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Power of a Training Playbook to Maximize Employee Performance

Power of a Training Playbook to Maximize Employee Performance

Megha Garg

Megha Garg

August 16 2022

‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers, and your business will take care of itself.’ - JW Marriott


The only thing worse than training employees & losing them is not training them. Training and regular employee skills development is not just a task for the organization. Moreover, it makes employees clearly understand their responsibilities towards the job. Take a look at this ready-made training playbook presentation template & note down what all vitals are essential to include.




Why is Training for Employees at Workplace Essential?

There is no doubt that workplace training provides many benefits to not just employees but to organizations too. Worried about how training can benefit the business as it is a personal add-on to employees? Reason being, training the existing workforce allows employees to become better leaders, enhance their productivity at the workplace, perform better, acquire new skills and at the same time, sharpen the existing ones.



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Furthermore, training & development of the employees affect the future success path of your business. It allows them to cope up with changing trends in their particular industry & fulfill the demand of that period according to requirements. These training sessions in the organization allow them to earn more profit, positively affect the productivity of workers, improve work efficiency, etc.




Top 10 Training Guidelines for Leveraging Existing Talent Pool

An organization potentially better understands how its internal system works and the amount of training required. Though the employees are hired from outside the organization, proper and consistent employee training can leverage the existing workforce. Thus, a business can make their existing employees more efficient than the new hires by providing them competent training periodically.


Slowly building the internal talent strong & more focused towards the objectives, benefits the entire organization in the longer run. Top guidelines that an organization has to keep in mind while deciding upon the strategies for leveraging the existing talent pool are as follows:


  • Share your vision with employees
  • Stretch employees by giving them assignments
  • Ask them to leverage their natural talent aligned with business objectives
  • Allow them to participate in cross-organizational training
  • Hold monthly or periodical development programs
  • Balance in building future capabilities for employees & meeting current objectives
  • Identify internal talent’s individual goals & align them with organizational goals
  • Communicate about your team’s objectives clearly to employees
  • Provide everyday coaching to employees, whether positive or constructive feedback
  • Assure them that you will provide them with avenues of growth relating to leveling skills, etc.




Competent & Insightful Training Playbook – Read Guidelines Now

Training playbook emerges as a training guideline for employees at the workplace. Additionally, it caters to a game plan for optimizing employee performance and leveraging existing talent pools.


Take a look at all the slides to include in your organization’s training playbook. It showcases all the necessary guidelines to be included in one such playbook.


Read further to understand these elements.




Slide 1: Cover Page

Training playbook highlights details about workforce training program criteria, various employee training methods, talent growth opportunities for employees, engaging employees across firms, etc. The cover slide in training playbook has an insightful image to attract the attention of the company officials. Most importantly, it provides every bit of detail for the training given to both employers and employees. One can even exhibit their company name while highlighting the title for the playbook.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 2: Workforce Training Program Criteria

This slide displays information regarding workforce training program criteria based on different learning practices. Elements that it considers for training program criteria are training strategy, dedicated training manager, content management, etc. Furthermore, these learning practices showcase details for key highlights like lagging practices, intermediate improvements, leading practices, etc.


Henceforth, a lot of information is highlighted in a tabular format of training program criteria. It gives a comprehensive overview of the training program to both employees and employers.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 3: Importance of Training for Employees & Employer

Training is beneficial to both employer and employee. It enables a sense of support & confidence to ensure a motivated workforce. This slide shows information regarding the importance of training by addressing various benefits to employees & employers. Some of the key points mentioned in the slide are:


  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction & Motivation
  • Opportunity to Learn
  • Customized Assessments for each employee
  • Enable value to employees
  • Improved productivity & standards compliance, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 4: Roadmap for Successful Employee Training Program

This slide shows roadmap for a successful employee training program with assessment, design, motivation, evaluation, delivery, and repeat training initiatives if required. Moreover, the roadmap showcases key highlights related to active events. Some of them are as follows:


  • Prepare training appropriate for the target audience
  • Provide employee training through various methods leading to key results
  • Assessing areas of improvement & report findings
  • Address resources, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 5: Objectives of Training Offered to Employees

Training offered to employees ensure an expert-level understanding of products and services. This slide showcases information regarding the objectives of training offered to employees. Some of the key objectives mentioned in the slide are as follows:


  • Seamless employee onboarding
  • Improved sales performance
  • Effective customer support training
  • Skills enhancement training, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 6: Workforce Training Requirements Identification Form

Training requirement identification form contains details for the areas of skill enhancement. This slide displays the workforce training identification form for identified training programs. Key vitals included in the training requirement identification form are employee name, position, no. of the years on the position, superior remarks & signature, HRM remarks & signature, etc.


