Why you need a Mitigation Plan? Mitigation plan shows the steps you take in response to a risk to the project or company.


Mitigation plan identifies and analyzes the risk at an early stage to prevent the unseen damage to the project.


Therefore, to lessen the risk exposure, mitigation plan is a must.


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11 templates to create a mitigation plan are:


Risk Management Plan:


Risk Management Plan


This template will help you figure out the types of risks expected by the company and how to manage those risks. This slide has a layout mentioning all the possible actions to curb those risks.


Risk Identification:


Risk Identification


Identify risk associated with a project. Above is the slide showcasing various risks linked to a project such as cost, time, resources and more. You can list down the risk associated with all or some of these factors as per your requirements.


Risk Register:


Risk Register


Identify all sorts of risks such as corporate risks, project risks, budget risks, systems risks and more. Put down all those risks into the risk register which will help you plan out your risk reduction strategy and contingency plans to curb the situation on the basis of a type of risk.


Risk Assessment:


Risk Assessment


Assess the risk level using this template. Parameters are given on the basis of which you can calculate the risk level. These parameters are consequences, likelihood of occurrence and detection. These will let you assess the probability of risk level and its impact.


Risk Assessment Scoring Result:


Risk Assessment Scoring Result


On the basis of the risk assessment framework, you can obtain the risk score and determine its likelihood of occurrence. Whether the risk is extreme or moderate, you will be able to figure it out once you analyze the risk.


Risk Analysis:


Risk Analysis


Analyze the risk level using above template. Follow the steps that are shown in the template to calculate the risk and its certainty. Using the above template, you can estimate the risk level associated with your project/ company.


Risk Response Matrix:


Risk Response Matrix


There are many ways in which you can respond to a risk. You can use the risk response matrix to respond to a risk. This graph showcases the probability of risk and the risk response associated with the same.


Risk Mitigation Strategies:


Risk Mitigation Strategies


This strategy is used to reduce the adverse effects of risk. The template shows the three categories of risk and also the strategies to be opted to manage the risk levels. You can adopt or alter these strategies as per your requirement.


Risk Mitigation Plan:


Risk Mitigation Plan


This template lets you plan a mitigation strategy once the risk has been identified. It has a table in which you can list down the risk identified and the mitigation plan to curb the same.


Risk Control Matrix:


Risk Control Matrix


Risk control matrix helps you keep a track of the steps you have taken to supress the risk. It helps you to keep a log of the control measures you have decided to take to manage the risk levels.


Risk Item Tracking:


Risk Item Tracking


Above is the template which you can use to track the risk factors and the progress you have made so far.


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Minimize the potential risks with these professionally designed mitigation plan templates.