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Top 10 Templates to Uncover the Truth about Mergers and Takeovers in 2021

Top 10 Templates to Uncover the Truth about Mergers and Takeovers in 2021

Gunjan Gupta

March 5, 2021

Despite 2020 being a tumultuous year on record, several companies have mega-merged, with a few unexpected liaisons, record-breaking buyouts, and unified assets that are getting bigger and better every day.


When mergers and takeovers make headlines, it is often the bigger deals that capture attention. And the past few months have produced seemingly endless strings of headlines. Certainly, there have been myriad blockbuster transactions worldwide among the cash-loaded giants. Over $3.5trn investments and acquisitions have been made as a part of the quest to build a bigger and better network of merger and acquisition (M&A) pioneers, crossing the previous $3trn benchmark. 


As the scope among different industries widens and is disrupted by new technology and entrants, trailblazers are taking some influential steps to cement their position in both vertical and horizontal domains. This has drastically improved the strategic withstanding. 


Mergers and takeovers have thus become a popular segment of the society, encouraging the new and old companies to expand their territories, gain a competitive edge and acquire a more advanced skill-set. These are especially popular among Baby Boomers looking for a rapid transformation and creating an impetus in the industry, forcing others to up their game. 


That being said, let us study a few real-life examples of some major mergers and takeovers that shook the world with their far-sighted approach. 

P.S. These aren’t necessarily the biggest mergers, but are worthy enough to make the next generation their avid followers! 


  • Disney-21st Century Fox 


The entertainment industry was shaken up when Disney announced the acquisition of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. For a mammoth of billions of dollars, the deal brought two pioneers of the entertainment industry into a single frame. This future-proofed our beloved Disney characters and their vast empire. 

For avid movie fans, this deal meant a newer world of lucrative offerings and crossovers, with Deadpool, X-Men, etc, becoming a brethren with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With these acquired assets, Disney's game plan of solidifying its position and conquering the entertainment sector doesn’t appear to be a distant dream. 



  • Morgan Stanley-E*Trade


February 2020 seems like yesterday for many people considering what happened in the interim. With almost a year gone by, the visuals are still fresh in our minds. But dial your thoughts back to the time when one of the biggest investment banks Morgan Stanley took over the popular online trading platform E*Trade in the blink of an eye. The deal helped Morgan gain a foothold in the trading sector, thus breaking the old paradigms. With billions of retail client assets, this acquisition led to a boost of almost 10% AUM (Assets Under Management) of Morgan Stanley, tripling the database by a whopping $8.2 million. 



  • Vodafone-Mannesmann 


As of January 2021, Vodafone acquiring the assets of Mannesmann remains the biggest takeover phenomenon at a colossal of $203 billion. This deal skyrocketed Vodafone's stocks and set the scene for dozens of mega deals in the telecommunication sector. 


Mergers and takeovers templates: Blueprints that set real-life examples


Mergers and takeovers are often cloaked in confusion as none of the information is available to the public. Most of the machinations happen behind closed doors, thus creating a sense of mystery. This makes the shareholders anxious and somewhat nervous about the M&A. The templates that we are offering, however, outline the best ways to invest in mergers and takeovers that are beneficial to the masses. How? With their top to bottom approach, explaining the major fundamentals with different slides and visuals. 


So, let us take a closer look at these designs to reshape the industry and achieve the zenith of success with well-planned mergers and takeovers. 

Template 1

M&A is a crucial business concept rooted in the fundamentals of corporate growth. Continuing on the same lines is this creative bundle that you can use as a guide for your top-level organizational meetings. With various slides and numerous process flow visuals, charts, and graphs, this template ensures the delivery of a logical and analytical presentation. This helps in creating trust and boosting the morale of the shareholders by providing a clear picture of the M&A process. Download it now. 


Mergers And Acquisitions Management PowerPoint Presentation

Download Mergers And Acquisitions Management PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Make the merger and takeover process simple for non-business-savvy people with this M&A template. Gain the confidence of stakeholders,  investors, and employees with the layout that sells. This template comes in handy to educate the masses and make the next business move. It is also an ideal set that strategic planners and proprietors on the move can use as a guideline to carry on their tasks. 


