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PowerPoint Tutorial #8- How to Create a Stunning 2D and 3D Pyramid Diagram for Your Presentation

PowerPoint Tutorial #8- How to Create a Stunning 2D and 3D Pyramid Diagram for Your Presentation

Presentations are a vital part of not only the corporate world but most business sectors. But one common problem faced by all at some point of the other, is the ability to catch and hold the attention of audience. If you too are not been able to impress your audience with your PowerPoint presentations, then you have come to the right place. Let’s make your PowerPoint presentation interesting by including those awesome graphics that most people are not even aware of. Through this article, you’ll learn to create a customized Pyramid Diagram in just a few minutes and leave your audience awestruck.


One of the most widely used graphics which has the ability to turn a boring slide into an attractive one are Pyramids. It’s basically a triangle divided into sections. However, it’s the most effective graphic to show a hierarchy structure- where the widest base (the bottom in a normal pyramid) represents the largest structure and the top the smallest. So, if you draw a food pyramid, items with the most nutrition occupy the base while the least nutritious items occupy the top.


Pyramid Designs you may like

Pyramids are commonly used in business or management oriented PowerPoint presentations to show the hierarchical structure such as business management positions and hierarchy of consumer needs. It can also be used to depict the relative quantities of products sold, the most profit generating segments, internet marketing stages, etc. The possibilities are many with a pyramid.


What You’ll Learn to Create in This Tutorial:

Learn to create 2-D and 3-D pyramid diagram


You can enhance the visual aspect of your PowerPoint presentation by adding unique and creative 2-D and 3-D Pyramid designs in your presentation. To do so, follow these instructions which will allow you to design these innovative Pyramids for yourself in less than 5 minutes.


Don’t believe us. Let’s try then...


Steps to Create 2-D Pyramid Diagram:


1. Insert a triangle from the Shapes menu (Insert tab).

Insert a Triangle from the shapes menu


2. Place three rectangles over the triangle as shown in the image below.

Place three Rectangles on the Triangle


3. Select all three rectangles and go to the Format tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Click Arrange> Align> Align Center>Distribute Vertically.

Align those Rectangles properly


4. Now, select the triangle first and then the rectangles. Go to Format> Merge Shapes>Fragment. Remember that you have to select the triangle first.

Fragment the figure to get pyramid shape


5. Delete the rectangles. This should get you an image similar to the one shown on the right side.

Delete the rectangles to get the pyramid shape


6. Now you have a Pyramid shaped figure with you. Right click on the image. Remove the outlines and fill the Pyramid with the color of your choice.

Remove the outlines and fill the pyramid with the color of your choice


The Pyramid shown in the image above is a simple Pyramid. While this will also visually enhance your presentation, there’s no end to the kind of customization you can do with these Pyramids. You can try various customizations to turn this pyramid from a simple one to an eye catching one. You can choose to add shadow to this figure. Follow two more simple steps and create an awesome Pyramid for your presentation.


7. Place a rectangle over one half of the colorful Pyramid you created, just like the below image.

Place a rectangle over the pyramid


8. Right click on the rectangle. Go to Format Shape> No Line> Fill the shape with white color> Increase Transparency to 65%.

Note: - Ensure that you select the Solid Fill option while filling the rectangle with white color.

Give a shadow to the pyramid


These simple steps will get you the following creative figure which looks totally modern and based on the latest designs in trend. You can now add text to this innovatively designed Pyramid and make it a part of your presentation.

You have just created an amazing 2D Pyramid which can be presented in various ways in business presentations.

2-D pyramid design with shadow


P.S. In case you do not want to go through all the steps and wish to download this Pyramid design, go ahead and click the link below:


Download Pyramid Template Design


Create Inverted Pyramid Diagram:

You can also rotate the Pyramid and you have with yourself an inverted Pyramid structure. To do so, just rotate the cursor (See the image below) and you will have an Inverted Pyramid structure which you can use for various purposes in your presentations.


Rotate the cursor to get the shape of inverted pyramid


Sales funnel PowerPoint diagram


Steps to Create 3-D Pyramid Diagram:


Pyramids are supposedly ancient. But these Pyramids can be turned to latest 3-D designs which will impress your audience and they will be all eyes and ears while you share your views and ideas.


You can give 3-D Rotation to your previous Pyramid which will make it look modern and in accordance to the latest designs. But how do you do that? You can achieve the desired results by following these simple steps.


