“It's not the plan that's important, it's the planning.” Dr Gramme Edwards


While most of us might not remember this quote, we have been following it for a long time. Right from childhood, we have been taught to plan for what we aspire to achieve, a method we carry with us right from school to the workplace. Thinking of the varied goals one wants to achieve is the simplest task, effort comes into the picture when an action plan is to be decided.


As an organization serving multiple clients, it is not easy to create a practical action plan from scratch, which is when a coaching action plan acts as a savior. A coaching action plan template is a signature tool that outlines the goals and a step-by-step process to achieve them. In other words, it is a blueprint that companies can use in their coaching plan when making an offer to their potential clients.


These action plan templates are structured to develop the skills of employees, making them efficient towards the company's overall goals.


Using a coaching action plan template reduces the burden of preparing and explaining individual templates to everyone. A coaching action plan template involves:


  • Defining the goals and identifying its obstacles.
  • Setting realistic milestones.
  • Creating a timeline with respect to action plans.
  • Outlining the key resources at hand aiding the goal achievement.
  • Developing accountability measures.


Using easy-to-customize and edit coaching action plan templates will enhance employee loyalty and serve as a means for the growth of the company, even after the employees have achieved the set goals.


Let's explore the templates now!


Template 1: Coaching Action Plan PPT Bundle

Execution of any action plan needs a set of objectives any business can work upon. With this PPT Set, kick off your coaching action plan. It presents a thorough coaching action plan for different areas of the organization and provides a detailed assessment channel of the possibilities of your projects. Explore the ever-changing industry scenario while diving deep into your company's internal arena and building coaching business plans. Engage your team by presenting a well-produced coaching agenda that will help you establish a closer connection.


Coaching Action Plan


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Template 2: Internal Employee Coaching Action Plan PPT Template

It is very important to craft an effective internal coaching action plan to obtain the desired results. Employees can boost their productivity and achieve the pre-set goals if everything is well-planned internally within the organization. Deploy this slide where you have just to jot down the action plan, tasks associated with them, the timeline to accomplish those tasks, and channels to discuss them. Share this slide with your team by keeping everyone on the same page while you can easily coach the tasks associated with a particular project.


Internal employee coaching action plan


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Template 3: Coaching Action Plan For Sales Manager PPT Set

Sales are the backbone of every business. It's very important to create a result-oriented coaching plan for the sales manager and sales team that would outline the goals that need to be achieved and actions to be taken to accomplish them. Utilize this PPT Framework and demonstrate your sales coaching action plan by specifying the weekly goals like sales pitching calls and auditing tasks. Craft the actions that need to be taken to coach the sales action plan, including reviewing sales calls, offering development opportunities, and building trust by highlighting failed pitches and analyzing solutions to overcome them.


Coaching action plan for sales manager


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Template 4: Coaching Action Plan For Employee Engagement PPT Template

Keeping your employees engaged during projects and boosting their productivity is one of the most challenging tasks. Don't worry, we have a perfectly-curated, content-ready PPT Layout to ease your burden! Deploy this PPT Set and fill in the activities you are planning your employees to undertake, action plans to fulfill those tasks, deadlines to complete them, and people responsible for supervising them. Present this template to the team engaged in a particular project and coach your employee engagement action plan like never before.


Coaching action plan for employee engagement


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Template 5: Coaching Action Plan For Career Development PPT Template

Developing a coaching action plan helps you keep on track during your career development and maintain focus so that you may accomplish the objectives you have set for your career.  Here’s the PPT Slide you can use to present your career development's coaching action plan. Download it right away and track your progress over time!


Coaching action plan icon for career development


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Template 6: The Ultimate Human Resources Executive Coaching Objectives Action Plan

This PPT Slide encompasses the important executive objectives that form an action plan consisting of aligned objectives, identification of strengths, review action, and understanding of communication style, making it easy to create and apply a practical action plan. It is ideal for circulation within the organization as well as presentation worthy to showcase clientele in an easy-to-understand manner.


Executive Coaching Objectives Action Plan


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Template 7: Coaching Plan for Upskilling Suppliers Action Plan

Introducing another template- perfect for upskilling the suppliers. Some of the key components mentioned in the same indicate a mentoring plan inclusive of coaching topics, coaching agenda, coaching areas, number of sessions planned, and the resources to be utilized.  It is ideal for offering important information and strengthening supplier relationship management and can be customized to meet your requirements and standards.


Coaching plan for upskilling suppliers


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Template 8: Training Calendar for Suppliers Coaching Action Plan For Supplier Relationship

The main purpose of this PPT Presentation is to render a training calendar to coach the suppliers. It is inclusive of information such as the date of training, training topic, trainer profile, mode, and duration of training. It also consists of parameters such as product quality management and relationship management, which can be filled and assessed easily without having to curate multiple documents for the same.


Training calendar for suppliers coaching


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Coach For Your Success By Downloading These Customizable Templates!


A successful organization and a successful career go hand in hand, something that doesn’t happen overnight or by mere chance. It is the result of meticulous planning involving action plans for short-term and long-term business goals.


Whether one is an employee or just venturing into the corporate domain, following a coaching action plan helps one gain control and prepare for what lies ahead. Moreover, these templates benefit companies equally, given one of the goals of a company is to upskill its employees, inclusive of the process of helping them excel in their careers.


Download these coaching action plan templates right away and take a step toward employee and organizational progress.


FAQs on Coaching Action Plan


How do you write a 5-step action plan?


To create a 5-step action plan, one must:


  • Set SMART Goals (wherein SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).
  • Create a list of actions.
  • Set a timeline to achieve these goals.
  • Designate necessary resources.
  • And monitor constant progress.


How do you write a coaching action plan?


To write a coaching plan, one must establish the employees' strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. The coaching plan must also include steps of action and evaluate the skill set with regard to obstacles. The ideal coaching action plan also consists of solutions and short- and long-term goals for the employees.


Why is an action plan important in coaching?


Having an action plan is important in coaching the coach (Employer) and the coaches (Employee) as it helps them properly understand the goal to be worked upon. Additionally, an action plan makes it easier to divide the long-term goal into actionable steps and determine whether or not the goal is achieved.