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PowerPoint Tutorial #22- Create an Attention-Grabbing Timeline Template in 5 Minutes

PowerPoint Tutorial #22- Create an Attention-Grabbing Timeline Template in 5 Minutes

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

August 2 2016

“Create slides that demonstrate, with emotional proof, that what you’re saying is true not just accurate”, quoted by Seth Godin, an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. If you are planning to take this road, then we are here to give you the directions.


Make a presentation that immediately make a sale. Create a presentation in which audience is forced to say yes to you. Give a presentation in which your client would want to work with you.


With the help of our PowerPoint Tutorials, learn and create amazing customizable PowerPoint Templates and amaze your audience.


Timeline Designs

For today’s PowerPoint Tutorial, we have chosen to teach you how to create Timeline PowerPoint Template. Timeline and Roadmaps are somewhat the same thing. Both are helpful in explaining the business aims, targets, and goals. Timeline PowerPoint Templates are the perfect diagrams to showcase the achievements, success and milestones. You can also take your audience to the past with you, in case you are planning to share your business journey with them. Highlight the projects of future with an attention-grabbing Timeline template. Explain each step of the process and take the high road to success.


What you will learn in this Tutorial:

Digital Marketing Timeline


Steps to Create a Timeline PowerPoint Template:


  • Insert a Rounded Rectangle from the Shapes Go to INSERT> SHAPES> RECTANGLES> ROUNDED RECTANGLE.

Insert a Rounded Rectangle


  • Adjust the shape of the Rounded Rectangle by moving its yellow handle. (See the below image).

Adjust the shape of the Rounded Rectangle


  • Reduce the size of the rounded rectangle and make it a little smaller. See the below image for your reference.

Adjust the size of the Rounded Rectangle


  • Copy the original rounded rectangle and duplicate it to have 4 more rounded rectangles. Select the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounded rectangles, go to FORMAT> EDIT SHAPE> CHANGE SHAPE> RECTANGLE. (See the below image).

Turn the shapes of the selected Rounded Rectangles to Rectangles


  • Once the selected shapes are turned into the basic rectangle shape, join them together and distribute them horizontally. To do so, select the shapes, ARRANGE> ALIGN> DISTRIBUTE HORIZONTALLY.

Distribute the shapes horizontally


If while joining them together manually, the shapes have become misaligned, go to ARRANGE> ALIGN> ALIGN BOTTOM.


  • Select the last rounded rectangle and choose the option of Send Backward to align the shapes properly. Click the last rounded rectangle, choose FORMAT> SEND BACKWARD> SEND TO BACK.

Send back the last Rouned Rectangle


  • Right click on each of the shapes, OUTLINE> NO OUTLINE.

Remove the outline


  • Select the shapes and fill them with the color of your choice. Right click the shapes, FILL> COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE.Change the colors
  • Let be the Timeline. Let’s create the pointers to depict the stages. For that, insert an Oval shape. Select INSERT> SHAPES> BASIC SHAPES> OVAL SHAPE. Press Shift to draw a perfectly symmetrical circle.

Insert an oval shape


  • Select Line from the Line option. Go to INSERT> SHAPES> LINES> LINE. Press Shift to draw a straight line in the downwards direction.

Insert a line and place it under the oval shape


  • Right click both the shapes> FORMAT SHAPE> LINE> WIDTH> 2 POINT. Also, change the style of the line to give it more professional look. See the options give below the LINE Choose BEGIN ARROW TYPE> OVAL ARROW.

Increase the width of the line and choose oval shape from begin arrow type


  • Align the line and circle in center. Select both the shapes, ARRANGE> ALIGN> ALIGN CENTER.

Align the line and circle in center


  • Select the Oval shape and fill it with white color. Right click the Oval shape> FILL> WHITE COLOR.
    Fill the circle with white color
  • Select both the shapes and change their OUTLINE Right click both the shapes> OUTLINE> COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE.

Give color to the outline


  • Copy the original pointer and duplicate it by using the shortcut- Control C and Control V. Select them, ARRANGE> ALIGN> DISTRIBUTE HORIZONTALLY.

Distribute the pointers horizontally


  • They are aligned in one direction. You can change their direction also. Select the alternate pointer. Go to ARRANGE> ROTATE> FLIP VERTICAL. Adjust them accordingly to the shape of Timeline.

Like we have selected the 2nd and 4th pointer. You can choose whichever you want.

Choose alternate pointers and flip vertical


This is how your final Timeline template now looks:

Digital Marketing Timeline


We have also picked our awesome Timeline designs for you which you can incorporate in your presentation. Take a look and choose the one’s suits the best for your presentation.


Professionally Designed Timeline Templates:


Professional PowerPoint Template #1

Year based timeline for marketing plan powerpoint slides

Click here to download this creatively designed Timeline PowerPoint Template.


Professional PowerPoint Template #2

Year based timeline for success milestones powerpoint slides

Grab this eye catchy diagram by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #3

Semicircular timeline with milestones and years powerpoint template

Grab this awesome template right here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #4

Year based business plan timeline template powerpoint presentation

Stun your audience with the amazing Timeline PowerPoint Template. Click here to grab this awesome template.


Professional PowerPoint Template #5

Increasing attractiveness timeline example of ppt presentation

Download this innovative Timeline PowerPoint Template and amaze your audience.


Professional PowerPoint Template #6

Online targeting target segments example of ppt

Click here to download this customizable Timeline PowerPoint Template.


Professional PowerPoint Template #7

Seven staged icons timeline diagram powerpoint template

Grab this amazing Timeline PowerPoint Template by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #8

Linear sequential timeline with year based and icons powerpoint slides

Grab this awesome template by clicking here.


Here are some additional Timeline Designs you may like

Share your feedback with us and more awesome PowerPoint Tutorials are on the way.


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