The most universal and critical resource, for people in all walks of business, is time. Time is the currency that keeps the professional world moving, and success finds those that can use this essential resource well.


When it comes to managing one's time and improving performance, there are many tactics and approaches people tend to use, but a to-do list is the most basic, approachable, and lucrative. Having your work spread out in an organized manner over the course of not just a day, but the entire week, is sure to sustain your focus in your daily processes.


Apart from enhancing your time management, a weekly planner serves to give you a bird's eye view of your impending tasks, meetings, and schedule, thereby orienting you towards the whole operation.


In this article, we're going to be showcasing a few content-ready weekly to-do list Templates, which you can deploy to keep track of your business activities, tasks, processes, and more. Free up mental space and boost your productivity levels with the use of these PPT Slides, which come with a high degree of customizability in every design.


Template 1: Weekly To-do List PowerPoint Slide

Use this pre-designed PPT Template to have a simple, yet concise structure applied to your work plans. The PowerPoint Template exhibits five phases spread over the Slide – weekly do to list, goals, tasks, emails, and finish. Incorporate this ready to use PowerPoint Graphic to hold and analyze your business operations closely and achieve your goals within a given time-frame.


Weekly To Do List Layout PowerPoint Slides Download


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Template 2: Calendar with Weekly Plans for HR PPT Template

This Template has been made with a specialized focus on the human resource space. It is a clean and crisp Slide showing a weekly schedule table to help you add your tasks, notes, comments, etc. Organize yourself better with the help of this Slide and execute your processes with ease.


Calendar with Weekly Plans and To Do Lists for HR


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Template 3: Project To-do List with Weekly Activity Schedule Slide

This simple, yet effective PowerPoint Layout could be just what you need to structure your daily operations better. It has an eye-catching visual appeal, with a blend of dark blue and green colors against a clear white background. The table on the Slide incorporates the days of the week with tasks paired with each day, that you can amend to fit your own internal work and band-width. A to-do list at the bottom of the PPT Layout helps you analyze your efficiency on a regular basis to boost performance.


Project To Do List with Weekly Activity Schedule


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Template 4: Weekly To-do List Schedule with Priority and Status Template

This actionable PPT Template accommodates a range of metrics that serve to boost proficiency and diligence in the workplace – task, priority, status, due date and percentage completed. Paired with this on the horizontal plane are subheadings such as planning, preparation, hands-off, follow-up, etc. to monitor the progress. Elevate your organizational skills and give your work systems the engagement they need with the help of this ready to use PowerPoint Template.


Weekly to Do List Schedule with Priority and Status


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No matter how hard you work, how many hours you put into your chosen discipline, many of you find yourselves stranded and demotivated. This is where SlideTeam’s weekly to-do List Templates help and keep your organized and productive. Planning, organizing and preparation are essential ingredients in the day of a successful professional, and they separate the upper echelon of the business space from everyone else. Make your day more fruitful, productive and lucrative using these pre-designed Templates to keep yourself ahead in the game.



FAQs on Weekly To-do List



What should be on my weekly to-do list?


A weekly to-do list can serve as an anchor through which one arranges his personal and professional life, casting priorities and plotting progress. Here are a few general components to include in a weekly to-do list:


  • Work-related tasks: As a professional, this takes sound priority during the planning progress. These are the tasks that are essential to your job. It helps to also narrow them down and distil them into categories as well, taking them one piece at a time.
  • Learning tasks: Managers, supervisors and professionals around the globe allocate varying amounts of time to learning, developing and evolving their craft within their own chosen fields. Taking the time to develop and hone one's professional acuities helps, and integrating these tasks into your weekly to-do list could help in the longer term.
  • Personal tasks: Lastly, these are the tasks that are necessary to have a stable and productive schedule in place. Some examples of tasks in this category could include going to the bank or travelling. Integrating these tasks into the broader weekly work schedule helps you to frame the available time in the week around your work-related tasks, thereby boosting productivity in the long run.


How do you manage weekly tasks?


Step 1 – Set long-term goals


Before you start mapping out the content of any specific week, be sure to review your long-term goals and align them with quarterly or yearly objectives. This helps in syncing your weekly projects with the broader vision you strive towards, thereby achieving a greater degree of focus.


Step 2 – Establish the tasks for the week


Next, chart out the tasks that await you during the week, tapping into different channels such as calendars, notes and emails to gather all of the impending tasks.


Step 3 – List priorities


Once you've listed your tasks, begin a process of prioritization, where you rank the different tasks based on their essential factors.


Step 4 – Schedule your tasks


Having listed your priorities, design a schedule where you tackle the tasks across a weekly calendar, while attaching deadlines or time frames for each task to improve focus within each project.


Step 5 – Revise and adjust your plan


Lastly, as you progress through the week, revise and adjust the plan as needed. Scoring off completed tasks and shifting unfinished ones to new slots can help. Further refining this process over the course of many weeks by establishing where things went wrong is certain to help in the long run.


How can I make a weekly planner?


  • Set a template: A Template can add immense value to your weekly planning process, saving time while imposing consistency upon the activity. Use SlideTeam’s content-ready PowerPoint Templates to outline your weekly plan with ease.
  • Arrange your tasks by category: Club similar tasks together and locate the more imperative ones.
  • Reorient the more complex tasks: Engage with the larger and more complex tasks, and break them down to make them less intimidating in your schedule. This helps to add some simplicity to the work structure and ensure that nothing overwhelms you during the process.
  • Review the list every day: This ensures that unforeseen tasks are accommodated within the bigger picture, allowing you to adjust and alter the schedule ahead of plan.
  • Be flexible: Be sure to leave some wriggle room for yourself, ensuring that you can work at a comfortable pace.