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Top 10 Monthly Schedule Templates With Samples and Examples

Top 10 Monthly Schedule Templates With Samples and Examples

Nawsheen Muzamil

Nawsheen Muzamil

November 25 2022

Without productivity to aim at from the lowest rung to the CEO or the owner, businesses will simply meander along. Once targets are fixed in terms of activity, revenue, or profits etc, everyone in the business world needs a schedule to help track where he/she is in terms of meeting these.




Schedules, then, can be of varying time frames. A monthly schedule, however, has the advantage of being the right length to see and meet both short-term and long-term goals in terms of execution of tasks.


Monthly scheduling templates therefore become a pursuit for anyone ranging from a professional to a learner. We have collated this wonderful utility for you to find for yourselves relevant monthly scheduling templates to plan and host successful gatherings. Scroll below to get started!


Template 1: Monthly Project Business Calendar Schedule PPT Slide


Here is a calendar template to schedule your monthly project activities in advance. Identify the core activities for each day of the month corresponding to their time slots and mark them under different dates. Schedule interviews, budget discussions, group meetings, presentations, etc. that fall under respective projects. To put this editable PPT Template to use, visit the download link below.


Monthly project business calendar schedule PPT


Download this template


Template 2: Monthly Project Sprint Schedule Calendar


Plan your weekly and monthly sprint meeting calendar using our project sprint schedule template. Enter the date and duration of these important scrum meetings while keeping the scrum master, product owner, and developers in loop. Discuss their availability and then dedicate two-to-four hours per week to address product backlogs, and seamless development over the coming time. Download now.


Monthly project sprint schedule calendar


Download this template


Template 3: Monthly Schedule for Social Media Posts PPT Slide


Here is a vibrant PPT Template to schedule your social media postings. Plan ahead the frequency, channel, and date of posting content for social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that are in sync with your social media growth strategy. With this PPT Layout ensure that your social presence is monitored and active for followers to feel connected. Download now!


Optimizing Social Media Community Engagement Monthly Schedule For Social Media Posts


Download this template


Template 4: Project Schedule Gantt Chart on Monthly Basis PowerPoint Presentation


A Gantt Chart has grown to be an important medium of communication within organizations. Keeping track of your project activities and ensuring they run on schedule has never been easier. We present this editable monthly scheduling template that utilizes Gantt chart representation to monitor and plan tasks. You can track two products simultaneously and the course of tasks involved with this PowerPoint Layout. Download now to get started.


Project schedule gantt chart on monthly basis PowerPoint presentation deck


Download this template


Template 5: Single-Pager for Daily Schedule Tasks by Employee on Monthly Calendar Report


Are the employees in your company lagging behind in delivering tasks? Here is a calendar design to help them schedule and execute tasks on time. They can mark their monthly activities that are in addition to their routine work on this PPT Design. Then it can be printed out to be pasted on their office desks or linked to their drive to keep their teammates in loop. Grab this PPT Template now!


Single pager for daily schedule tasks by employee on monthly calendar report infographic PPT PDF document


Download this template


Template 6: Monthly Event Planning Logistics Schedule PPT Slide


If your organization revolves around planning events, then you must explore this event planning and logistics template. Cover aspects such as creating plans for events, kick-off meetings and guest lists with this template and map their progress with this slide. Address logistics features like shipping and accommodation and portion of tasks completed during the time allotted before the event. Similarly, you can track the progress over installation of rental services for events such as furniture, on-site services, etc. with this PowerPoint Template. Go ahead with downloading this presentation template from the link below.


Monthly Event Planning Logistics Schedule PPT


Download this template


Template 7: HR Monthly Meeting Schedule Plan


Create a monthly meeting planner for your HR department with this PPT Layout. Highlight the major meetings, their purpose, location, and timing to be shared with prospective attendants. This slide can be renewed to create annual schedules of meetings for any department. Moreover, you can adjust other details such as the name of the organizer, monthly meeting budget, key speakers, etc. to impart specificity to this monthly schedule template. Download now.


HR Monthly Meeting Schedule Plan


Download this template


Template 8: Monthly Employee Absence Schedule PowerPoint Slide


Does your company encourage early applications of leaves because of the workload? Then you need to download this PPT Layout to record their attendance. This can include sick leaves too that are scheduled ahead even including post vaccination effects. Use this template to schedule the pre-conveyed absences of your employees or you can also use it to monitor the attendance of previous months while understanding the overall company efficiency. Grab it now!


Monthly employee absence schedule PowerPoint slide


Download this template


Template 9: Monthly Project Accomplishments Review Schedule PPT Slide


Monitoring project activities to jot down accomplishments and milestones is of importance to anyone contributing to it. Schedule your ceremonies and meetings to discuss and evaluate performance with this PPT Layout. Assess your strategies and performances and allot time frames during the course of months to share them with the team. The attendees can vary according to the purpose of the project and using this notice board template, you can update the team on their presences required for each of those meets. Go ahead and download it now!


Monthly project accomplishments review schedule PPT


Download this template


Template 10: Project Schedule Management Plan with Monthly Tasks


Some projects are spread over years, yet the planning and scheduling needs to be done beforehand to identify major responsibilities. Plan those monthly objectives with this PPT Layout. The spiral timeline format points out the major actionable months and the objectives to be attained in them. Highlight those and get a lead on with your next big project. Download now.


Project schedule management plan with monthly tasks PPT


Download this template


These were the 10 most downloaded monthly schedule templates that our users have benefited from. Get ahead in organizing and pre-planning by grabbing your favorites today.


PS: Have you considered hourly agenda planning in your projects when the deadline is close and efficiency your biggest goal? Then you need to go through our guide replete with relevant templates for you to micromanage.


FAQs on Monthly Schedule Templates

Why should you have a monthly schedule?

If your team is striving for perfectionism and wants to align its strategies and contingencies beforehand, you need a monthly schedule. Even a yearly schedule will do if you are planning for long ahead. Scheduling keeps all responsible stakeholders informed of any upcoming activity and thus they can prepare accordingly. By having a month’s time-table in place, you can determine your availability and plan other activities around it. A monthly schedule is a brilliant way to assign value to your time.

Can I get a monthly schedule template designed as per my needs?

Besides the ones we have demonstrated, of course you can. All you need to do is avail our custom design services to bring your doodles, and visions to life. We have very flexible plans for you to mold any of your design requests into editable, PPT software compatible, and easy to share PowerPoint presentations. To know more, visit our page here.


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