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15 Effective Practices to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2021 - Best Templates Included

15 Effective Practices to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2021 - Best Templates Included

Apoorva Gupta

January 13, 2021

Content is king. This short sentence is perhaps the axis around which all marketing practices revolve. But is content enough? Just like no one will give the Booker Prize to a book that has never been read, content isn’t effective without a solid audience base. So it stands to reason that a well-designed content marketing strategy is as important as having good content itself. 


Let us take a thorough look at the different aspects of content marketing:


Simply put, content marketing involves the development and distribution of relevant, interesting, and above all, correct information about a company’s products, services, and fundamental ideologies. This is mostly achieved through written blogs, videos, social media posts, podcasts, or printed material. Instead of investing in traditional product promotions via advertising, marketing today involves hooking your customers with interesting and problem-solving information. Consumers today are more aware of their social and cultural realities. They prefer informative and realistic content rather than dramatic advertisements. 


We have curated a list of good practices to help you formulate a good digital content marketing strategy. Here it goes:

  • Know your audience 

Have a clear understanding of your target demographic. Is your brand about children’s toys? Introduce character comics to add a story for the action figures. Or is it about women’s nutrition? Focus on information about women’s lifestyle problems. Segregate your audience on the basis of their economic, gender, and age status to better cater to their needs. 

  • Focus on the consumer 

Shifting the focus of your content from your brand to your target audience is perhaps the most beneficial marketing practice by far. These days, when everything is available at a single click, attention and care have become priceless commodities. Provide these to your customers for free, and they’ll pay you for the rest! 

  • Maintain content variety

Different people prefer different modes of media consumption. Some readers follow blogs; social media enthusiasts who would catch your Instagram posts; and movie buffs who can’t resist a good drama. To reach out to all these categories, it is important to spread your content on multiple platforms and formats to cover the most ground. 

  • Engage your audience

People tend to remember what they did far longer than they remember what they saw. A Harvard study proves this precedent for learning, but we can easily apply it to marketing as well. Host a quiz, start a public poll, gather reviews, or post-reaction videos to show that you are open to a conversation and exchange with your viewers. Promote your content as an actionable resource instead of some reading material. 

  • Provide background

Not everyone who visits your content is well versed on the topic. Add content that delivers information on the related fundamentals of your product. For instance, if it’s electronics, discuss the merits of different operating systems and processors to help your customers make the right choice. If it’s cosmetics, publish a blog on the merits of keeping a good skincare routine.  

  • Do your research

Good content has to be accurate. Not only does the company’s credibility depend on it, but it is also the basis of any future campaign. The data, numbers, and statistics you include in your marketing proposal must be precise. Faking numbers is the quickest way to lose loyal readership. 

  • Practice content mapping

Good plans may not guarantee good results, but the absence of a good plan definitely guarantees bad results. Map your content design and delivery to make sure your readers get access to relevant material at the right time. Posting spring fashion in December is no good, no matter how well designed your content is. 

  • Gather information about your market

eBooks, newsletters, and webinars are all great ways to keep track of your customers and maintain their interest in your company. People tend to have more value for something that they can access freely. Offer subscription-based services to your clients. Continued subscriptions keep a consistent communication channel between the company and the client. 

  • Have clear marketing goals

Each content piece should guide your customers to the designated conclusion. A good example of this is the problem-options-solution layout. Discuss the different elements of the problem, how it keeps your readers from achieving their goals, and conclude with how your product will help them. 

  • Plot your content production

Just as every good story has a start, middle, and end, so should your marketing content. Deliver your blogs and social media posts in such a way that they chronologically speak about awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy. This path will assist you in leading to a greater consumer conversion rate. 

  • Include user-generated content

Adding reviews, comments, and photos posted by your viewers on your website to your articles and videos adds authenticity to your company’s reputation. When your content shows your interest in readers’ reactions, it encourages further engagement between your brand and the consumers. 

  • SEO matters

A vast majority of people never go further than the first page of their Google search. Your content must top the list when relevant keywords are searched. The same information in different words can make a world of difference to your search engine rankings and, consequently, your content traffic.