1. Once you have created the normal Pyramid (without the shadow i.e. step 7 and 8), select the figure and right click on the image. Go to Format Shape> Effects (second option under Shape Options)>Choose 3-D Format> Top Bevel> Bevel >Circle.

Add bevel effect to the pyramid


2. Give the shape depth of 100 Points.

Give the figure depth of 100 points


3. Now go to the 3-D Rotation option which is just below the option 3-D Format. Click the Presets menu. Choose Perspective. Go for the option which you think suits the best for your presentation. We have applied the third option- Perspective Right.

Choose options from Perspective to give 3D rotation


4. Write your content to describe each of the stages in the pyramid. Simply select each box to type your content directly into the shape (no need to insert a separate text box). The shape will turn into normal 2D once you put your text into the steps just like the below image. Don’t worry about that. Once you click outside the image, it turns back into its original shape i.e. 3-D Pyramid which you created.

Click outside the image to get back the original shape


5. You can further enhance the text by adjusting the size of it. You can also add shadow to the text to make it look better in the Pyramid. Go to the Home tab> change size of the text> add shadow to it.

Enhance the text


3-D Pyramid is ready to be a part of the presentation and keep the audience engaged.

3-D Pyramid Diagram for Presentation Slide

Grab This Awesome 3D Pyramid PowerPoint Slide Now


These innovative shapes not only add to the visual aspect of the presentation but also set the right impression on your audience.


Since your presentation is around the corner and you don’t have much time to create one, we have shortlisted some of the creative Pyramid designs for your presentation. You can go through these professionally designed PowerPoint Templates which we have handpicked for you. P.S. All our presentation templates are fully editable in PowerPoint!


Professionally Designed Pyramid Templates


Professional PowerPoint Template #1

Business Ppt Diagram 3D Cone Staircase Business Diagram 5 Steps Powerpoint Template

Click here to download this awesome diagram.


Professional PowerPoint Template #2

5 Staged Pyramid Presentation Design Powerpoint Presentation

Download this amazing Pyramid Diagram by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #3

Three staged vertical pyramid process  powerpoint templates

Feel free to download this professionally designed Pyramid Diagram.


Professional PowerPoint Template #4

Business Plan pyramid with three stages graphic slide PowerPoint Template

Download this amazing inverted pyramid diagram and stun your audience.


Professional PowerPoint Template #5

Business Ppt diagram 5 Staged Pyramid Diagram Powerpoint Template

Download this creative diagram, add your content and impress your audience.


Professional PowerPoint Template #6

Five staged pyramid diagram flat powerpoint design

Grab this creative template by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #7

Business Plan pyramid process three stages info graphic PowerPoint Presentation template

Download this attractive diagram and simply add your content in this slide.


Professional PowerPoint Template #8

Five staged pyramid with text boxes flat powerpoint design

Grab this eye catching PowerPoint template by clicking here.


Here are some additional Pyramid Diagrams you may like

Share your feedback with us and stay tuned for more awesome PowerPoint Tutorials.


Do you need professional PowerPoint Designers to help you nail your next presentation? Get in touch with our Presentation Design Agency.

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    I am looking for the "Fragment" function. Is it available on PPT 2010? If not, I just wasted 45 minutes working on a pyramid with nothing to show for it.

    If it is not compatible with PPT 2010, I would appreciate knowing which rev of the software your processes are compatible with.
    1. slideteam
      Hi, we apologise for the late reply. Don't know how we missed your comment. You can do it in 2010 though the feature is hidden. Please go through this article to get the Merge Shapes functionality in 2010- hope this helps. :)
      1. Sandeep Kumar
        Sandeep Kumar
        I am using PPT using 2010 version ,has combine shape option but it has no fragment option. Thus got stuck at Point 6. Is fragment option not available in MS Office professional plus 10 version?
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          Hi Sandeep, it is available. In Combine Shapes drop-down menu, there is Shapes Intersect option. Use that. For step by step explanation of this process, check out this blog post-
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    I have followed each step precisely and double checked what I have done to ensure I havent missed anything
    1. slideteam
      Hey Jason! We suggest you to group the pyramid before getting to the 3 -D format and rotation steps.
      Group the shapes and then apply rotation to it. Try doing this and let us know if you still face any problem.
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