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Introduce Yourself in Style!! 7 Creative Designs You Can Add in Your Visual Resume

Introduce Yourself in Style!! 7 Creative Designs You Can Add in Your Visual Resume

Hanisha Kapoor

July 7, 2017

Job interviews are tough to crack because of the immense competition. One has to be fully prepared. Aware of your skills, abilities and experiences. Dress accordingly for the job and more importantly introducing yourself.


We bring you a full-fledged Introduce Yourself PowerPoint deck to get you under the spotlight. It has all the important slides to showcase your profile at the interviews and business meetings. Just download it, add your content and you are good to go.


Everyone talks about their work experience, education, career objectives and much more while introducing themselves. They are the meat of any resume/ introducing yourself deck. But we have come up with 7 creative things/designs you can add in your profile to make you stand apart from the crowd.


Add these in your profile and get under the spotlight.


Design 1) Greeting:


Greeting slide


Always start with a greeting slide. It creates a warm environment. Helps you ease a bit also. And as you go on with introducing yourself, you build a certain rapport with an interviewer. Go with adding a picture of yourself in a greeting slide. It gives a personal touch. But if you are not comfortable putting your picture, take a vector human image. Give slide an amazing background color. Take colors from the image and briefly write about yourself with some nice fonts.


Design 2) Place:


Where do you put up


The interviewers love to hire people across the continents. It brings diversity in the team. Helps in exploring different cultures and ideas. You can creatively showcase where you are from. Pick a famous place of the country you are from. Put that image as a background of the slide. Keep a transparent layer over the image and write your text. Or alternatively, keep a flag. Give it a nice color from the Color option under the Format tab. Write your text and you are done. Interviewer will definitely remember you. If not by the name, then by the place you are from.


Design 3) Languages:


Tell them you are a polyglot


Tell your interviewer that you are a polyglot. You are a multilingual and can easily communicate with people of different parts of the world. Show them that this talent of yours can be an asset to the company. But add some style to it. Pick a nice background color to the slide such as green, tan, teal or red. Add oval shapes. Pick some nice colors. Write the languages you know in the shapes. We bet your slide will definitely make you stand a chance to get selected.


Design 4) Interests:




Talk about your interests. This could be an ice breaking moment. They may also like what you are into and can discuss about it at length. However, jotting down the interests with bullet points or icons is an old and boring style. Rather take a pie chart. This way, the interviewer/ client will know what you like the most and the least.


Design 5) Skill set:


Skill set


Skill set are like your superpowers. Show how your skills and abilities can prove to be beneficial for the other employees as well as for the company. Showcase it with a design. Flaunt them innovatively. Choose a business diagram such as bar graphs. Bar graphs can easily depict your skill set from lowest to highest. Or you can go for some unique diagram like seesaw or weighing balance.


Design 6) Quote:




Add a quote you follow. It shows that you are inspired, positive and enthusiastic. Just having a text on the white slide is a big no no. Take a stunning picture. Pick a nice font. You either blur a picture a bit, have a text written on it or you can add a transparent layer to the image and have a text on it. You can add a shape as well. Keep stripes of the rectangle shapes on the right corner of the image. Write your favorite quote. Also, ready to be asked questions about the author of the quote. They might test your knowledge.


Design 7) Hire me:


Why hire me


Why they should hire you? This one question you are going to get a lot. Now here is the thought I am getting in my mind. That’s the way you should answer this question. Make them believe in your answer. Show them the confidence in what you say. Add an oval shape callout bubble (dialog box) and write your answer in the shape. End the answer on a nice note. Like we did.



Rather than going the usual way, introduce yourself innovatively and be remembered. These 7 creative things/ designs will surely help you up your game.


Start with a greeting slide. That’s the essential and easiest one.


Also, you are just a click away to get a professionally designed Introduce Yourself PPT deck.


Introduce yourself in style.


Good luck.


Do you need professional PowerPoint Designers to help you nail your next presentation? Get in touch with our Presentation Design Agency.

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4 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself in Style!! 7 Creative Designs You Can Add in Your Visual Resume”
  1. Robin
    Great Hanisha.
    1. Hanisha Kapoor
      Hanisha Kapoor
      Thank You Robin.
  2. Kriti
    Wow. Thanku for this amazing article. Will definitely try for my next interview
    1. Hanisha Kapoor
      Hanisha Kapoor
      Thank You Kriti. Glad you liked the post.
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