  • Analyze your content performance

A thorough study of content metrics will give you valuable insight into the mindset of your readers. Review user engagement on your posts, and study organic traffic and dwell time on your website to have a reliable idea about your customers’ state of mind. This data will also provide insight into what kind of content your customers are the most receptive to.

  • Don’t forget about your mobile phones

Of all the people who consume web content, a major chunk does so on their smartphones. Ensure that your content is mobile friendly to ease their reading and streaming experience. Having to zoom in to read a blog on a small mobile phone screen is the easiest way to lose interest. 

  • Evolution is real

Darwin introduced the concept of evolution to us nearly 150 years ago. It’s still equally valid. From print media to television, to large desktops, to bulky laptops, to sleek mobile devices; each leap in technology has spun off incredible content marketing strategies. So be prepared to grow with the times, because change is the only constant, be it business or life.


To further ease your content marketing journey, we have included some of our best content marketing strategy presentation templates ahead. Take a look.

Template 1

This digital content marketing proposal template presentation is an ideal tool to pitch your blogs and e-publishing sales strategy to your peers and clients. There are dedicated sections for promoting e-books and blog traffic in this PPT proposal deck.

Digital Content Marketing PowerPoint Proposal


Download Digital Content Marketing Proposal


Template 2

This content marketing template has well-proportioned sections for organizing the phases of your marketing strategy. The aesthetically-designed slides of this PPT proposal deck will help you present your firm in the best light before your clients.  


Content Creation PowerPoint Proposal Download Content Marketing Proposal Template


Template 3

Specially designed to promote social media content, this PowerPoint presentation template has dedicated charts and graphs for studying the traffic statistics for your brand’s social media accounts. Simply download and deploy!


Social Media Content Publishing PowerPoint Proposal

Download Social Media Content Publishing Template


Template 4

This content marketing strategy presentation will be an invaluable resource for your marketing brainstorming sessions. The well-defined slides for the scope of services and investments will help you put your best ideas on the table.


Content Marketing Strategy Proposal PPT Template

Download Content Marketing Strategy Proposal Template 


Template 5

Discuss the cardinal steps to creating successful digital content with this content strategy template. This PPT deck highlights the steps involved in setting up your firm’s content marketing plans. 


Content Marketing Strategy Proposal PPT Template

Download Digital Content Presentation Template


Template 6

These content creation proposal presentation slides can be used to discuss every key aspect of a digital content development project before locking the deal with your client. The slides are fully customizable, too, so put your own spin on them.   


Content Creation PowerPoint Proposal

Download Content Creation Proposal Template


Template 7

This content strategy roadmap presentation is for you if you need to formulate the framework for content promotion. Nuances of influencer marketing are also included within this template to help you peruse all possible avenues for your strategy. 


Content Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Proposal

Download Content Marketing Strategy Template


Template 8

If content distribution is your focus, this content distribution strategy PowerPoint presentation template is for you. Present your well-researched content delivery plan to your team and clients with this brilliantly-developed PPT deck.


Content Distribution Strategy PowerPoint Proposal

Download Content Distribution Strategy Template


Template 9

This one-page 6-month content calendar document will help you present a comprehensive strategy for developing your content chain's plot and timeframe for your marketing needs. Click the link below and ace any strategy you ideate with this template. 



One Page 6 Month Calendar for Digital Marketing Presentation Report

Download One Page 6 Month Content Calendar for Digital Marketing


Template 10

This one-page proposal report will provide you an at-a-glance picture of your content marketing strategy. Enlist all the relevant elements like the project objectives, competitors, pricing, action plan, etc., with our content marketing plan document.


Content Marketing Plan Proposal Report Presentation


Download Content Marketing Plan Proposal Report

The endnote...

To conclude, a sound strategy is the first step to a successful marketing plan. Thoroughly research your topics and target consumers before producing the content for your brand and product. Diversify your content outlets to reach a wider population and keep it relevant to the most receptive demographics. These content marketing strategy guidelines and templates will definitely help you form a cohesive and productive digital promotion portfolio for your company. 

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