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Investor Funding Pitch Deck
Investment Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation to Bag More Funds

Investment Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation to Bag More Funds

“Investors are not solely evaluating your Company’s story; they are also evaluating your ability to convey that story- Bill Gurley


Pitching your idea to a room full of investors has never been easy.


But, with the right set of presentation in your hands, you can hold your potential investors’ attention for a longer period to explain the nitty-gritty of your product or business idea.


Having backed up with a good presentation doesn’t always mean that you are going to win over the clients if your product is not worth investing.


Therefore, to be able to convince your potential investor you need to be backed up with both, a good presentation and product or business idea.


For startups, getting early investments can make a lot difference.


Whether you survive in the cut-throat competition or fail as an entrepreneur depends upon how efficient you are in raising funds for your organization.


Investment Pitch Deck Presentation


Getting an investment in the initial stage is quite risky, because investors aren’t sure if you’ll be around in a few years.


To convince them to fund your idea, you should have a killer pitch deck.


Presenting to you a successful investment pitch deck, so you can customize it for your next funding presentation.


SlideTeam’s professionals have dedicated their time and effort to create one such pitch deck that includes all the essential templates from the cover slide, funding structure, to investment strategy and performance.


Put your hands on this attention grabbing investment pitch deck that can help you plan, strategize and gain funds for your venture.


The Cover Slide


Provide a quick overview of your business plan to your audience taking the advantage of this professionally-designed cover slide. This slide will set a tone for your entire presentation, so you should design it with full zeal, which is where our designers have put efforts into.


The slide here shows a graphical presentation of some data that is being analyzed by a person and gives you space to present your company name and topic name.


To give it a realistic look we have added an infographic showcasing the growth of money, indicating the growth of your business.


Cover Slide

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Funding Structure


Next here, we present the funding structure slide of the deck. This slide provides the glimpse about the funding structure of the company in a seamless manner. It focuses on investment raised for startups and those for early stage companies.


The slide gives you enough room to present your company’s stats and the total number of companies in which you have invested funds so far.


Funding Structure

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Our Investment Strategy 


This slide can help you present your investment strategy in a crisp and a clear format. It incorporates a table showcasing the investment strategy of past 15 years along with funding types, fund invested and other details.


Some of the strategies talked about are –


The experiment, the winning formula, Scaling up


Investment Strategy

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Our Target Market 


The given slide talks about target market which focuses on different markets for funding purpose.


In the given slide it talks about the funding of various startups such as healthcare, technology, retail, and industrial. You can jot down the stats related to target market and present different sectors in which you wish to invest by utilizing the onion diagram on the right side.


Target Market

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What Sets Us Apart 


This slide can help you showcase your special features and how you stand out from the crowd.


Utilize the slide to talk about how you are different from your competitors and jot down the unique qualities that your organization possess.


Some of the unique features mentioned in the slide are -

  • Honest and ethical advisors
  • True independence
  • Depth of tax knowledge and resource
  • Personalization


What Sets Us Apart

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Our Investment Performance


Sharing the investment performance has now become easy, thanks to this readily available template that does all the task for you.


It showcases investment performance which covers distribution to paid in DPI, total value to invested capital and cash returned.


Our Investment Performance

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SlideTeam is giving you a readily-available thoughtful deck that can help you raise funds for your business. Those who don’t know how to present their company in a great way can put their hands on this investment pitch deck.


Right from the cover slide to the investment structure, it incorporates all the essential templates that helps you get started. Also, having this deck at your disposal you can make a strong case in front of your investors.


We also work on Live Projects wherein you can connect with our experts to get a customized deck designed for your new business idea.

Call us at  +1-408-659-4170 for any queries.

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