Mergers And Acquisitions Framework PowerPoint Presentation

Download Mergers And Acquisitions Framework PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

We often hear about M&As and their importance in the business world. It is the single most important term that calls for every marketer, business analyst, and proprietors’ attention. Thus, to make things simpler and more streamlined, we have designed this complete PowerPoint deck for mergers and takeovers. With 31 slides dispensing information on your subjects of interest, this is a great template to take advantage of. Use it to impart invaluable knowledge on the subject matter and make dynamic shifts as a presenter. 


Cultural Mergers And Acquisitions PowerPoint Presentation

Download Cultural Mergers And Acquisitions PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

Acquire assets skillfully by proposing your business in a compelling manner with this design. This complete deck has many slides for your reference and utility. Therefore, present a bird’s-eye view of your topic with this mergers and acquisition template. It is a great tool to land new projects, all thanks to its edgy design and contrasting colors that complement the style of every presenter. 


Mergers And Acquisition Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Download Mergers And Acquisition Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Template 5

If you are looking for a knowledgeable presentation that solves all your M&A problems, then use this complete deck. Let your audience understand the terms of mergers and takeovers and identify the distinguishing features with this great design. With the help of high-quality illustrations, one can instantly grab the content and context of the presentation, thus enhancing your value as a presenter. Apart from this, you can personalize the visuals, charts, and all other components of this complete deck. 


Merger And Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation

Download Merger And Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation

Template 6

To make the M&A process easy to grasp, our designers have put together these editable PPT slides. This slideshow aids you in representing your subject matter in the most engaging and intriguing manner. You can give a thorough explanation of mergers and acquisitions with this design. You can add examples in this deck to let your audience know the meaning and distinguishing factors. From providing the overall synergy to explaining the entire concept, this template is the best buy. Therefore, download it now! 


Mergers And Acquisitions Project Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Download Mergers And Acquisitions Project Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Template 7

Merging and acquiring assets is an integral part of the business process. Thus, it calls for thorough knowledge and understanding. This mergers and takeovers template is designed to help you explain this consolidation process with edgy visuals, diagrams, and graphics. It can also be used to show the integration timeline, a concept that makes or breaks a successful M&A  venture. Therefore, this template is the best you can find, with all the key fundamentals and creativity intact.  


Mergers And Acquisitions IT Integration Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Download Mergers And Acquisitions IT Integration Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Template 8

Apart from the merger and acquisition concept, the post-process formalities are also extremely important. This template caters to the post-integration process making it more streamlined and successful for the organization. You can use it to neatly present information on the criteria, its application, concept, and other policies. All the 25 slides in this design provide a breakdown of some key terms and fundamentals that are important to enlist and take charge of. 


Post Merger Integration Framework And Challenges PowerPoint Presentation

Download Post Merger Integration Framework And Challenges PowerPoint Presentation

Template 9

This is another complete deck that caters to the post-merger integration process in any industry of your choice. Although it is primarily focused on the IT sector, other professionals can also benefit from its adaptable design and features. This template comes in an editable format, thus making its application process easy and convenient. Therefore, without any extra thought, download it now! 


Post Merger Integration IT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Post Merger Integration IT PowerPoint Presentation

Template 10

Mergers and acquisitions are valuable corporate terms that bode well for every organization. No matter the size and operations, implementing the M&A process successfully will benefit any organization. This template design helps in making these terms much clearer and distinguishable for the audience. Analysts, managers, entrepreneurs, and others can also use it to educate and impart knowledge on the subject matter. With that, the viewers can observe everything with a keen eye and take incremental steps. 


Due Diligence For Mergers And Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation

Download Due Diligence For Mergers And Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation


The final truth about mergers and takeovers 


Expect megadeals to make headlines in 2021, ranging from the pharma sector to hot areas of bank consolidation at lower rates of interest. M&As will become even more prominent after turbulent months took over most of the space in the 2020 calendar. Thus, corporate megadeals are on cards, making the engagement in M&A even more important, especially as the surge helped the US bounce back after a major downturn! 

To get pointers on what constitutes the perfect M&A template for your company, check out our blog post here

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