Everybody knows that a thermometer shows fluctuations in temperature but what if you get to know that this is not all? Surprisingly, these thermometers can be a visual treat for your business PowerPoint slides too. Be it to showcase production, sales growth or customer base, they can do wonders.


The picture of increasing mercury level aptly demonstrates the percentage sales values attained by the sales team. Moreover, it acts like a metaphor to compare varied sales data for the easy understanding of organization’s management. Portray your enterprise’s fund availability to stakeholders with illustrative thermometer graphics. The list of a thermometer’s benefits in business PPT goes on.


Thermometer designs you may like

How’d you feel if you knew that it just takes 5-minutes of yours to create an awesome yet professional thermometer in your presentation and bring in the wow factor? Excited! Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s learn the easy steps to create this visualization tool showcasing hot and cold conditions.


What You’ll Learn to Create in this Tutorial:

Professional thermometer designs


Thermometer Design 1


Step 1: Create the Thermometer Frame (The Outer Area)


  • Go to the Insert tab > click Shapes > select the Oval shape.
  • Press the SHIFT key and drag the oval shape to create a symmetrical circle.
  • Go back to Insert > Shapes > select Rectangle.
  • Place this rectangle on the circle.

Create the outer structure of the thermometer


Ensure that the rectangle’s width is such that it remains enclosed within the boundary of the circle. To align the shapes perfectly, first select the rectangular shape, press the SHIFT key and select the circular shape too. Go to the Format tab and under Align menu, click Align Center. This will set your rectangle right in the center of the circle.


Align Center the rectangle


Merge Shapes: Now, merge both the shapes by going through these steps:


  • Select both the shapes; rectangle first and then the circle.
  • Go to the FORMAT tab.
  • Click Merge Shapes.
  • Select Union.

Merge the shapes


Customize the shape:  Right click on the shape and select Format Shape. Under Fill, select No fill and under Line, give the Solid line a color of your choice. Increase the width of the line to 2.5 (see the screenshot below).

Color the line and create the frame


Step 2: Internal Structure

Follow these simple steps to create the internal structure of the thermometer.


  • Insert a rectangle within the frame and give it a gradient effect for a professional look. Here's how:
    • Right click on the shape and select Format Shape
    • Select Gradient fill
    • Choose Type as Linear
    • Direction- Linear Right
    • First gradient stop- grey, second- white and third- grey (see the screenshot below)

Insert a grey rectangle within the frame


  • Insert another rectangle and place it over the grey rectangle. This will be the thermometer reading and you can drag it up and down depending on your values. To differentiate it from the previous rectangle, give it a red gradient effect. Right click on the shape> Format Shape> Gradient fill> Type- Linear> Direction- Linear Right> Red and white (see the screenshot below).

Place another rectangle over the shape for reading values


  • Lastly, insert a circle within the frame. Give it a red gradient effect too using these parameters:
    • Choose Type as Radial
    • Direction- From Center
    • First gradient Stop- Rose or light red and second gradient stop- Red (see the screenshot below)

Insert a circle within the frame


Step 3. Scaling

Creating the thermometer’s reading is very simple. Just follow these steps:


  • Select a line from the Shapes menu.
  • Press shift and drag to create a straight line.
  • Copy the line or press Shift + Ctrl to create 11 such lines and distribute them from top to bottom of the thermometer.
  • Create a smaller line and copy to create 10 lines. Place each small line between the 2 larger lines.
  • For equal spacing between all the lines, go to FORMAT tab -> click ALIGN -> first select the ALIGN LEFT option. Then, click the DISTRIBUTE VERTICALLY option (see the screenshot below).
  • To change the line color, simply right click> Format Shape> Line> Solid Line> Color.


Align and give equal spacing to the lines


You can group all the lines to create one composite scale by pressing CTRL+G. With this your thermometer is ready! You can now use it to place your sales values, targets, etc. You can drag the red rectangle up and down to show your exact reading.

Professional Thermometer Design


Download this readymade thermometer diagram!


Thermometer Design 2

We have another design for you to easily plot percentages and present your data. Here’s an easier and more eye-catchy thermometer diagram:

Business Thermometer Scale PPT Template


Follow these steps to create this design:


  • Remove the outer frame of the thermometer in design 1
  • Create scale on the left side: Take a line from the Shapes menu and keep its width 6 point. While adding lines, ensure that you reduce the length each time you come down (see the screenshot below). Use the Align Right and Distribute Vertically options to evenly distribute these lines.
  • Create scale on the right side: Here you need not alter the length of the lines. Use the Align Left and Distribute Vertically options to evenly distribute these lines.


Alter the width of the lines


Edit the shape of the grey rectangle. Select the shape, go to Format> Edit Shape> Change Shape and choose the second last rectangle option- Round Same Side Corner Rectangle.

Change the Shape of rectangle


You can give the scales the color of your choice. Simply right click> Format Shape> Line> Solid Line> Color.

Stunning thermometer design


With this, your second thermometer design is ready too. Click the link below if you do not want to go through all the steps in creating one.

Download This Stunning Thermometer PowerPoint Template


Professional Thermometer PowerPoint Templates

We have many more thermometer designs in store for you. Here are 8 handpicked thermometer presentation templates to create awesome business slides:


Business Thermometer Template Design 1

Result Analysis Thermometer PowerPoint Slide

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Business Thermometer Template Design 2

Exclusive Business Thermometer Presentation Slide

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Professional Thermometer Design 3

Series of Thermometer Reading Template

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Professional Thermometer Slide Design 4

Business Thermometer Reading PPT Slide

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Professional Thermometer Slide Design 5

Profesional Infographic Thermometer Slide Design

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Business PowerPoint Template Design 6

Professional Thermometer PowerPoint Template

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Professional Thermometer Slide Design 7

Awesome Business Thermometer Slide

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Business Thermometer Slide Template 8

Stunning Business Thermometer Design

Click here to download this template.


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Hope you benefited from our tutorial. Share your feedback in the comments below.


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