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Harvey Balls, Pie Charts, Bar Charts
PowerPoint Tutorial #12- How to Design Harvey Balls in Just a Minute!

PowerPoint Tutorial #12- How to Design Harvey Balls in Just a Minute!

Your presentation is just after two days and you are all messed up! Have to talk specifically about the qualitative information and yet you don’t know how to go about it. Fret not. We are here to give you a solution to your problem.


It is always an easy job to explain any kind of quantitative information.  You can talk about numbers, sales, figures in an effortless manner. It becomes troublesome when it comes to explain things like quality, safety or taste. Since most of us are not aware what PowerPoint template should we use to describe these, we often end up writing our information on a white plain slide. To sum up, describing any kind of qualitative information is not everybody’s cup of tea.


Hence, the solution to this problem is Harvey Balls.  Harvey Balls are used for visual communication of qualitative information. They are frequently used in comparison tables. Harvey Balls are a great means to show the visual status update across a list of items. Therefore, add Harvey Balls in your presentation, explain each and every point with a great visual and leave your audience amazed.


Harvey Balls Diagrams
harvey balls

What You’ll Learn to Create in this Tutorial:

Harvey ball diagram for qualitative analysis


It can be used for any presentation where you are showing comparison and qualitative information. Here’s an example of how 4 most popular smartphones fare against each other on the usability factor:

Smartphone comparison with harvey balls



Look at the above diagram. Visual describes everything. Presenter does not have to put efforts to explain each and everything to the audience. So sit back, relax and pay attention to the steps of creating Harvey Balls diagram for your presentation.


Steps to create Harvey Ball Diagram:


1. Insert an Oval Shape from the shapes menu. Insert> Shapes> Basic Shapes> Oval Shape. Press Ctrl + Shift to draw a symmetrical circle.

Insert an oval shape


2. Duplicate the original Oval shape by pressing Control C and Control V.

Copy paste the oval shape


3. Select the duplicated oval shape. Go to the Format tab> Edit Shapes> Change Shape> Pie chart. Place the pie chart over the duplicated one.

Place pie chart over the duplicated oval shape


4. Select the original oval shape. Right click the image. Fill> No Fill.

Remove the fill color of the original shape


The Harvey Ball is ready:

Harvey ball


5. Move the yellow handles to get different shapes of Harvey Balls. See the below image to get a clearer picture of what you have to do.

Move the yellow handles to get different shapes


6. Add the colors of your choice in the diagram. Right click the image> Fill> Choose Color.

Change the colors


Here is the customized Harvey Ball which took just a minute to create.

Simple harvey ball


No more worries now. Create your own customized Harvey Ball design in just 5 minutes and don’t leave any chance to impress your audience. In case, you don’t have much time to create the PowerPoint Presentation, we have done our research and handpicked our best designs for you. Take a look:


Professional PowerPoint Template #1

Four staged balls with change over time PowerPoint template slide

Grab this creatively designed PowerPoint Template by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #2

Harvey balls for data representation flat PowerPoint design

Download this simple Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #3

Harvey Balls PowerPoint Presentation

Download this awesome diagram and pass on your information to the audience easily.


Professional PowerPoint Template #4

Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template Slide

Grab this Harvey Ball PowerPoint Template by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #5

Three different pie charts for result analysis PPT  template

Download this creatively designed PowerPoint Template and leave your audience stunned.


Professional PowerPoint Template #6

Bar diagram and harvey balls to show quarter percentage track record

Grab this eye catching diagram by clicking here.


Professional PowerPoint Template #7

Creative Harvey Balls PowerPoint template

Catch your audience’s attention with this awesome diagram.


Professional PowerPoint Template #8

Harvey Balls flat PowerPoint design

Grab this eye catching template by clicking here.


Here are some additional Harvey Balls Diagrams you may like
harvey balls

Share your feedback with us and stay tuned for more creative PowerPoint Tutorials.


Looking for innovative PowerPoint Slides Design? Let us help you. Contact our Presentation Design Agency to ease your work.

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23 thoughts on “PowerPoint Tutorial #12- How to Design Harvey Balls in Just a Minute!”
  1. V
    These are NOT qualitative data at all.
    1. slideteam
      Qualitative data implies showing information like Good, Average, Bad, Excellent as opposed to quantitative data like numbers. In the example, as you can see, the Harvey Balls show how each smartphone brand scores with regards to usability (very bad versus very good). Hope this helps make things clear.
  2. Nestor Albuquerque
    Nestor Albuquerque
    I'm out of words to comment on these posts... Simply the best!
    1. slideteam
      Thank you so much Nestor! :)
  3. Randy Stephens
    Good ideas! Thank you.
    1. slideteam
      Our pleasure Randy! :)
  4. Muhammad Faheem
    Muhammad Faheem
    That's absolutely fantastic to use these for info graphics...
    Can you please provide me a link to download these super Harvey Balls?
    1. slideteam
      Hi Muhammad here's the link to download Harvey Balls- . Thanks for your compliment. :)
  5. Anuroopa Mahajan
    Anuroopa Mahajan
    Amazing !! I would certainly use these Harvey Balls for qualitative data representation. Thanks....
    1. slideteam
      That's great Anuroopa, thanks for your lovely comment. :)
  6. Abdulkader ALI
    well done .
    1. slideteam
      Thanks a lot Ali. :)
  7. K C Lee
    Thanks for sharing, great post !
    1. slideteam
      Thank you Lee! :)
  8. Mohit Mathur
    Very informative, I will definitely use it in my presentations.
    1. slideteam
      We are glad to hear that, thanks Mohit!
  9. Beth
    Why don't the yellow handles always appear on the pie-chart shape? I follow the same process laid out above and sometimes they appear and sometimes they don't. It's sporadic - like in the same slide on the same presentation they will appear for a while and then suddenly stop appearing
    1. Hanisha Kapoor
      Hi Beth, we are assuming you must be clicking on the original oval shape. You duplicate the original oval shape and change it to pie chart. Place the pie chart over the original oval shape. Once you click on the pie chart, yellow handles do appear. Try this step once more and let us you know if you still find any difficulties. Good luck.
  10. Jenna
    Hello! After step 4 is it possible to merge the two shapes so I can copy and paste?

    I need about 20 different Harvey balls. Thanks :D
    1. Hanisha Kapoor
      Hanisha Kapoor
      Hey Jenna, there is a merge option available but you wont be able to get different shapes of Harvey Balls. So it is better that you select both the shapes and then copy paste. Let us know if you find any difficulties. Thanks.
  11. mohan
    thanks for the post. this is awesome
    1. slideteam
      Thank you Mohan !! :)
  12. Leinad
    Thks, very handy
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