Speedometer. Immediately, an image of automobile's speedometer flashes in our mind. This simple tool used to demonstrate the graphical indication of rise and fall in the speed of the vehicle is a lifesaver! Did you know speedometer gauge is a life-saver for business presentations too?


Yes. After all, who likes to see a sales or marketing presentation full of mind-boggling numbers! The speedometer dashboard is the perfect visual metaphor to showcase the speed of your projects or annual performance measured against KPIs and goals. Moreover, the digital speedometer gives real-time information of your organization's sales and production figures in a creative manner.

Give rest to your rushing thoughts. For in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create an outstanding Speedometer design on your own. Grab all the eyeballs you need and let your audience learn the details of your business performances at a glance.


Here you’ll learn to create this design:

Speedometer Diagram PowerPoint Tutorial


Steps to Create Speedometer Dashboard/ Gauge Diagram:


1. Insert a Doughnut chart

Click the Insert Tab > Chart > Pie > select Doughnut. (In PowerPoint 2010, Doughnut is a separate chart option. In 2013, it is included within the Pie chart.)

Insert Doughnut Chart


2. Edit the Chart (Excel Sheet)

First, determine the number of levels/markers you need in your speedometer design. Say you need 6 to measure performance- Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor, and Very Poor. You need to put double the number of entries in the Excel chart. Replace the sales values with 1 unit and do it till serial number 13 (since the first row is occupied by titles).


Note: Remove the title Sales and quarter numbers from the chart you see on the slide. Select them and press delete.

Edit the doughnut chart


3. Customize the Doughnut shape

Double click on each data point in the lower base of the doughnut, right click, go to Format Data Point > select No Fill > No Line. The final shape will look like this.


Edit the Data Points


That’s it! You have the 6 levels you needed on your slide. The lower half has merged into the background. If you are using a colored background, then fill the lower half levels with the same color to make them merge into the background.

4. Design the Needle

Follow these steps to create the speedometer needle:


  • Create a base by first going to Insert Tab > Shapes > Select the Oval (Press Ctrl + Shift to draw a perfect circle).
  • Create the pointed edge by again clicking the Insert Tab > Shapes > Select Isosceles Triangle. Now place it over the circle. To get the pointed edge as shown, select the trianglepress Ctrl and drag inward (see the screenshot for your assistance).

Create a Needle


  • To give this needle a professional look, select both the shapes, right click and go to Format Shape > Solid Fill > Black> select No Line.

Format the Needle Shape

5. Align the gauge and the needle

Last but not least, select the shape and needle. Now go to the Format Tab > Align > Align Center. After this, if needle is still not at right position, then place it at the middle of the shape by dragging.

Align needle to Center


  • Rotate and place the needle on the desired level using the rotation handle of the triangle (click on the triangle and you can see the handle on top). However, after rotating if the base of the triangle is not on the circle, then select the triangle and drag it to adjust over the circle.

Rotate the Triangle


  • You can keep the default colors of the shape, or alter them to meet the needs of your presentation. To vary colors, follow these steps:-
    • Double click on a data point.
    • Go to Format Data Point > Fill > Solid Fill > Select color.

Repeat these steps for other points too.

Alter the color of data points


You can now use this gauge to plot percentages, quality of performance, speed values or any other variable that you require. This professional speedometer dashboard tutorial will now help you convey the right message to your audience aesthetically and easily. Need more gauge designs? Have a look at our readily available Speedometer PowerPoint Templates below:


Professionally Designed Speedometer Dashboard or Gauge Diagrams:


Speedometer Dashboard Template Design #1

Use this speedometer template as a visual metaphor to compare different performance ratios. It works well with all the known performance values and qualitative parameters. It is also a great tool to present sales and production figures attractively. Not only this, but it also presents real-time information, which is very easy to comprehend. With a single-glance, the ratios can be predicted, and actions can be taken accordingly. 


Speedometer Gauge dashboard PowerPoint Template

Download this Speed dashboard PPT template from here.


Speedometer Gauge Template Design #2

Design remarkable visuals and increase your presentation threshold with this speedometer template. It is the most commonly used tool to showcase performance indicators as it helps interpret qualitative parameters with ease. Use it to segregate data into different sets that help in boosting employee performance ratio. Such templates are supportive of every presentation because of their flexible design and aesthetics. 


Business Progress Growth Speedometer Slide

Click here to download this innovative gauge dashboard PowerPoint template.


Gauge Template Design #3

This template offers the most innovative visuals to present illustrations and information with. Use it as a performance indicator chart that can be used for comparing different ratios. This template can also be used to report the status of a task based on different parameters. Overall, the evaluation and segregation of data into different sets is made very easy with this template. So, grab it now! 


Low-High Medium Speedometer Dashboard PPT

Download this awesome speedometer presentation slide by clicking here.


Speedometer Dashboard Template Design #4

This is the most commonly used diagram to explain the good, bad, and neutral ratios. It can be used to illustrate various business parameters that are important to evaluate beforehand. Not only this, but it also helps in showcasing qualitative data sets that can be modified freely. Therefore, it is a complete package with a host of editable features and visuals to make your presentation designing process a breeze! 


Editable Speedometer Dashboard PowerPoint Slide

Click here and download this gauge dashboard PowerPoint presentation template.


Gauge Dashboard Template Design #5

Create remarkable visuals by deploying this speedometer template. It is a great way to illustrate important stats and figures such as performance ratios, a task’s status, and others. It also acts as a great tool for reporting the project tasks and fundamentals. As it is a professionally designed template, it comes with a host of editable features that can be adjusted as per your business dynamics. 


Assess Supply Chain Gauge Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Click here to download this creative speedometer dashboard PPT.


Speedometer Dashboard Template Design #6

Deliver a powerful presentation that grabs eyeballs with this speedometer design template. Having great visuals and graphics, this template gives a communicative advantage to the presenter. Therefore, large data sets can be segregated and easily comprehended using this design, which comes in an editable format. 


Awesome Speedometer dashboard PPT template

Click here to download this stunning speedometer dashboard PPT template.


Gauge Dashboard Template Design #7

Outdo competition by delivering a powerful presentation jam-packed with qualitative information. This is a great design to include in various business-related presentations to segregate data into different sets. This eases comprehension and interpretation. Not only this, but it is also a great tool for data visualization because of its great design and aesthetics. So, deploy it now to deliver compelling presentations! 


Executive gauge dashboard PowerPoint templates

Download this executive speedometer dashboard PowerPoint slide from here.


Speedometer Gauge Template Design #8

This is a great data visualization tool that can be added to performance dashboards to showcase key indicators and fundamentals. Everything in this design is fully editable, giving you the freedom to adapt it to your presentation design. Therefore, download it now to illustrate important stats and figures. 


Percentage gauge dashboard presentation slide

Browse here to download this professional gauge presentation template.

Speedometer Template Design #9

Indicate and report the status of your project by deploying this well-crafted design. This prefabricated template saves you from the pain of creating everything from scratch. It can be redesigned and modified to make it suitable for any presentation design. Therefore, download and use it for data visualization now! 


Risk Level To Maximum Conceptual Meter


Download risk level to maximum conceptual meter

Speedometer Template #10

Present data and knowledge visually with this uniquely designed template. With the rise in the use of infographics to present various social insights, this is a great template to communicate important facts and figures. It can also be used by businesses across the globe to indicate their performance ratios and compare them effectively.  


Editable Speedometer Of Product Review


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