Have you been looking for a job? A job search is impossible without having a resume. A recruiter usually spends just six seconds in reviewing a single resume. Therefore, it is important to have a good one that quickly grabs attention. Now, the question is that what is a good resume? Well, your CV should begin with a comprehensive self-introduction to help recruiters take a quick glance at your work experience, education, and more.


A resume could make or break the chances of getting shortlisted for an interview. So, you should keep in mind a few points before creating an eye-catching one. To begin with, your resume introduction should highlight your qualifications, skills as per the mentioned job description, and major achievements. It should be crisp, concise, and impactful enough for the recruiters. For getting an idea of a professional CV, click here!


It is important to note that you should mention all keywords that can help your resume rank high in the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS),  a system that 75% of recruiters are using to filter the best candidate. 


To create an impression with your portfolio, use this Self Presentation Resume PPT Template. Click here!


Crafting a decent resume with an ideal introduction can be tricky. Slide Team offers a highly professional and well-designed Self-Introduction Resume Template to help you with this task. This template is 100% editable and customizable as per your suitability. 


Let us check out the templates!


Template 1 – Self Introduction with name, job position, work experience and education




Introduction is the first thing a recruiter will notice in your resume. So, you must keep it brief and captivating. Read the job description carefully and search for relevant keywords to use in your introduction. Your CV should communicate your value as a professional. Do not forget to write the important accomplishments in your work experience. This would make an employer contemplate that you might be an asset to the organization. Additionally, you must mention your educational qualifications, whether it is a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or even higher. Use this PPT Template to create an impactful resume. It begins with your Full Name, then the Job Position just below it. After that, there is an About Me section, which you can write in about 3-4 sentences. There is also a section on work experience and education, which you need to write about in short paragraphs. Additionally, there is a Portfolio and Contact segment which are important to mention in your introduction. Download this template now!


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Template 2 – Self Introduction with skills, achievements and more




In your resume, you must mention your skills along with other essential information.This will help to differentiate you from the other competitors. If your skills match the ones required for the job role, it will increase the chances of you landing the job. Use two-three small paragraphs as mentioned in the PPT Template above. Here, you can also see there is a section on achievements which will highlight all your accomplishments. You can also tell the recruiters about the languages known by you. For example, English, Hindi, French, German or Spanish. Additionally, your self-introduction should include hobbies to express that your interest extends beyond work and lastly mention the references with full name, email ID, and phone number so that your employer can learn more about you. Get this comprehensive template now and go ahead with your job search!


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A professional resume will serve your purpose only when it comprises important details. You have to mention a complete and proper self-introduction in your CV to seize the attention of the recruiters.


PS If you need help finding the perfect template for creating a professional resume, click here!