With the world as a global village of interconnected economies for some time now, the dynamic  landscape seeks, consumes and also produces even more data. In some businesses, operations appear impossible without data points that no one ever thought could even be generated.   


All organizations, today, are inundated with data from diverse sources such as operational systems, smart devices, and social media, its intrinsic value lies not in its origin, quality, or format but in the strategic management applied to harness its potential. 

With that being the case, businesses must implement effective data management strategies to navigate the complexity of information proliferation.


Why manage data with Database Dashboard Templates?


A comprehensive data management model encompasses the formulation of a robust data strategy and the establishment of reliable methods for accessing, integrating, cleansing, governing, storing, and preparing data for analytical purposes. The effectiveness of data management is contingent on the database type, which influences the methods employed for storage and retrieval. Moreover, considerations like total estimated effort, freight over time, total executions, and scan results play pivotal roles in shaping a data management strategy that transcends the noise that diverse systems and technologies may have been creating. .


In this context, data management is not merely a technical practice, but a holistic approach to unlock the latent value within  data. To derive practical and efficient benefits across supply chains, employee networks, customer relations, and partner ecosystems, organizations must leverage these parameters to discern relevancy and derive actionable insights. The effectiveness of data management extends beyond the sheer accumulation of information; it hinges on the ability to discern relevancy and derive actionable insights. In essence, data management is the key to transforming raw data into a strategic asset, enabling businesses to thrive in the data-driven era.


Put your seat belts on as we drive you through the world of data with our easy-to-use Data Dashboard Templates. These templates are 100% editable, customizable and  content-ready;  provide you with a structure to build your data management dashboards. With the desired flexibility to edit, they can be tailored to your database type.


Let's explore the templates!


Template 1: Data as a Service Dashboard Template 


This PPT Template streamlines data tracking and analysis. This template features organized columns for health, database type, total time in the cloud database, and total executions. The dynamic graph represents time spent in the cloud database and executions, and the pie chart segregates the query wait states. The bottom right corner has an insightful chart for recording active connections within your organization. Elevate your data management with this comprehensive and visually engaging PPT Template. Download Now!


Data as a Service Dashboard Template


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Template 2: Cloud Migration Dashboard Framework for Database


This user-friendly template has columns for scan results, recommendations, and total estimated effort, facilitating  data organization to the last detail. Elevate your analysis with insightful infographics, translating complex information into clear visuals. The readiness pie chart ensures at-a-glance progress tracking. The estimation section uses  a dynamic bar graph and pie chart for detailed category breakdowns. Simplify decision-making and enhance efficiency with this comprehensive dashboard, designed to streamline your cloud migration journey. Get this PPT Template Now! 


Cloud Migration Dashboard Framework for Database


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Template 3: Airline Transport Dashboard with Flight Database & Statistics


The Airline Industry is one of the most data-intensive and dynamic industry. This PPT template captures the dynamic changes in freight and passenger rankings, with data varying across regions. The template records air passenger and freight ranks for both specified regions. The graphs given below plot and compare the passengers over time, freight over time, GDP per capita over time of country 1 and country 2. Download Now!


Airline Transport Dashboard with Flight Database & Statistics


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Template 4: Infrastructure Visibility into Database Performance Dashboard Template 


This PPT Template features multi-screen database performance graphs. You can record  types of data and information in the form of real-time dynamic graphics. The template allows you to plot queries against the time of their raising, with categories plotted across graphs.

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Infrastructure Visibility into Database Performance Dashboard Template


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Use data potential to its fullest!


As long as businesses have collected data, they’ve had to manage it to avoid the conundrum of “garbage in, garbage out.” As volumes, types and sources of data soar, the need to process data in real time expands – and the urgency to manage data well remains a top priority for business success. Use our templates to meet this new-age business data demand, which is very much a critical input for success.