Additionally, the requirement identification form includes a table that presents information for skills, areas & development needs, the relevance of skills on the job, training cost & training programs identified.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 7: Addressing Workforce Training Meeting Schedule

This slide depicts information regarding the working training meeting schedule, topics to be covered, department, audience, no. of attendees, date, duration, etc. Some of the most popular and effective training discussed in the playbook with schedule are as follows:


  • New hire onboarding
  • Manager development
  • Situational leadership
  • Customer support assistance
  • Sales training A
  • Training B, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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Slide 8: HR Checklist for Efficient Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an essential responsibility of the HR department to ensure a successful employee onboarding experience. This slide showcases details about the HR checklist for an efficient employee onboarding process, from hiring to employee performance tracking. The checklist includes the following essential 5 steps, such as:


  • Share & complete new hire paperwork formality
  • Equipment preparation
  • Informing about company policies
  • Job expectations discussion
  • Progress tracking



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Slide 9: Determine Employee Skills Enhancement Plan at Workplace

This slide exhibits employee skills enhancement plan at the workplace with relevant vitals such as current job title, goals, training required, estimated costs, completion date, etc. Moreover, the playbook includes a column for the trainer's note that highlights annual in-house training, external training, assigning the particular employee to an employer for mentorship, next steps, etc.

Consequently, the training required by the employees can be of various types like management, advanced account management, communication, software, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Slide 10: Addressing Sales Meeting Plan for Team Training

Objective behind the sales meeting is to assess the prospect’s present situation and need for product usage and address product value to prospects based on unique context. This slide shows the sales meeting plan that is essential for team training, motivating the sales team & improving overall productivity.


Furthermore, essential research is required prior to the meeting as most of the prospects realize that the pitch was ineffective in managing requirements. Also, build a structured agenda to ensure essential points are catered in the assigned duration. Your sales representatives should have a sufficient understanding of the company.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Slide 11: Checklist to Track Essential Activities for Customer Support Team

This slide displays information regarding checklists with a ‘yes, no, & comment’ section to track essential activities for the customer support team. Some of the key activities illustrated in the checklist are as follows:


  • Demonstrate the highest level of Integrity
  • Focus on selling based on value instead of price to limit irrelevant discounting\
  • Empathize with buyer
  • Ask for referrals
  • Team training\
  • Probe relevant queries & listen to answers, etc.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Slide 12: Communication Skills Training for Executives, Employees & Managers

This slide shows information regarding communication skills training for executives, employees & managers on the basis of purpose, benefit, delivery, timing, audience, participant’s learning, etc. The communication skills training is for employees, executives, & managers and aids them in writing constructive feedback, relationship building, and storytelling.


Henceforth, the table showcases essential information for each element based on the above mentioned parameters. Purpose of relationship building is to motivate others through authentic connections & enable long-lasting relationships. Also, clear & constructive feedback is beneficial to employees for improved productivity and employee retention.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Slide 13: Determine Workforce Training Program Effectiveness

Workforce training program effectiveness has to be evaluated timely by assessing the overall impact of training, trainer quality, management evaluation, etc. This slide displays a checklist for workforce training program effectiveness & presents employee name, designation, department, trainer's name, & four sections to assess results. The particulars organizations can include in their playbook slide are as follows:


  • Quality of Content of Training Material Available for Training
  • Regular feedback session on Performance post Training
  • Training Materials are easy to Understand
  • Capability in conducting training requirement assessment
  • Knowledge acquired is helpful in an employee's future development, etc.


The checklist even has tick options for all the particulars that state excellent, good, fair, poor, & worst.



Training Playbook PowerPoint Template

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Final Thoughts

The training playbook covers workforce training programs highlighting game plans for employee training, the roadmap for the successful employee training program, etc. Moreover, the presentation illustrates workforce that requires training across different departments, trainee competency assessment matrix, objectives of training offered to employees, workforce training requirements identification form, etc.


Explore our ready-made, easily customizable, content-rich playbook PPT template collections. These templates contain well-designed & structured data that will give you a clear picture of your training details & formalities.


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