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Must-Have Painting Contract  Templates with Samples and Examples
Minakshi Arora

Minakshi Arora

March 20 2023
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Hardly anything more concrete surrounds us than the walls around us. Paint is an important way that people and businesses make the walls around them more inhabitable and welcoming.


If you are in the painting contract business, you must tap into this urge to make your order book crowded and clients impressed and happy. Drawing up a world-class painting contract is, thus, the most significant work you will do to make your life easier and the life of your clients comfortable and luxurious (if they have the budget).


If you want painting proposal templates that talk about how to communicate value, here is a world-class resource on it. Click here to access best painting proposal templates.


Yet, even the best painting services cannot put their value proposition across as they would have liked. This is a major pain point for professionals, and we resolve it with this presentation template. From the cover letter to the final terms and conditions, we provide solutions to each of the central questions you want answered on your journey to bagging that coveted client. 


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


Let's explore these templates now.


Template 1: Cover Slide for Painting Contract Proposal Template

Get your painting contract proposal off to a flying start with this visual, aptly depicting the colors of life, and the way one can showcase expertise in the craft that touches everybody’s lives.  


Painting Contractors Proposal Template


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Template 2: Our Services Slide for Painting Contractors’ Proposal Template

Include the most impressive photograph of your recent project to illustrate your work, and list the three major services you provide as a painting contractor. Home painting services, Experiential retail stores and color consultancy online are the three major services that you may highlight as the core of your service offering. Use this painting to demonstrate how you make a real difference to the industry with your scope of service and the passion you bring to the table.


Our Services for Painting Contractors Proposal Template


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Template 3: Cover Letter for Painting Contractors Proposal Template

This comprehensive yet concise cover letter starts your relationship with a client positively. Use this PPT Template to create value for your service, emphasizing the time you save with your professional painting services. Safety, quality, and expert finishing are the other aspects of the service that this slide explains. The after-finish service that your business provides is also highlighted. End with a highly memorable quote on doing your taxes and laundry, but never your painting.


Cover Letter for Painting Contractors Proposal Template


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Template 4: Table of Content for Painting Contracts Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation Slides

In this PPT Layout, understand the 11 major elements of making a world-class painting contract. The job description, the automated tools you use, materials, and labor estimate form the chunk of the contents you must include on your document. The last four elements of About us, the team, client testimonials, and the terms and conditions bring up the document's rear. Download now to see the colors of success fill your painting business order book. 




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Template 5: Core Competency Slide for a Painting Contract Proposal Template

This is the most impactful presentation template of your painting contract proposal complete deck. Listing your core competencies, start with the speed of work from start to completion, up to 40% faster than the competition. Then, furniture shifting and covering, followed by dedicated customer service, need to be on this list. The use of specialized painters and the conduct of a satisfaction survey mark out this slide and you as the pros of the craft of painting. Create that brand recall and win clients using this slide after a download.


Our Core Competency in Painting Contractors Proposal Template


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Template 6: Automated Tools Slide for Painting Contract Proposal

In this presentation template, showcase your comfort and expertise with recent technology in painting automation that makes your business successful. The five automated tools highlighted here are High-Pressure Washer; Multi-Purpose Mixer; Airless Paint Sprayer; Auto-Roller, and High-Pressure Washer. Download this template to highlight how you are a class apart in painting with complete command over automated tools for the painting profession.


Our Automated Tools for Painting Contractors Proposal Template


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Template 7: Materials and Labor Estimate for Painting Contract Proposal

This Estimate Cost slide for a painting contract convinces your clients of the profession and the systematic way you go about your work. It lists the facilities/rooms you are contracted to work upon, the price per square foot, the materials and products required for each, and the total cost of each of these works. Take care to highlight the premium quality of products that you deal in. Use this template to impress your clients and bag that order. This portion runs up to three slides and, of course, varies according to your own needs. This is where the customizable nature of our products comes in handy.


Materials & Labour Estimate for Painting Contractors Proposal Template Cont..


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Template 8: Terms and Conditions for Painting Contract Services Proposal

Use this terms and conditions slide to list the certifications, insurance, and safety procedures you will use in your proposal for the painting contract. In this template, assure your potential clients that crew members are certified, licensed, and insured. Also, list any professional body you are a member of and how you are committed to upholding their standards of quality and integrity. Also, use this slide to highlight any warranty you include for your works. As you take responsibility for this, also have the clause that the building owner will take care of unanticipated problems. Download now to illustrate why your service is a success as you adhere to the world-class terms and conditions that we provide.


Terms & Conditions for Painting Contractors Proposal


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Template 9: One-Pager Statement of Work and Contract for Property Painting Services Proposal

This one-pager is your one-stop solution to the pain point of being brief, precise and clear with the statement of work and contract for exterior painting services. Use this PPT Presentation to describe contract details and others terms and conditions. The essentials, i.e. the names and addresses of the parties, the date and the service provided plus the total cost is mentioned at the top. The under two bullet points each, list the major heads of the contract as:  Services rendered, the cooperation necessary, terms of payment, plans cancellation, confidentiality and terms and termination; in most cases, a 60-day written notice is required, and we mention this in the well-researched contract.


Statement of Work and Contract for Property Painting Services Proposal


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Pass with flying colors!


Any kind of construction needs a varnish of paint and a brush with colors to infuse life into it. If you are in the professional of painting needed in construction, you always dabble with colors of life. Make sure you always pass the test of client inspections with flying colors with the use of our painting contract proposal templates. 


If you need to understand the hues of corporate strategy, SlideTeam has world-class resources to offer you there as well. Click here to access best-in-class corporate strategy templates.



FAQs on Painting Contract Templates



How do I make a contract for painting?


A good, water-tight painting contract includes the following basic elements for it to stand any scrutiny and satisfy the needs of both the client and the business owner. It must have the names and addresses of both the parties, and detail the services to be provided step-wise and in logical order. The way the costs are to be incurred and the ratio of these between labor and material also has to be given to the client. In most cases, the client address and the address where work is to be done is different, and must be mentioned separately on the contract. Finally, a top-class painting contract ends with the probable work schedule and the end and the start date of work mentioned clearly.


What is the agreement between painter and client?


A painter and a client are entering into a work contract, which is a mixture of using both a product (the paints, the machines and the other raw material etc.) and services (labor, buying the material etc.). Hence, this sort of an agreement is based on the implicit assumption of trust that the painter will take due care of the walls and the surface on which he works (the walls). The explicit part of the business deal is listed out in a contract, as outlined in the question above. Still, the agreement between a painter and a client is always that the scope of work be well-defined, the term of work be clear and payment terms, mutual cooperation etc. all be acceptable and signed by both the parties. 


How is painting bid calculated?


A painting bid is primarily scientific and deals with the way you calculate the amount you will charge for your services of painting the exterior of a house, the insides of an office space or any other work that you are contracted for. It is primarily based on the area that you need to paint, plus the quality of paint and material that the client wants you to use, and the labor you will use. In addition, there are auxiliary services that you provide which will be critical to the big you submit. To all of these costs, you add a reasonable profit margin, and then submit your bid.

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