appealing PPT diagram to deliver a compelling presentation to your audience.


Infographic PowerPoint Design


Grab this template


Template 12: Infographic PPT Design

This professionally designed PowerPoint slide simplifies intricate subjects and showcases information in steps. Incorporate this customizable PPT layout and share our message in just a glance. Download this customizable PPT slide to present your content effectively.


Timeline Infographic PPT Template


Download this template


Template 13: Infographic PowerPoint Template

Use this impressive PPT design to summarize critical functions. Outline internal tasks and explain operations with this PowerPoint diagram. This customizable PPT graphic is perfect for highlighting business activities at different stages to help the audience comprehend them better.


Infographic PPT Layout


Grab this template


Template 14: Timeline Infographic PPT Slide

Here is another PowerPoint template to help you revamp your content. Grab this professionally designed PowerPoint diagram to communicate tangible information with your audience. Engage and stimulate conversations with your teammates, boss, and clients using this visually-appealing PPT graphic.


Infographic PowerPoint Design


Download this slide


Template 15: Business Infographic PowerPoint Template

Make your presentation alive and informative with this stunning PPT graphic. This flexible PowerPoint template breaks down critical strategies, ideas, and functions into an easy-to-understand message. Increase engagement to keep your audience abreast of innovations and methodologies with this customizable PPT design.


Circular Process Infographic PPT Template


Download this template


Carve out an appealing story or information using SlideTeam's actionable PowerPoint templates. Use these beautiful infographics to process complex subjects. Download them to add innovative characters to your otherwise dull and boring presentations!. 


P.S: Amp up the design of your slides and deliver a blockbuster presentation by creating an animated infographic slide featured in this blog

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