The modern pharmaceutical industry employs a sensational number of 1.7 million workers. The same industry develops a range of medicines from that of the common cold to the modern-day coronavirus vaccine. 


As such, extensive research must go behind the discovery and fabrication of these life-saving drugs. Typically, such research lasts for years and needs proper licensing to prepare, perfect, and disseminate the most effective drugs in the marketplace. Thus pharmaceutical product development becomes crucial.


By definition, pharmaceutical product development refers to the elephant task of securing patents for developing drugs followed by rigorous testing and trials and finally launching them in the market.




The journey itself is a lengthy process so it is important to take a look at what all goes on during this while…


The Journey of Pharmaceutical Product Development


During this drug development process, a pharmaceutical company undergoes three major phases. The early phase of this journey starts with filing a patent, followed by the research and development process until the drug is launched in full force. In this phase, clinical and preclinical trials are conducted, along with pre-launch activities— all of which aim at developing and perfecting a pharmaceutical product. 


How well a pharmaceutical product has been developed and marketed, then determines its popularity among the existing and potential customers in the next phase of its journey. This is the phase that companies can extend so as to maximize sales as much as possible. 


Pharmaceutical companies must also be ready to roll generic alternates towards the culmination of this period so as to keep the revenue flowing. The phase itself is intricate and allows many opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to dominate the market and stay ahead of their rivals.


In the last phase, companies must strategize their generic products and work to retain their market shares.


As industry professionals, we understand how strategizing is prudent in delivering profitable products. Therefore here is a top collection of templates to contemplate and present your ideal pharmaceutical product development strategy. 


Stride through the 14 best designs that we have summoned for you today!


Template 1: Pharmaceutical Development of New Medicine 


Introducing our first design to help you create an all-encompassing presentation on pharmaceutical product development. This PPT has 56-slides to demonstrate the manufacturing process and the various parameters associated with the new drug. Dwell on its effectiveness, dosage, and composition for medics to prescribe and opt for it. Additionally, present a thorough insight into the risks and advisories of drugs in a detailed format with this PPT template. Go ahead and download this PPT presentation from the link below.


Pharmaceutical development of new medicine PowerPoint presentation slides


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Template 2: New Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development


Create an insightful pharmaceutical drug development and discovery report with the 43 templates given in this presentation. Identify the various approaches involved and help your audiences understand the causes with the help of this PPT design. Impress the importance of clinical review, FDA approvals, and safety monitoring using the graphs and charts given in this PPT layout. Also, create a visualization of the new drug and identify the roadmap to realizing its development journey. Head to the download option below to get started. 


Drug discovery and development complete deck


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Template 3: Drug Development Marketing Strategies PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Here is a template to plan a brilliant marketing strategy when it comes to your pharmaceutical product launch. Chart down all the pre-launch activities, identify your target audiences, and the distribution channels. Unleash your product USP, put forth its effectiveness, and spectrum over your competitors. Use this PPT template to guide your sales team and customers equally in promoting effective drug marketing. The download link is given below.


Drug development marketing strategies PowerPoint presentation slides


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Template 4: Pharmaceutical Development for Generic Product 

Here is the PPT template to strategically plan your revenue as the patent approaches its expiry. Using this 55-slide complete deck, plan the entire product development process and its release—plot other parameters like level of effectiveness, distribution, composition, and marketing techniques in this template. Devise a pricing sheet and create a full-fledged presentation with graphs, charts, and flowcharts to enhance comprehension. Download this PPT template below to get started!


Pharmaceutical development for generic product PowerPoint presentation slides


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Template 5: Pharma Annual Product Review Report Template


Are you looking for a comprehensive and effective annual review report template for your pharmaceutical product? Look no further than our pharma annual product review report template. This report covers all the essential aspects of product review, from the latest trends in the industry to details about your product, to reviews by key authorities such as FDA, EMA, and WHO. It is a comprehensive 23-slide report that will give you a complete overview of your product and its performance in the market.


Pharma annual product review report template PDF doc PPT document report template


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Template 6: Process of New Drug Development and Discovery


The process of drug development and discovery can be long and complicated. With this template, you can easily map out the four stages of the process: drug discovery, pre-clinical tests, clinical trials, and gaining regulatory approval. You can use it to specify your ideal duration for each stage and the narrowing of promising drugs that make it through. Download now to get started!


Process of new drug development and discovery PPT


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Template 7: Flowchart of Drug Discovery Cycle


This engaging and informative flowchart of drug discovery cycle PPT design is perfect for explaining the complex process of pharmaceutical product development to colleagues, clients, or students. Clearly and diagrammatically illustrated, this template starts with collecting compounds/chemicals and takes you through all the stages of drug discovery, including chemical synthesis, ligand design, SAR testing, and more. It is, therefore, a handy resource for anyone working in or studying pharmaceutical science.


Flowchart of drug discovery cycle PPT


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Template 8: Drug Development Discovery Approval Cycle Template


This template provides a clear and concise diagram of the drug development process. Use it to identify the six major steps involved in drug development— from understanding the medical need to finally gaining approval for the developed drug. It's an essential tool for anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry. So download it now and get started on your next big project! 


Drug development medical discovery approval with boxes PPT


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Template 9: Drug Discovery Clinical Development Funnel With Compound


This template is the perfect tool to understand and explain the process of pharmaceutical product development. This funnel diagram clearly illustrates how every new drug goes through a series of rigorous clinical trials before it is finally approved for use. With this editable image, you can depict the process for your drug approval creatively and engagingly. So download it and start creating informative diagrams for your pharmaceutical product development presentations!


Drug discovery clinical development funnel with compounds PPT


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Template 10: Drug Development Lead Optimization Steps With Icons


The process of bringing a new drug to market is lengthy, complicated, and expensive. But the end result is worth it when lives are improved and even saved. This infographic template walks you through the journey of drug development, from identifying potential targets to selecting leads and optimizing them for maximum efficacy. Each step is represented by an icon, so you can easily follow along. Download this helpful template today and ensure your team is on track for success!


Drug development lead optimization steps with icons PPT


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Template 11: Five Years Roadmap for Drug Development With Human Trails


This five-year roadmap templates for drug development with human trials template is the perfect way to visualize your drug development journey. This Gantt chart representation is color-coded and includes all the important aspects of drug development, like partner selection, setting up clinical trials, and commercial-scale manufacture. Download now and impress your team with your knowledge!


Five years roadmap for drug development with human trails


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Template 12: 6 Months Early Drug Development Roadmap


Looking to keep track of your drug development journey? This handy template will help you map all the key steps, from research priorities to trial executions. With a vibrant, color-coded, and easy-to-use Gantt chart, it's simple to keep track of your progress, and look like a pro in front of your team!


6 months early drug development roadmap PPT


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Template 13: Quarterly Early Drug Development and Testing Roadmap


This quarterly product roadmap template is perfect for pharmaceutical companies looking to keep their development process organized. The Gantt chart representation makes it easy to see where each milestone stands in relation to the overall timeline. The color-coding makes it easy to identify which tasks need to be prioritized. Plus, you'll never miss another important goal again with a deadline-driven design. Download this template now and make sure your project stays on track!

Quarterly early drug development and testing roadmap PPT


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Template 14: Quarterly Drug Development Roadmap With Multiple Phases


This quarterly drug development roadmap template is the perfect way to track your product's journey from pre-clinical through a regulatory filing. This PPT template easily explains your product's development progression with sleek, modern transitions and arrows indicating key parameters. Plus, dividers between each stage make it easy to see the different activities in each phase of drug development. So download now and make sure you're always on top of your product's progress!


Quarterly drug development roadmap with multiple phases PPT


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These were the 14 intuitive designs to help you plan and document an ideal pharmaceutical product development process. Choose from these variated templates and get started on developing breakthrough drugs!


PS: Research and Development (R&D) is a time-consuming yet rewarding phase for any company. But when you innovate successfully, there’s only glory and appreciation ahead. Now apply that to any scientific discovery to magnify the rewards that get appreciated on a large scale! 


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